2019 Faculty Summer Seminar

This is a picture of protest in Washington DC with the following inscription< "Civility in an Outrage Culture."

Clarke Building, Room 510

May 7 - 10, 2019


Guest Scholar: Dr. Deborah Mower

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hume Bryant Professor of Ethics
University of Mississippi

The Center for the Study of Ethics is pleased to announce the 2019 Ethics Across the Curriculum Faculty Summer Seminar with guest scholar Dr. Deborah Mower from the University of Mississippi. 

Given the pluralism of beliefs, practices, and values within America, heated disagreement in public life is both a feature of our history and common in our daily experience. Public discourse enables us to form public policy despite such disagreements, but moral conviction often halts discussion, results in the refusal to engage, licenses moral outrage, and sometimes ends in violence. American society is becoming an outrage culture where productive public discourse seems an increasingly unlikely outcome. In this seminar, we will examine the phenomenon of moralization, the nature of moral conviction, the rise of the outrage culture, the role of civility, and a variety of methods that can perhaps arrest and reverse this process both within our classrooms and our public lives.  

The seminar will be held from May 7-10, 2019 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

For more information and registration information, please contact Courtney Burns in the Center for the Study of Ethics at

Seating is limited 


Dr. Deborah Mower

Dr. Deborah Mower, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (PhD, 2007) and Pacific University (BA, 1998), is the is the Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hume Bryant Professor of Ethics and Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Mississippi. Dr. Mower focuses her research on applied ethics, moral psychology, virtue ethics, and Asian philosophy. She wrote two books, Developing Moral Sensitivity (Routledge Studies in Ethics and Moral Theory, 2015) with Wade Robison and Civility in Politics and Education (Routledge Studies in Contemporary Philosophy, 2012). She has written many peer-reviewed articles, book reviews, and papers about philosophy and ethics.

For more information on Dr. Mower, please visit her professional page at Ole Miss.