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The Roots of EverGREEN

We inspire greatness. We welcome students to come as they are. With a steadfast commitment to excellence rooted in success, inclusion, relevance, and innovation, Utah Valley University (UVU) is—and has always been—a leader in higher education dedicated to our students and the progress of our region and world. 


As the nation slowly recovered from the Great Depression and the shadow of war crept closer, the need for arms and ammunition by the Allied forces demanded skilled craftsmen. In fall 1941, various vocational courses throughout Utah merged to become Central Utah Vocational School.

Historic image of Central Utah Vocational School students working on automotives


From its beginnings as a wartime technical school, UVU has evolved to its current identity as an integrated community college and university. This dual-mission approach, which focuses on student achievement, engaged learning, rigorous academic programs, and faculty-mentored research, is the future of education. It also serves as the foundation to UVU’s commitment to educating the community to meet the critical issues of our time and the workforce needs of Utah and beyond.

Historic and modern students working on mechanics


UVU’s progress, model, ethos, and values are motivated by one goal: student success. We do not quantify this solely by graduation rate metrics and enrollment numbers; we dig deeper to ensure our students are growing to their truest potential. Our commitment to educational excellence is holistic, and we live by the credo exceptional care, exceptional accountability, exceptional results. Our renowned faculty and staff work tirelessly to guide UVU students as they work to unlock their futures and reach their educational, professional, and personal dreams.

Historic and modern studetns working on mecahnics and engineering


At UVU, include is more than a word, it is an action item. We are deeply committed to fostering an affordable and accessible educational environment of belonging. Our open enrollment policy symbolizes our belief in the potential of all individuals and allows us to welcome all students who desire a UVU certificate or degree.

historic and modern image of workers collaborating


Now is the time to join UVU as it continues to flourish. Be EverGREEN and help us transform the lives of students today.

collage of students and alumni

Join us as we embark on UVU’s transformative journey.