Steps to Completing the Graduation Application


How to complete the Degree/Credential Application :
(Read all instructions prior to going to the application)

  1. Open the Application here. 
  2. Log in using your myUVU information.
  3. Once the application is open select the term you will be completing your degree requirements.
  4. If your name is different than the one displayed select be sure you type in  what name you would like to appear on your diploma, including special characters.
  5. Select the degree you would like to be awarded from the list of declared degrees. You must submit an individual application for each degree. If you are applying for a different degree from your declared degrees select "Other" to select a new degree. 
  6. If you have any missing requirements tell us how they will be completed before the end of your graduating term including a list of all the courses you will be enrolling in.
  7. Tell us what you plan on doing after you graduate by selecting the remaining declared degrees or state you will not be continuing here at UVU.
  8. Make sure your diploma mailing address and phone number are correct.
  9. Register for the graduation ceremony. 
  10. Review all of your selected information and check the "I Accept" option and submit your application.
  11.   All correspondence from the Graduation Office will be sent directly to students’  myUVU email account and through the graduation application itself. Contact the Graduation Office if an approval email is not  received within 2-3 weeks of applying.
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How to know if there are problems with your application:

If potential graduates are missing graduation requirements at the time of applying, the Graduation Office will notify students via their Graduation Application. It is the student's responsibility to complete all requirements needed to graduate by the completion deadlines found in the students graduation application approval email.

Approximately 8-10 weeks after the end of the semester, graduation deficiency notices will show in the Degree Information link under My  Registration & Academics in myUVU.

Additional Application Information

Applying for multiple degrees

If a student is wishing to apply for multiple degrees, they will need to fill out a separate application for each degree they would like to be awarded. 

Applying for a degree different than declared major

Students should be declared in all degrees they would like to earn at UVU. Be sure to work with your academic advisor to accomplish this before applying for graduation. If students are already in the application they can select the "Other" option when selecting the degree they wish to be awarded.

Entering a foreign address or phone number

Address Line 1: Street Address or Post Office Box Number
Address Line 2: Street Address Continued
City: City or Town Name, Other Principal Subdivision (such as Province, State, or County), and Postal Code
(Note: In some countries, the postal code may precede the city or town name)
State or Providence: Leave as "Unknown"
Zip: Leave Blank/Empty
Nation: Choose from drop-down menu

Phone - Area/Number: USA phone number (if applicable)
International Access Code And Phone Number: Full International phone number
Example: Country = China
Access/Country Code = 86
Phone Number: 6944564
Full International Phone Number = 866944564

NOTE: Phone numbers associated with Diploma Mailing Address will be used by Graduation Office to contact the student if we have questions (during or after graduating semester).

How to change the name printed on your diploma

If a student would like to change the diploma name, they can enter the name, including any special characters, directly in the graduation application. 

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