Frequently Asked Scholarship Questions

Types of Honors Scholarships

Can I receive both Private and other UVU scholarships along with a scholarship from the Honors Program?

Are there Honors scholarships available for graduate students?

Do you have scholarships available for students that are non-residents?

When do you award tuition scholarships?

Credit Hour Requirements

Do I have to be attending full-time to apply for scholarships?

Do you have any scholarships for part-time students?

How many credit hours am I required to take?

It is my last semester, and I don’t have 12 credit hours to take. Can I still receive my scholarship?

Concurrent Enrollment and AP Coursework

If I have taken concurrent enrollment classes in high school, will I be considered a continuing student?

If I have taken concurrent enrollment or AP classes in high school, will I need to retake any classes in Honors in order to be eligible for an award?

Transcript Information

How do I submit my transcript?

I am applying for academic merit scholarships and sent my grade transcript to the Admissions Office. Does the Honors Program or Scholarship Office still need a copy?

When is the deadline for the Admissions Office to receive my transcript and/or ACT scores?

Does my transcript need to be official?

Appeals and Special Circumstances

Is there a probation period for scholarships?

If I withdraw from my classes, will I have to pay back the scholarship?

Can I place my scholarship on hold?

Award and Status Information

Did you receive my scholarship application?

Can I make changes to my application once it has been submitted?

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