Participating in Honors at Advanced Entry 

Our Goals

The UVU Honors Program is an energetic center filled with diverse students excited to make the most of their undergraduate experiences and make positive impacts on the community around them. Through meaningful and rigorous series of academic and cultural experiences, the Honors Program offers its students:

  • Challenging academic experiences that encourages students to realize their intellectual potential 
  • Prepares students to embark successfully on post-baccalaureate endeavors
  • Immerse students in the cultural and outdoor excellence of Utah and its region                                                                                             HONORS PROGRAM FAQS

Honors Requirements for Advanced Entry

Students work with the Honors Advisor to make a clear plan upon entry so all the necessary coursework requirements for Honors graduation are met. Honors students typically complete at least two Honors courses per semester. In the first two semesters, all Honors students must complete the Honors Core which consists of Ancient Legacies (HONR 2000), Modern Legacies (HONR 2100), and Honors Colloquium  x2 (HONR 100R). Course descriptions are available for the Legacies and Colloquium courses, which vary in focus each semester. In addition to the Honors Course courses, students will complete an Honors Contract for 4-upper-division courses within the student's major. Lastly, students will complete a two semester sequence of the Honors Capstone (HONR 400R) and Honors Thesis/Project (HONR 498R/499R) in their last two to three semesters in their degree. Additional information can be found here.

Advanced Entry Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees: 24 CR

  • 2 credits of Honors Colloquium: HONR 100R
  • 3 credits of Ancient Legacies: HONR 2000
  • 3 credits of Modern Legacies: HONR 2100
  • 12 credits of upper-division courses numbered 3000+, completed at an Honors level within student's major using an Honors Contract
  • 1 credit of Honors Capstone: HONR 400R
  • 3 credits of Honors Thesis or Honors Project: HONR 498R or 499R
  • Additional information on completion requirements can be found here. 

Example of plan for First Two Semesters in Honors as Advanced

Fall Term: 12-18 Credits (most awards require a minimum of 15 credits)

  • Honors Colloquium: HONR 100R; 1 CR
  • Ancient Legacies: HONR 2000; 3 CR
  • Major Course: 4 CR - Honors Contract
  • Major Course: 3 CR
  • Major Course: 3 CR
  • Major Course: 3 CR
  • Spring Term: 17 Credits

Program Requirements Resources

Honors Contracts

All students in the UVU Honors Program will need Honors Contracts in several upper-division courses to earn a baccalaureate degree with Honors. 

Honors Thesis/Project Handbook

An Honors Thesis or Project is a sustained inquiry or application of a focused idea or skills, allowing the student to develop subject-matter expertise, thorough research or practice, and intensive project management skills. It represents the culmination of a student's undergraduate experience in the Honors Program. 

Honors Thesis/Project Agreement

When students are ready to initiate the thesis or project, use this link to begin the process via AdobeSign. 


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