Igniter Funds

Funds are available for student projects that will create learning opportunities and provide valuable experience.

Igniter Fund Awards may include:

  • $1,000-$5,000 in increments of $1,000
  • Student Project Manager
  • Professional Mentor (Industry partner or UVU faculty)
  • Assistance in team recruitment
  • Professional Training
  • E2I Hub resource list
  • Special networking events with colleagues and external professionals

Email [email protected] for more information or CLICK HERE to begin the application process for Igniter Funds

What are Igniter Funds?

Igniter funds are designed to produce some of the strongest learning available to UVU students- project-based learning (PBL). Students that engage in PBL learn in hands-on and unique ways, which allows lessons from the classroom to become reality and move from theoretical to practical. PBL is an excellent way to prepare for a career, and working on a project through the Igniter Funds is an excellent way to experience PBL.

A student who applies for Igniter Funds will be given access to professional mentors that fit the project, in the form of UVU staff, faculty, or an industry partner when available. This mentorship will utilize the expertise of the mentor to enhance student learning and ensure the project is successful, and that the student gains valuable experience that will prepare them for future classes and careers.

In addition to the mentorship, a team of students will be recruited from different colleges on campus to fill out the skill sets required to complete the project. This represents an excellent chance to innovate and collaborate with students from different majors- another lesson that will pay dividends in future courses and careers.


Reach out to Jeremiah Harrison- the Director of Excellent and Innovation Initiative- he will help answer any questions you might have!