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To keep up with the fast-paced and entrepreneurial nature of Utah, Utah Valley University has dedicated time and resources to programs that help individuals and groups at all stages of the innovation process. We are constantly adding more programs and resources.The resources located under this category are a part of open access labs for students to enhance their academic experience.


professor directing student, while both dressed in suits

Entrepreneurship Institute

The UVU Entrepreneurship Institute is a non-academic program that provides free advice and resources to help UVU students start and grow their businesses. You can learn to become a successful entrepreneur.

The Entrepreneurship Institute
Picture of the Business Resource Center sign

Business Resource Center

A one-stop-shop for Utah Valley's business and entrepreneurial community. This center offers workshops, business mentoring, and space for start-ups.

professor directing student, while both dressed in suits

Center for Social Impact

The Center for Social Impact develops active citizens who make social impact in our community. Their areas of impact are direct service, community-engaged learning and research, social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility, policy and governance, community organizing and activism, and philanthropy.

The Center for Social Impact
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Wolverine Fund

The Wolverine Fund is a student-run venture capital group that provides a hands-on, engaged learning experience in investing.

The Wolverine Fund
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National Security Studies

The Center for National Security Studies offers an active academic environment on campus for students to study and engage in the critically important security challenges we face in the twenty-first century.

National Security Studies
Picture of students and professor sitting in a room gathered around an American Flag

Creative Learning Studio

The purpose of the STEM Creative Learning Studio is to support pre-service and in-service teachers’ facilitation of STEM integrative practices in K-12 classrooms in an effort to promote equity and opportunity for every student in the state of Utah.

Creative Learning Studio


Resources located under this category require special permissions or part of class functions in order for students to utilize these resources.


A Drill press drilling through a piece of wood.
UVU's woodshop is used by many of the classes on campus including the cabinetry classes.
UVU Woodshop

3-D Printers

A ratchet twisting a bolt on an engine
UVU's 3-D printing shop is open to the public. Click on the link below to submit a project.
3-D Printers

Machine Shop

A person welding a metal square to a metal table
UVU has its own mechanic and metal shop. These specific places are restricted for class use only.
UVU's Machine Shop


Courses located under this section are approved courses for students interested in the realm of innovation.

TECH 3010

Creativity Innovation and Change Management
Focuses on principles of creativity and innovation as they apply to technological enterprises. Covers theoretical and practical concepts of both creativity and innovation. Studies both concept and practice of structured methods of creative problem solving. Examines "Appreciative Inquiry" as an alternative management of change technique.

ENTR 2500

Creativity and Entrepreneurial Thinking
Includes topics such as the customer/problem/solution framework, design thinking, prototyping, intellectual property, creative idea development, lead user research methodology, peer feedback, new venture financing, and the lean start-up.


Introduction to Design Thinking
A class that exposes students to the basics in design thinking. Go step-by-step through the design thinking process: empathy, define, ideate, prototype, and test. Look at real-world examples and receive guest lectures from design thinking practitioners.


Innovation Catalysts
This class teaches how to apply design and systems thinking in a real-world setting. The class is centered around developing strong technical proficiency in these areas. This is the introductory class for students interested in becoming an Innovation Catalyst. Students work on a project that has impact beyond the classroom and prepare for work as an Innovation Catalyst.

ENTR 4455

New Venture Consulting
Makes use of an engaged learning opportunity for business students interested in learning how consultants work by consulting with and assisting entrepreneurs. Includes projects that cover and examine all functional areas of business and the interaction between them. Covers consulting processes and strategies as well as provide tools and techniques for developing business models and assessing opportunities.

ENTR 3170

Provides an overview of the practice of entrepreneurship and focuses on the role of the entrepreneur in identifying, evaluating and developing opportunities. Considers the application of knowledge of the technical, market, financial and human aspects of a business as they relate to the start-up and development of business opportunities.


ENTR 4200

Innovative Opportunity Development
This class focuses on the development of both (a) the key value proposition of a product/service offering, and (b) the business entity that provides that offering. Covers the use of client-centered development and design thinking to create, modify and validate business solutions. Emphasizes client feedback from concept through prototype development.