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Expand or Narrow Your Topic

Once you have an idea, make sure that the topic you choose isn't too broad or too narrow.

Searching for information on a broad topic will give you too many different articles, books, or sites. For example, searching for information on rock and roll in a database will give you articles about:

  • rock and roll bands
  • the history of rock and roll
  • reviews of new albums

...and more! To narrow down a topic, try focusing on a specific subtopic, a time period, or a particular group.

A topic that is too narrowly focused makes it hard to find information because there may not be many articles or books that cover it. If you're having a hard time finding relevant information, try widening your search by concentrating on only the most important aspects of your topic.

Topic Tips

A good topic:

  • Will fit the scope of the assignment. 
  • Is interesting and original.
  • Can be supported by research.
  • Cannot be answered with a simple "yes" or "no." 

Introduction to Research Worksheet (download first to save your work)

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