Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

The UVU Math Lab supports faculty and staff who teach mathematics or work with students learning math. If you would like additional information about how the Math Lab can help you as you work with students please contact one of our administrators.

Recommending Our Services

Faculty members play a vital role in a student’s use of Math Lab services. According to past surveys, the number one reason why students are aware of our services is because of their professors, so we invite all faculty and staff to recommend Math Lab services to their students. You can encourage your students to use our services by:

  • providing a statement about the Math Lab on your course syllabus (see example statement at the bottom of this page)

  • arranging a class visit (see below for additional information)

  • holding office hours and/or student/instructor conferences in the Math Lab (see below for additional information)

  • sharing our website and online supplemental materials through Canvas

  • visiting the Math Lab to learn more about our services, staff, and resources

  • providing the Math Lab with print or electronic copies of your course syllabus and assignments

Class Visits

At the beginning of every semester, we strive to visit as many math classes as possible. Typically, our tutors come to Developmental Math and Math courses during the first 2-3 weeks of the semester. We do our best to schedule as many class visits as possible prior to the tutor visiting the class.

Class visits are a great opportunity to help students become acclimated with the resources and tutors that are available to them at the Math Lab. Additionally, we find that students are more likely to use our services if a tutor or staff member has made a brief presentation in their class. Most presentations take 5 minutes; our tutors provide a general overview of services, discuss what to expect during tutoring sessions, and introduce students to The Queue system.

If you teach a class outside of these departments and would like a class visit, please contact Math Lab administration. If you teach a class in these departments and would like to request a visit on a specific date and time, or if you would like to bring your class to the Math Lab, please contact us! We are here to help you.

Office Hours

Interested in holding office hours in our labs? You are welcome to do so! We love having professors in our labs because:

  • students who visit the lab for drop-in tutoring can benefit from your expertise—and our tutors can too!

  • you can work with multiple students at a time, so they may be more likely to utilize your office hours

  • your partnership with the lab helps us market our free services to a larger number of students and get our information to the students when they need it

If you would like to hold office hours in the tutoring lab, please contact Math Lab administration (information below) to let us know when you will be coming.

Director: Nathan James, 801-863-8411 or [email protected]

Coordinator: Miles Spencer, 801-863-4437 or [email protected]

Admin: Courtney Heidenreich, [email protected] 

Tests & Quizzes

The Math Lab does not help students with take-home tests or quizzes, or proctor exams for students in our labs. Our tutors will help students with test or quiz corrections to help them better understand concepts they may not have fully understood while taking the test. If a student is allowed to submit test or quiz corrections for points and they are not allowed to get assistance from a tutor, please make a note on the test or quiz stating your policy so our tutors know not to help the student with those corrections.

Syllabus Statements

Drop-in Tutoring Lab Syllabus Statement

This course is supported by tutors from the Math Lab. Tutors are students that have completed this course, and they understand the concepts well enough to help you work through questions you have. The tutoring program is certified by the College Reading & Learning Association, which means that tutors are trained to share learning and study strategies during tutorial sessions. While tutors will not complete or correct homework for you, or help you on take-home tests or quizzes, they will help you understand and reinforce concepts that you are learning in this class. For more information visit www.uvu.edu/mathlab.

Supplemental Instruction Syllabus Statement

This course is supported by Supplemental Instruction (SI), a program designed to offer you additional resources for learning course content and developing study strategies. The purpose of SI is to create a collaborative learning environment where students share in the process of teaching one another in a study group setting. Three optional SI sessions will be held per week (times and locations will be determined later; announcements will be made in class or on Canvas). Each session will be led by our course’s designated SI leader (a current UVU student who has had prior success in this course). During the sessions, the SI leader will present activities he or she has developed in an effort to reinforce content taught in the lecture. Occasional test reviews will also be offered. The SI leader will NOT give answers to homework questions, but he or she will prepare meaningful activities and share strategies for learning course material and succeeding in the class. Please see the professor if you have further questions regarding SI for your class, or contact the UVU Math Lab by calling 801-863-8310.