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Mission Statement

The Math Lab engages with students in the learning process to reinforce mathematical reasoning and problem solving skills as a way of cultivating an understanding of their academic coursework and the world around them. We recognize the opportunity—and responsibility—to inclusively support all students in ways that facilitate self-discovery and build confidence in their mathematical pursuits.

How We Help

In the Math Lab, our goal is to help students better learn and understand mathematics. We strive to provide students with an atmosphere that is friendly and welcoming, and helps them to become independent learners. Ultimately, our hope is that we can help each student build a foundation of study skills that will help them in their math course and as they progress in their education.

Who We Help

The Math Lab serves UVU students and community members from various backgrounds and interests. Our services are always free; we only ask that when you visit any of our locations that you check in so that we know who we are serving.

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The UVU Math Lab is certified to train tutors through the College Reading & Learning Center Association (CRLA) and authorized to present tutors with the following levels of certification:

  • Level 1 - Certified Tutor
  • Level 2 - Advanced Certified Tutor
  • Level 3 - Master Certified Tutor

Math Lab Staff

The Math Lab employs over 50 students and para-professional employees each semester. Our personnel include full-time and part-time administration, office assistants, tutors, and Supplemental Instruction leaders.

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3 Math Lab tutors

Employment Opportunities

The UVU Math Lab employs students from a variety of academic backgrounds and majors. Our employees enjoy working with students, faculty, and community patrons to improve their mathematical skills.

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