In response to the evolving COVID-19 situation, the UVU School of Education (SOE) will remain open under modified conditions to reduce possible exposure to students, faculty, and staff.

  1. SOE classes have been modified from face-to-face to online, alternate, or remote instruction.
  2. In-school professional experiences are postponed or adapted given K-12 school closures.
  3. There will be limited staff available on-site in the SOE offices during normal business hours (8am-5pm, Monday-Friday). 
  4. For the safety of all, and to align with CDC guidance, virtual meetings and contact options are available for all faculty and staff and are preferred to in-person interaction whenever possible.
  5. SOE faculty and staff contact information can be found on the SOE Faculty/Staff page and on the UVU Directory.

If you have any issues getting in contact with our faculty or staff feel free to call our main office number (801) 863-8228 or email us at

Please refer to for the most current information regarding UVU campus as a whole.






 Admissions Requirements & Prerequisites

The Master of Education Degree (M.Ed.) at Utah Valley University is an applied master’s program aimed at building the instructional skills and professional competency of educators. Our goal is to help you gain the research-based knowledge and skills that will enable you to be a leader in the classroom, school, district or higher education institution.

Students enrolled in the M.Ed. program must complete 30 to 36 credits of study. All students are required to complete course work in research, theory, and instructional models. Each student must also complete a final instructional project pertaining to their emphasis area.

UVU's M.Ed. courses are offered at two locations:

  1. UVU Main Campus in Orem, UT
  2.  Lehi Campus, Lehi, UT

To be considered for admissions, individuals interested in earning their M.Ed. at UVU must successfully complete all admission criteria*:

  1. Bachelor degree from an accredited institution.
  2. Minimum 3.0 grade point average in undergraduate work.
  3. Complete all application requirements.
  4. Interview with School of Education Graduate Committee.

*Additional admission criteria may be required.

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Chelsey Beck, M.Ed. Grad 2019

Smiling alumna in classroom
“UVU School of Education's faculty provide a learning environment where you can truly learn concepts that apply to every classroom… The Masters of Education program is fun, challenging, stimulating, and gives you really important skills and tools that can be used in today's 21st century classroom. I felt like I got a program that was tailored to my skill level… The faculty care about their students, and I never felt like I was just a number that was being pushed through the system. I would recommend Utah Valley University's Masters of Education program to any teachers that are looking for chances to learn new skills that will help them be successful in the classroom.”

Clifton Dukes, M.Ed. Grad 2019

Alumnus in graduation wear
“The M.Ed. program offered at Utah Valley University provided me with the opportunity to expand my horizons. Perhaps the most enlightening part of the program was that of the final project…Not only was I able to obtain viable data about the subject I wanted to discover more about, but in the end it felt that I had created a published work that will be forever meaningful. The hope is that it will provide additional data to others who may have a similar question to the one I chose to focus on and study.”

“I also formed some lifelong friendships with the cohort I was a part of, and I greatly respected the professors who mentored and helped me through the program. It wasn't easy, but it was worth the effort and hard work that was required.”