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The Master of Science in Engineering and Technology Management (MS-ETM) is the only program of its kind in the state designed specifically to prepare working professionals for management positions within their respective technical fields. Managers in technical areas apply traditional business methods such as finance and data analysis combined with specific technical skills including product management, six sigma project management, engineering economics, engineering law, patents, and other specialized topics.

UVU’s MS-ETM program prepares engineering and technology professionals to make process-, product-, and project-oriented strategic and operational decisions and become leaders in the management of technology by providing the link between engineering, science, and management. Participants learn to lead in corporations, research organizations, and governments through planning, development, and implementing technologies addressing real needs identified by industry leaders.

The MS-ETM degree program is designed for working professionals. Prior work experience is preferred though not required. Graduate students take flexible, online courses part time over five semesters. Students can participate in class on their own schedule fitting around work obligations and personal life. Participants in the MS-ETM program complete a graduate project rather than a theoretical or research-based thesis often associated with a Master of Science. While some theory and research are part of any graduate degree, UVU’s MS-ETM program focuses on real-world applications ahead of theory providing students a rigorous, relevant, and practical foundation for their technical management careers.

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This degree has been compared to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in Technology Management that is currently offered at UVU. While there are some similarities, there are differences and industry need for both. This new degree will cater specifically to working professionals in the fields of engineering and technology, whereas an MBA is designed for individuals in all industries desiring managerial advancement. The new MS-ETM and the existing MBA with an emphasis in Technology Management are both distinct and complimentary in what they offer students.

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Employment Opportunities in Utah

According to a recent study by the Kem C. Gardner Institute*, Utah ranks second in the nation for annual job growth in engineering and technology. The institute also reports employees in Utah engineering and technology jobs earn more than 80% higher wages than employees in other industries in Utah.

With this rapid growth comes great opportunities. Graduates of the Master of Science in Engineering and Technology will be prepared to advance their careers as managers within their fields. Given the current demand for qualified professionals, Utah is an ideal location for engineers and technologists to find meaningful career opportunities. Students may also work at a nearby company while earning a master’s degree.

*"Utah's Tech Economy" recent study

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