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The Master of Science in Engineering and Technology Management (MS-ETM) degree program is designed for working professionals. Graduate students take flexible, part time, online courses over five semesters finishing the MS-ETM degree in as few as 20 months. Students participate in class on their own schedules fitting around work and personal life. Collaborative projects are integrated into the program requirements and course work. Participants in the MS-ETM program work on various collaborative projects throughout the program and complete a graduate project rather than a theoretical or research-based thesis often associated with a Master of Science. While some theory and research are part of any graduate degree, UVU’s MS-ETM program focuses on real-world applications providing students a rigorous, relevant, and practical foundation for their technical management careers.

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This degree is perfectly suited for working professionals with an undergraduate degree and experience in engineering, computing, or other technology. The MS-ETM teaches management skills for technical professionals to become senior leaders in their fields.

— Susan Thackeray, Program Director


Required Core Courses (Credit Hour Sub Total: 24)

Course Course Title Description Credit Hours
TECH 6010 Engineering Law and Patents Explores legal topics relevant to engineering and technology managers. 3
TECH 6400 Six Sigma Project Management Presents a range of advanced topics on how to define, plan, and execute a project whether your goal is simple or complex. 3
TECH 6420 Finance for Technical Systems Presents financial management and information systems concepts relevant to managing business firms. 3
TECH 6430 Product Management Processes Presents contemporary product design and development concepts and frameworks. 3
TECH 6450 Engineering Economics & Project Evaluation Presents concepts, methods, and tools of economic analysis and managerial decision-making from a cash flow perspective. 3
TECH 6700 Data Driven Decision Making Critiques management practices for decision making within business. 3
TECH 6950 Engineering and Technology Projects I Interprets the nature of strategic thinking and the challenges of strategic alignment. 3
TECH 6960 Engineering and Technology Projects II Utilizing the project proposal created in Project I, apply advanced processes to move a project from start to finish. 3

Elective Major Courses (Complete 6 credits)

Course Course Title Description Credit Hours
TECH 6000 Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation in Engineering Presents contemporary concepts and frameworks of strategic management and technological innovation. 3
TECH 6500 Resource Management in Engineering and Technology Enhances the ability to analyze and successfully implement resource management techniques in areas of asset, information, and data management. 3
TECH 6710 Materials Management Presents a comprehensive list of topics in materials management. 3
TECH 679R Special Topics in Engineering Presents a range of advanced topics of current interest in the fields of engineering management and technology management. 3
TECH 690R Independent Study Offers independent study as directed in reading or individual projects at the discretion and approval of the graduate program director. 3


  • Application for admission
  • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college/university, a nationally accredited program, or an international college or university recognized by a Ministry of Education.
  • Overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale from an accredited institution, or GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale from an accredited institution in last 60 semester hours (90 quarter hours) of undergraduate coursework.  Admission is competitive.
  • Three professional letters of recommendation
  • Official transcripts from all attended institutions of higher education
  • A personal statement
  • Prior work experience preferred.


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Tuition costs for the Master of Science in Engineering and Technology Management (MS-ETM) are posted on UVU's graduate tuition website. As an online MS-ETM student, you'll pay the affordable resident tuition and fees rates, wherever you are! See the resident tuition costs for the Master of Science in Engineering and Technology Management (MS-ETM) on UVU's graduate tuition website for more information.


If you are an international student, please know that at this time, the MS-ETM program is not approved to admit international students and we are unable to accept your application. We hope to offer this program to international students at some point in the future.

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Portrait of Susan Thackery

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