We are committed to serving and mentoring those students of diverse ethnicities and identities. We endeavor to create an atmosphere of warmth and a "home away from home" to create a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Our Mission

Multicultural Student Services facilitates student success by fostering and sustaining an inclusive campus community, where the dignity, worth, identities, and cultures of every individual are validated and respected. We encourage students to engage in a serious academic journey while cultivating a campus atmosphere conducive to safe learning and well-being.

  • Actively seek opportunities for effective and collegial collaboration with internal and external partners, in order to offer the best resources for advancement, as well as leadership opportunities, to current and potential students.
  • Recognize, validate, embrace, share, and celebrate the group and individual characteristics of our students, particularly those from historically underrepresented populations, while encouraging them to effectively navigate different paths for success.
  • Actively participate in recruiting and outreach efforts to invite potential students, particularly those from historically underrepresented populations, to enjoy the benefits of engaging as UVU students.
  • Continually provide advising and other support services to guide students through their educational journey toward program and/or goal completion.

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27%UVU Students over the age of 25

110%Enrollment increase of students of color since 2009

38%First-generation students at UVU

74Countries represented in our student body

50States represented in our student body