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Welcome to Multicultural Student Services! UVU’s student body comes from a broad spectrum of different backgrounds and cultures, and our goal is to create welcoming spaces for students from ethnically diverse, historically underrepresented backgrounds. Every Wolverine plays an important part in making UVU a more inclusive, diverse campus. Meet with an academic advisor, attend our events, or connect with other Wolverines with Multicultural Student Services.

Multicultural Student Services is committed to these AREAS:


Multicultural Student Services strives to teach and provide intentional programs and services that embrace and validate multicultural education, promote opportunities for intercultural learning, exchange, and appreciation and cultivates an atmosphere of inclusion, diversity, equity, and social change.


We embrace identities, languages, traditions, and values through cultural frameworks that center student narratives by providing advocacy, education, and programming.


  1. Increase retention and completion rates by continuing to provide intentional and appropriate support programs for students.
  2. Center student narratives by providing advocacy, education, and cultural programming.
  3. Support outreach and recruiting efforts seeking to increase student representation from historically underrepresented and marginalized populations.
  4. Develop fundraising strategies to increase program support and student scholarships.


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Multicultural Student Services


Liberal Arts Building

800 West University Pkwy, Orem, UT 84058