The UVU African Diaspora in an intergenerational community of students, alumni, faculty, and staff of diverse African/Black identities. 

Our goal as the ADI is to be a home away from home for students/community and to provide leadership and networking opportunities for all.

program direct and outreach coordinatorsLeft to right: Ruth Kapinga '21 (Student Outreach Coordinator), Jerome Currelley M.Ed. (Program Director), Emmanuel Omaria '22 (Student Outreach Coordinator)

Ruth is a senior from Congo. She is a mechanical engineering major interested in community building.

Emmanuel is a junior from Uganda. He is a political science major interested in philosophy and leadership.

Jerome is from Massachusettes. He studied sociology, African diaspora studies, and education.

Contact us just to chat or to learn more about how we support students.

We offer the following:

  • Leadership opportunities for students (including our winter retreat and MLK Commemoration Week)
  • Guides to resources on campus (including tutoring, entreprenuership, and scholarships) 
  • Campus events (including student-led programs)
  • Networking opportunities (with Utah colleges & universities and UVU alumni)



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