Utah Valley University's African Diaspora in an intergenerational and international community of students, faculty/staff, alumni, and community members of diverse African/Black identities. 

Our collective mission is to serve as a home away from home and to provide scholarship, networking, and leadership opportunities for students of the African Diaspora.


African Diaspora Staff

David Ssejina is an Academic Advisor and Coordinator in Multicultural Student Services. He specializes in serving refugee populations. David has been at UVU for over two decades. He is orignally from Uganda. Davids@uvu.edu               

Emmanuel Omaria is a Student and Community Outreach Coordinator for the African Diaspora Initiative. Emmanuel is also a junior from Uganda. He is a political science major interested in philosophy, political science, and leadership. Emmanuel.Omaria@uvu.edu

Jerome Currelley is the Program Director for the African Diaspora Initiative. He specializes in student leadership, community, and organizational development. Jerome studied sociology, African and African diaspora studies as an undergraduate and education as a graduate student. Jerome.Curelley@uvu.edu

We work with others to offer students the following opportunities:

  • Scholarship -  The African Diaspora Initiative Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstate exceptional leadership and selfless service to UVU's African Diaspora/Black community. Applications are open until from every October 1st to March 1st. To enter our applicant pool select "Yes" to involvement with Multicultural Student Services and African Diaspora Initiative Involvement on Scholarship Universe. Contact Jerome.Currelley@uvu.edu for more information!
  • Networking - Through referrals and events, we connect students with peers, community members, faculty/staff, and alumni to help them feel at home at UVU.
      • Community Meetings & Study Groups (Weekly)
      • Mentorship/Networking Opportunities (Monthly)
      • Ubuntu New Student Gathering (August)
      • MLK Commeroration Week (January)
      • Black History Month (February)
      • African Diaspora Graduation Ceremony (May)
      • Juneteenth & World Refugee Day Celebration (June) 
  • Leadership - We are invested in and inspired by student leaders who are supportive of the well-being and success of their peers. 
      • Our Student and Community Outreach Coordinators (Peer Mentors) guide, support, and encourage their peers as part-time staff in the Center for Global and Intercultural Engagement (LA 114).
      • The work of the Black Student Union club leadership intersects with the African Diaspora Initiative mission to create a home away from home for students of the African Diaspora. For the club leadership, we offer leadership retreats, weekly meeting space, mentorship/recommendations, and scholarship opportunities.

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