COVID-19 Modified Operations

Multicultural Student Services is currently working under modified operations in conjunction with the University's protocol under the COVID-19 emergency.

Spring 2022 Updates:

  • Hours of operation: 8 AM – 5 PM
  • Staff availability:
    • Staff will be rotating between on-site and one day of remote work. All staff members can be reached through our Contact Us page.
  • Sanitation:
    • The front desk, Lobby, Computer Lab, Seminar Room, and staff office spaces will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.
    • Please clean all areas you occupy after use in this space (i.e. chairs in the lounge, computer lab, seminar room, etc.).
  • Scheduled Appointments:
    • You can also visit our Contact Us page to make an appointment or email our staff. Staff will be available for appointments via in-person and virtual modalities. 
  • LGBT Student Services Lounge
    • Will be open during modified dates and times. Please follow @uvulgbt via Instagram to get the latest info!


For more information, visit the Return to Campus website.


Multicultural Student Services strives to teach and provide intentional programs and services that embrace and validate multicultural education, promote opportunities for intercultural learning, exchange, and appreciation and cultivates an atmosphere of inclusion, diversity, equity, and social change.


We embrace identities, languages, traditions, and values through cultural frameworks that center student narratives by providing advocacy, education, and programming.


  1. Increase retention and completion rates by continuing to provide intentional and appropriate support programs for students.
  2. Center student narratives by providing advocacy, education, and cultural programming.
  3. Support outreach and recruiting efforts seeking to increase student representation from historically underrepresented and marginalized populations.
  4. Develop fundraising strategies to increase program support and student scholarships.

About US

Our purpose is to serve students from ethnically diverse, as well as historically underrepresented and marginalized backgrounds. Since it's inception, Multicultural Student Services has had a name change, added five initiative programs, two student leadership programs, and served thousands of students, staff, and faculty throughout the years. We are committed to creating spaces of not only inclusion and diversity, but equity and justice and ensuring that our students, staff, and faculty know that UVU welcomes and incorporates their voices and lived experiences into our campus community. 


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27%UVU Students over the age of 25

110%Enrollment increase of students of color since 2009

38%First-generation students at UVU

74Countries represented in our student body

50States represented in our student body