The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) supports administration, faculty, and staff in their efforts to procure and manage external funding for University projects. Whether you are seeking funding for curriculum and program development, student support services, research and scholarly activities or other innovative projects or ideas that benefit UVU and its students, OSP is the place you should begin.

The Grant Life Process

Step 1. Identify Project

Step 2. Find Funding

Step 3. Initiate Proposal

Step 4. Prepare Proposal

Step 5. Submit Proposal

Step 6. Manage Awards

The Grant Life Process

Step 1.
Step 2.
Step 3.
Step 4.
Step 5.
Step 6.

What are Sponsored Programs?

Sponsored programs are defined as:

Grants, contracts, or cooperative agreements in the form of financial or other resource commitments provided to UVU from federal, state, or local government entities, or from private or corporate foundations where a written proposal or bid has been submitted and the award agreement contains at least one of the following:

  • A performance period or specified time period in which funds must be spent
  • Targeted deliverables
  • Terms and conditions
  • Specified budget
  • A condition requiring unspent funds must be returned
  • Reporting requirements, or
  • Deviations from the awarded grant proposal require the sponsor’s approval.

Sponsored programs support research, scholarly or creative activities, programs of service, or projects involving the acquisition of funds, materials, other forms of compensation, or exchanges of in-kind items or efforts from sources external to the institution where a written agreement has been signed and committed by the institution (excluding state appropriations or gifts from private sources where no written contract or commitment is enforceable). Typical funding mechanisms include, but are not limited to awards, contracts, cooperative agreements, or congressional appropriations, from federal, state, or local government entities, contracts from for-profit business, and grant awards from private or corporate foundations.

What does the Office of Sponsored Programs Do?

OSP acts as a liaison between the faculty and staff of UVU with external funding sources. OSP services include (but are not limited to) the following:

Proposal Management

  • Individualized training on locating funding entities
  • Project idea development
  • Proposal development consultation
  • Grant proposal review and editing (when requested and submitted two weeks before the deadline)
  • Budget creation and budget narrative guidance
  • Obtain official institutional signature for proposals/contracts
  • Proposal submission

Contact Management

  • Contract review to ensure compliance policies and procedures of the University
  • Negotiation of externally funded contracts and other agreements
  • Creation and negotiation of outgoing sub-awards
  • Liaison between faculty and sponsors
  • Risk assessment of subcontract entities
  • Final approval on contracts and agreements

Award Management

  • Administration of funding and post-award changes
  • PI transfer
  • Coordination with Sponsored Programs Accounting

Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is the only office designated by the University to facilitate and oversee sponsored program activity, written grant proposal development, proposal submissions, and contract negotiations. The Senior Director of Sponsored Programs is the designated Signature Authority for the University for all sponsored program grants and contracts.

Signature Authority for UVU

Before an agreement can be enforced, it must be signed by a person with specific statutory authority. Only a limited number of individuals/positions are designated by Policy 247 to execute legally binding agreements on behalf of the University. For sponsored program grants and contracts, this authority has been delegated to the Senior Director of Sponsored Programs.

Please note that a sponsored program grant or contract is a written agreement or other formal instrument where there is mutual agreement to terms that bind the University to any legal obligation related to funding or resources from an external source to UVU. A contract may be in the form of an agreement, proposal, statement, notice, resolution, letter, memorandum of understanding (MOU), memorandum of agreement (MOA), grant, cooperative agreement, amendment to an agreement, etc.

Principal Investigators, Department Chairs, Deans, or other University employees should never sign or submit a sponsored program agreement or award. Any Principal Investigator/Project Director or other unauthorized University employee who signs a grant proposal, contract or agreement that s/he is not authorized to sign is acting outside the scope of his/her employment and may be personally liable for any resulting liability or obligation, and may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Mission & Strategic Objectives

OSP Mission

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) facilitates an institutional climate of growth, innovation, and sustainability through ongoing development, acquisition, and oversight of grants and contracts from external private and public sources to enrich the scholarly and creative endeavors of faculty and students, and enhance the programs, services, and facilities of the institution.

OSP Strategic Objectives

  1. Develop the financial resources through sponsored program acquisitions that advance the UVU strategic plan and further the institutional mission of facilitating engaged learning and higher education activities, and that enrich the scholarly and creative endeavors of faculty, staff, and students.
  2. Direct, oversee, and monitor the sponsored program proposal development and submission process, and award management activities within the institutional community according to federal and state laws and regulations, and institutional policies and procedures to address institutional obligations, to limit institutional risk and liability, and to provide sufficient institutional oversight.
  3. Facilitate efforts to expand grant opportunities, collaborative potentials, and community partnerships; develop, advise, and coordinate internal and external strategic collaborations available through sponsored programs to increase such opportunities and potentials for the institution.

Proposal Submission Deadlines

All proposals must be received five (5) business days* before the proposal submission deadline to allow sufficient time to review for compliance issues and obtain an authorized signature. Please note that failure to comply with this policy may result in your proposal NOT being submitted. Additional time may be required to address funding for research, new curriculum construction, external sub-awards, contractual relationships, revenue generating activities, cost sharing or match, indirect cost modifications, or other special requirements. Additionally, please note that in general, grant sponsors expect that projects involving human or animal subjects of research have received institutional review board (IRB) approval prior to submission of the proposal.

*Please note: If a document requires the President’s signature, it takes a minimum of ten (10) business days to obtain this signature.

UVU Indirect Cost/F&A Rates

UVU’s federally negotiated indirect cost rate ( 38% of all salaries, wages, and fringe benefits)  must be calculated into the budget on all federal grants. Grants from the State of Utah, local government, and most private or corporate foundations also have an associated indirect rate which are usually different from the federal negotiated rate and must be used if allowable. Please contact the OSP to identify the applicable indirect rate for your specific project. This rate is non-negotiable unless otherwise restricted by the grant guidelines.

UVU Policies Governing OSP

The following University policies govern OSP:

  • Policy 114, Conflict of Interest
  • Policy 137, Sponsored Programs – Grants, Contracts, Cooperative Agreements
  • Policy 139, Cost Sharing for Sponsored Agreements
  • Policy 141, Cost Transfers for Sponsored Programs
  • Policy 204, Appropriateness of Expenditures
  • Policy 247, Contract Review and Signature Authority
  • Policy 251, Traveling on University Business
  • Policy 252, International Travel for Students, Faculty, and Staff