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Success Across Modalities

This dashboard provides longitudinal success data. Use the Delivery Method tab to compare success across modalities.

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Enrollments by Modality

Explore enrollments by modality, by college, by department, and more.



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Certified Flexible Courses

As part of its goal to support inclusive and high-quality learning environments,  the University Flexible Learning Council and College Flexible Learning Councils have defined the term “certified course” with the following three benchmarks:

  1. Passed peer quality review

  2. At least 90% accessible, including files within the course

  3. Includes common navigation

These courses are identified on the Certified Flexible Courses Dashboard.

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Fill Rates

Course fill rates per face-to-face/online/hybrid/weekend modalities per semester.

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Design Queue Icon

Design Queue

See past, present, and future online/hybrid course development projects. 

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Wellness Tool Icon

Wellness Tool

This dashboard contains student survey data and is private to the individual instructor.

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Teaching Certifications

Current status of earned faculty certifications including HEA and online teaching.

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