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Spring 2019 Events

Highlighted Events


New Faculty/Adjunct Orientation

The purpose of this New Faculty Orientation is to introduce you to the UVU culture, orient you to UVU services and classroom technologies, and prepare those new to teaching.

Jan 3 | 5-7pm | CB 510

Welcome Back Faculty Reception

 Jan 10 | 2-3:30pm

Welcome Back Online Faculty

Technology Conference

Come learn about teaching with technology at this annual event. Learn more about integrating technology into your classroom.  

Feb 8 | 9am-3pm | FL Lakeview

Experienced Adjunct Spring Training

Academy Awards

Come see award winning online and hybrid course design by faculty from across campus. Get ideas for your own course. 

Mar 1 | 11am-1pm | CB 511

Faculty Recognition Luncheon

This is a luncheon to celebrate faculty who achieved teaching recognition including the Teaching Excellence Award recipients and AdvanceHE Fellows. 

Apr 4 | 12pm-1:30pm | FL Lakeview


SOTL Presentations

The Office of Teaching and Learning will be hosting a meeting for faculty to present on their Scholarship of Teaching and Learning research.

Apr 12 | 12pm-2pm | FL Lakeview



Introduction to HEA

HEA Workshop

In this session you will learn about HEA Fellowships. HEA Fellowships provide international recognition for teaching excellence. This session describes the different categories of fellowship and the different routes to attain fellowship.

Jan 17 | 3:30-4:30pm | FL 516
Jan 22 | 2-3pm | FL 505


HEA Writing Circle

HEA Workshop

In these sessions, you will work on writing your application. HEA fellows will be present to answer your questions and give feedback on your application.

Jan 30 | 3-5pm | FL 516
Feb 7 | 2-4pm | FL 516

Developing Effective Writing Assignments

Writing Enriched | Session 1

This first of three writing pedagogy workshops focuses on ways to develop writing assignments that emphasize your purpose for the writing task and its desired outcomes, write assignment descriptions that clearly communicate your expectations to students, and develop a rubric that guides students toward effective completion of the writing task.

Jan 23 | 2-4pm | FL 516
Feb 7 | 12-2pm | FL 213

Teaching In-Class Processes and Strategies

Writing Enriched | Session 2

This second writing pedagogy workshop covers ways of effectively teaching writing in the classroom. It covers different strategies you could teach throughout the multiple stages of the writing process, making decisions about what instruction to prioritize, modeling, and effectively utilizing campus tutoring resources.

Feb 20 | 2-4pm | FL 516
Mar 7 | 12-2pm | FL 213

Responding to and Grading Student Writing

Writing Enriched | Session 3

This final writing pedagogy workshop covers the differences between responding and grading as well as strategies for efficiently completing each task. It will cover ways of responding to students in the middle of their process without overcommenting, the kinds of responses that would lead to more effective revision from students, and how to speed up grading by focusing only on rubric requirements.

Mar 27 | 2-4pm | FL 516
Apr 11 | 12-2pm | FL 502

Equity Pedagogy


This workshop allows you to explore how to interrelate respectfully with individuals representing cultures and perspectives other than one’s own. Analyze the basic curricular, pedagogical and personal components of multicultural education.

Feb 7 | 3-5pm | FL 505

Global & Intercultural Pedagogy


In this workshop, participants will analyze global and intercultural issues. Participants will assess types of materials to include in the course and create activities to increase student understanding of the issues.  

Mar 6 | 2-4pm | FL 505

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

Interactive Lecturing

Large Section Teaching

The second session of the Teaching Large Classes Series is designed to explore the ways to promote student engagement in large classes and to identify some concrete cooperative learning activities.

Jan 23 | 12-1pm | FL 502

Pedagogies and Strategies

Large Section Teaching

This session of the Teaching Large Classes Series is designed to highlight some pedagogical theories that center around how people learn, and to discuss the practical implications of theory on teaching and learning.

Feb 19 | 12-1pm | FL 502

Effective Grading and Feedback

Large Section Teaching

This session of the Teaching Large Classes Series is designed to identify strategies for effective grading and giving feedback, and to highlight methods of assessing collaborative learning.

Mar 28 | 2-3pm | FL 516

Academic Honesty

Large Section Teaching

Apr 9 | 12-1pm | FL 502

Using Teaching Models to Engage Your Students

Simplified Student-Centered Teaching

This workshop will take a models of instruction approach to present three research-based teaching models. Each model has been selected to focus on high student-engagement, developing critical thinking, and simplicity of planning and preparation. Workshop participants will leave with a step-by-step explanation of each model and practical tips for implementation across a wide variety of disciplines. Woven throughout all the models will be more general tips for increasing student engagement and responsiveness to questions and class discussion. The models included in this workshop are Concept Attainment, Cause and Effect, and Integrative.

Feb 28 | 3-4:30pm | FL 516 

Canvas Lab Trainings


Introducing Canvas

OTL Lab Workshop

Become familiar in how to import content, create, organize, and leverage materials to enhance your classroom’s experience using desktop and mobile devices.

Jan 8 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515 
Jan 23 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515

Introducing Unicheck

OTL Lab Workshop

Gain insight on establishing assignments, grading & giving feedback with Plagiarism Checking tools at UVU.

Jan 9 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515 
Jan 15 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515
Feb 12 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515

Remote Teaching

OTL Lab Workshop

Want to get your students attention? This sparkshop gives you the skill to identify digital presentation tools and creatively enhance teaching and student learning experiences.

Jan 16 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515 
Mar 6 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515

Presentation Tools for the Class

OTL Lab Workshop

Bring remote resources to your students pocket with synchronous technology.

Jan 29 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515 
Mar 12 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515

Beautifying Canvas Content

OTL Lab Workshop

Online Content is beautiful and sometimes all that we’ve made just needs a brush up instead of a rewrite.

Feb 5 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515 
Mar 13 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515

Introducing Digication

OTL Lab Workshop

Digication e-Portfolios help students showcase and reflect on their work. e-Portfolios can also help departments with assessment.

Feb 6 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515 
Apr 2 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515

Introducing OneNote Classroom Notebook

OTL Lab Workshop

Microsoft’s OneNote Class Notebook offers a workspace for students and a collaboration space for creative activities.

Feb 13 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515 
Mar 26 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515

Introducing 360/VR Class Engagements

OTL Lab Workshop

Hands on opportunity to explore technology and create 360 photographs & VR content for your course. Bring your creativity.

Feb 19 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515 
Apr 9 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515

Introducing Canvas Commons

OTL Lab Workshop

Canvas Commons is a new learning object repository that enables educators to share, find, and import resources.

Feb 20 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515 
Mar 5 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515

Grading Simplified

OTL Lab Workshop

Simplify your grading and feedback. Gain insights from frequently asked questions.

Feb 26 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515 
Apr 16 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515
Apr 23 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515

Introducing Kaltura

OTL Lab Workshop

An Introduction to Kaltura Video and how it enables video quizzes & lecture capture options that are built into your canvas class.

Feb 27 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515 
Apr 17 | 12pm-1pm | FL 515