Summer 2021 Events

Accessibility Lunch & Learn:  Canvas Course

Wednesday | August 4

Join us for the 3rd installment in the Lunch & Learn Series "How to Change the Red Dials to Green: Making your Canvas Course Accessible" Bert McClain will teach you how to change all the pesky red or orange dials to green so all your students will benefit from a fully accessible Canvas course.

As before, we are giving a copy of Reach Everyone, Teach Everyone by Tobin & Behling for those who complete the online workshop Introduction to Accessibility and submit a screen shot of the completion page into the chat during the Lunch & Learn.



Teaching Academy

The Livestream Teaching Academy (LTA) Certification is the official preparation program for instructors wishing to teach livestream courses at UVU. This program is designed to give educators an opportunity to develop skills, reflect on past practice, and meaningfully plan for future practice. This path is designed to advance the newer livestream pedagogy including ways to develop instructor presence, peer-to-peer interaction, and meaningful and valuable livestream sessions.


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High Impact Practices (HIPs) Certifications | Summer 2021


This summer, earn certification in one of six high impact teaching practices (HIPs) which are research-proven methods that improve student learning outcomes, then continue to engage with the HIPs Communities of Practice throughout the year.

HIPs Program Requirements
  1. Attend the compressed summer workshop series in May/June ($500 stipend upon completion; OTL survey)
  2. Apply what you learned in your classroom
  3. Dialog with your HIPs cohort in monthly virtual exchanges (30 min)
  4. At the end of Spring 2022 term, review HIPs data (OEL student engagement survey) with your cohort and iterate (1 hour virtual meeting)
  5. At the end of Spring 2022 term, provide feedback to improve the HIPs professional development program (OTL survey)


Register for Summer 2021 HIPs

Please note there are limited seats available. Choose ONE of the following HIPs programs:

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Teaching First Year Students

Best practices for teaching the first year student including making early and often connections with students, learning to learn strategies, growth mindset, metacognition, and embedding FY content into your course.



  • Connecting with Your First Year Students

  • Best Practices for Teaching the First Year Student

  • Teaching Students How to Learn Effectively

  • Growth Mindset

  • Metacognitive Teaching Strategies

  • Overview of Inclusive Teaching

  • Developing Your FY Assignment/


Key Assignments

  • Metacognitive Teaching Lesson
  • 2 FY Delta Content, Assignment, Assessment, Implementation

Estimated Hours | 12.5

Stipend | $500

Summer 2021 Info

Two options for first year professional development: 

1. Learn the principles of teaching first year students and modify assignments within your courses to include FY content. This professional development occurs via self-paced Canvas course with faculty facilitator.

2. Undertake formal course redesign with department chair approval as a First Year Seminar course. This professional development includes multiple face to face meetings and coaching sessions.


1 | First Year Teaching Certification
Opens May 24 | Closes Jul 16th
Self-Paced Canvas Course

The First Year Training Certification will train faculty in best practices pedagogy for first-year students. Participants will learn about metacognitive teaching strategies, first-year academic and personal student success practices., and assessment plans for learning outcomes. Participants will complete assignments at different stages to demonstrate learning. Compensation is tied to the completion of this training.

No Scheduled Meetings.

2 | First Year Seminar Formal Course Development
Thursdays at 9:30am-11am*
May 13 | May 20 | May 27 | Jun 3 | Jun 10 | Jun 17 | Jun 24
Facilitated by Lisa Lambert

*Letter of Intent and department chair approval required. You will only be added to the Teams and Meetings if you have submitted the Letter of Intent and have Department Chair approval.*

Faculty in this training will learn the philosophy and foundations of the FYS and best practices pedagogy for first-year students. In addition to developing the framework and some components of their FYS course, participants will also earn the First Year Teaching Certification.

Participants will be compensated in stages: ​$1,000 for successful completion of the training; $3,000 issued in three (3) payments for hitting milestones: completion of the design and development of the FYS course including common assignments and assessments; submission of their FYS course for peer quality review and hybrid certification; and, for teaching the FYS course fall 2021.

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Develop and teach a G/I course through lenses of cultural identity and relevance, equity, global/intercultural, gender, race, and religion/worldview.



  • Developing a G/I Course
  • Cultural Identity in the Classroom

  • Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

  • Equity Pedagogy

One Elective Workshop

  • Gender Pedagogy

  • Global and Intercultural Pedagogy

  • Antiracist Pedagogy

  • Religious and Worldview Diversity

Key Assignments

  • G/I Syllabus

  • G/I Key Assignment

Estimated Hours | 12.5

Stipend | $500

Summer 2021 Info

Wednesdays at 2pm-4pm
May 19 | May 26 | Jun 2 | Jun 9 | Jun 16

Wed May 19th | Course opens, Online Kickoff Canvas Course Session
Facilitated by Bryan Waite

Wed | May 26 | 2-4pm | Cultural Identity
Facilitated by Bryan Waite and Janet Colvin

In this workshop participants will learn to recognize their cultural rules and biases. They will recognize how their students bring different cultural experiences and values and how to evaluate these.

Wed | June 2 | 2-4pm | Global/Intercultural Pedagogy
Facilitated by Mike Patch and Mia Kang

In this workshop, participants will analyze global and intercultural issues. Participants will assess types of materials to include in the course and create activities to increase student understanding of the issues.

Wed | June 9 | 2-4pm | Equity Pedagogy
Facilitated by Bryan Waite and Krista Ruggles

This workshop allows you to explore how to interrelate respectfully with individuals representing cultures and perspectives other than one’s own. Analyze the basic curricular, pedagogical, and personal components of multicultural education.

Wed | June 16 | 2-4pm | Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
Facilitated by Trevor Warburton and Laurie Toro

In this class, participants will discuss cultural conceptions and understand multiple theoretical perspectives of cultural diversity and relevant pedagogy. They will discuss ways to address diverse student needs and how to create supportive environments.

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Service Learning

Design and teach service learning courses through the lenses of Roles, Relevance, Reciprocity, Reflection, Risk Management, and Reporting.



  • Roles, Relevance: Service Learning vs. Community Volunteerism

  • Reciprocity, Reflection: Community Partnerships

  • Risk Management, Reporting: Meaningful Reflection about Authentic Learning

Key Assignments

  • 3 Reflections

  • Syllabus

    (Submit SL syllabus to the SL committee. The syllabus needs to evidence learning outcomes)

Estimated Hours | 12.5

Stipend | $500

Summer 2021 Info

Tuesdays at 11am – 12pm
May 11 | May 18 | May 25
Facilitated by Jon Westover

May 11 | Workshop 1: Roles and Relevance

May 18 | Workshop 2: Reciprocity and Reflection

May 25 | Workshop 3: Risk and Reporting


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Team-Based Learning

Fundamental principles and practices of team-based learning including creating effective iRAT, tRAT, 4S activities, improving facilitation skills, peer evaluation, and team development.



  • Fundamental Principles and Practices of TBL

  • Creating an Effective TBL Module

  • Evaluating multiple choice questions (MCQs)

  • Improving Facilitation Skills for TBL

  • Peer Evaluation and Team Development

Key Assignments

  • Preparing for TBL Implementation

  • Developing an Effective TBL Module

  • Reflection

Estimated Hours | 12.5

Stipend | $500

Summer 2021 Info

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm-3pm
May 20 | May 25 | May 27 | June 1 | June 3

This course will introduce faculty to the principles of Team-Based Learning (TBL) using a TBL framework. Faculty will learn from experienced faculty about how they have used TBL in their classrooms. Additionally, faculty will work in teams at creating a TBL classroom presentation and have the opportunity to create a TBL approach to be used in their own classrooms. Sessions will be online and consist of both synchronous and asynchronous modalities.

Thurs | May 20 | 1-2 pm | Workshop 1: Forming a Community

Tues | May 25 | 1-3 pm | Workshop 2: TBL in a Nutshell

Thurs | May 27 | 1-3 pm | Workshop 3: TBL Presentations

Tues | June 1 | 1-3 pm | Workshop 4

Thurs | June 3 | 1-3 pm | Workshop 5

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Undergraduate Research

Improve mentoring skills and engage students in inquiry-based learning, in and out of the classroom.

This is the Mentoring Academy facilitated by SCULPT.



  • Aligning Expectations, and Articulating Your Mentoring Philosophy and Plan Learning Outcomes

  • Professional Development and Effective Communication

  • Addressing Equity and Inclusion and Assessing Understanding

  • Fostering Independence and Cultivating Ethical Behavior

  • Facilitation Strategies

Key Assignments

  • Mentoring Philosophy

  • Mentoring Plan

Estimated Hours | 12.5

Stipend | $500

Summer 2021 Info

Wednesdays at 11am-12pm
May 12 | May 19 | May 26 | June 2 | June 9 | June 16 
Facilitated by Heather Wilson-Ashworth

The SCULPT Learning Circle and Mentoring Academy are opportunities for faculty members to improve their mentoring skills and get training on how to include students in inquiry-based learning, in and out of the classroom.

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Writing Enriched

Advance pedagogical skills in support of disciplinary writing and WE graduation requirements. Develop high- and low-stakes writing assignments that provide revision feedback so students can practice the conventions of discipline-specific genres.



  • Developing Effective Writing Assignments

  • Developing In-Class Processes and Strategies

  • Responding to and Grading Student Writing

Key Assignments

  • High-stakes Assignment

  • Scaffolding Map

  • Reflection

Estimated Hours | 12.5

Stipend | $500

Summer 2021 Info

Wednesdays at 2pm-4pm
-or- Thursdays at 10:30am-12:30pm
May 19 | May 26 | June 2 -or- July 8 | July 22 | August 5
Facilitated by Elena Garcia

Wed | May 19 | 2-4 pm
-or- Thurs | Jul 8 | 10:30am-12:30pm
Workshop 1: Developing Effective Writing Assignments

This first of three writing pedagogy workshops focuses on ways to develop writing assignments that emphasize your purpose for the writing task and its desired outcomes, write assignment descriptions that clearly communicate your expectations to students, and develop a rubric that guides students toward effective completion of the writing task.

Wed | May 26 | 2-4 pm
-or Thurs | Jul 8 | 10:30am-12:30pm
Workshop 2: Teaching In-Class Processes and Strategies

This second writing pedagogy workshop covers ways of effectively teaching writing in the classroom. It covers different strategies you could teach throughout the multiple stages of the writing process, making decisions about what instruction to prioritize, modeling, and effectively utilizing campus tutoring resources.

Wed | June 2 | 2-4 pm
-or Thurs | Jul 8 | 10:30am-12:30pm
Workshop 3: Responding to and Grading Student Writing

This final writing pedagogy workshop covers the differences between responding and grading as well as strategies for efficiently completing each task. It will cover ways of responding to students in the middle of their process without overcommenting, the kinds of responses that would lead to more effective revision from students, and how to speed up grading by focusing only on rubric requirements.

Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL)

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Cohort Program is a year-long program for cohorts of full-time faculty and staff that offers participants ongoing support and guidance on individual SoTL projects. Participants will also be added to the SoTL Learning Community on MS Teams where they can share ideas and ask for input. The SoTL Cohort Program culminates in the opportunity to present at the Teach4Learning conference, and at the UVU Symposium of Research in Teaching and Learning.

The program for this year will be as follows:

  • A one hour virtual or face-to-face orientation session in early Fall to introduce the SoTL Cohort Program.
  • A one hour virtual meeting in the Fall semester (November) to give a short summary (datablitz) of the research project.
  • A 2-hour commitment to attend and present findings at the Symposium of Research in Teaching and Learning that will be held in UVU in April 2021. You will also have support to present at the annual Teaching4Learning conference in March, 2021.
  • Along the year, there will be a number of SoTL around themes of interest such as: applying for IRB approval, IR support for data analysis, Library support, and writing and publishing, etc.

To be part of the 2020-2021 SoTL Cohort Program, please contact Dr. Aicha Rochdi by email and indicate your interest.

Self-Paced Workshops


Click the buttons to below to read self-paced workshop descriptions and self-enroll.


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Faculty JumpStart Orientation - New Full-Time & Adjunct Faculty

This course includes information on employee email, parking permits, UTA passes, UVID cards, and payroll. It also includes information about policies related to teaching, myUVU, media enhanced classrooms, testing services, and library services for faculty. It takes about 1.5 hours to complete.  Click below to self-enroll in the Canvas course.


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Assessment and Feedback for Learning and Success

This course will provide you with an opportunity to practice backwards design approach to helping your students achieve learning outcomes. You will develop a summative assessment with rubric to measure student achievement. You will develop two formative assessments to support student learning.


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Fundamentals of Teaching in Higher Education

This course will provide you with an opportunity to learn about principles of undergraduate education to support student learning. You will create learning objectives based on Bloom’s taxonomy and align the learning outcomes with learning activities and assessments. You will evaluate your syllabus using a learner-centered rubric.


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Canvas Skills for Faculty

Learn and practice the fundamentals of the Canvas learning management systems, including building assignments, using the gradebook, and posting files for students.


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Overview of Inclusive Teaching

The “Overview of Inclusive Teaching” is a self-paced, online course intended to assist faculty members to develop and enhance their teaching skills and establish a foundation for a lifetime of inclusive teaching. The purpose of this workshop is to provide faculty members with a brief overview of the concept of inclusive teaching and the idea of Universal Design. It also aims to give participants the opportunity to identify and to develop a plan to implement inclusive practices in their teaching, and to reflect on their own mindset and readiness for being agents and practitioners of equity-based, inclusive pedagogy. This course also aims to provide instructors with tools that are immediately applicable to their teaching contexts.


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Teaching Large Classes
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CALM Preparation

Make life easier for you and your students. OTL is offering a workshop specifically designed for faculty who have rarely used Canvas to adapt their courses to meet student needs. The workshop format provides focused support from OTL Lab so you can meet your own goals for your course(s). For example, you might want to load more content into Canvas, make it accessible, and organize into files. Or you might want to use the Canvas gradebook to provide individualized and meaningful feedback to your students. You’re in the driver seat and we are here to support you!


Spring 2021


To register for events, click the button below. Please make sure you are logged into Microsoft with your UVU email [] in order to fill out the registration form below. You will receive an Outlook calendar invite containing the Microsoft Teams live stream link for each event you select.

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1/20 | NEW: Early Alert Intervention for Student Success

1/26 | SCULPT Mentoring Academy Community of Practice Brownbag Series

1/27 | Writing Pedagogy 1

1/28 | Writing Pedagogy 1

2/3 | Lunch & Learn: Nurturing Self-Regulated Learners

2/3 | HEA Writing Workshop

2/5 | UVU Edtech Summit: Building Community through Technology

2/10 | UWHEN Female Faculty Forum

2/11 | UFLC Townhall

2/16 | NEW: Early Alert Intervention for Student Success

2/17 | Global/Intercultural Pedagogy

2/17 | HEA Writing Workshop

2/23 | Lunch & Learn: How to Change the Red Dials to Green: Making your Canvas Course Accessible

2/24 | Writing Pedagogy 2

2/24 | SCULPT Mentoring Academy Community of Practice Brownbag Series

2/25 | Writing Pedagogy 2

2/25 | Teaching 4 Learning Conference

3/1 | Cultural Awareness

3/3 | HEA Writing Workshop

3/5 | Metacognitive Teaching: Building Academic Self-Efficacy

3/17 | Lunch & Learn: How to Change the Red Dials to Green: Making your Canvas Course Accessible

3/17 | HEA Writing Workshop

3/18 | NEW: Assessing Essential Learning Outcomes in General Education

3/23 | UFLC Town Hall Part 2: Course Delivery In and Beyond COVID

3/24 | Writing Pedagogy 3

3/25 | SCULPT Mentoring Academy Community of Practice Brownbag Series

3/25 | UWHEN Female Faculty Forum 

3/26 | Writing Pedagogy 3

3/29 | NEW: Antiracist Pedagogy

4/9 | Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Presentations

4/12 | Equity Pedagogy

4/14 | "Who are our learners? - Support and Pedagogical Strategies" Forum

4/21 | NEW: Gender & Sexuality in the Classroom

4/23 | SCULPT Mentoring Academy Community of Practice Brownbag Series

4/23 | Faculty Recognition Luncheon