Accessible Course Design

Lunch & Learn Series Recordings: How to Change the Red Dials to Green: Making your Canvas Course Accessible

Lunch & Learn Series Recordings: Creating a Consistent Canvas Experience with Common Navigation

Recommended Checklist for an Accessible Canvas Course

LINKS - All links provide context as to where the link will take the reader.

IMAGES - All images provide alternative text to describe the content and function of the image and includes any text that is part of the image. 

STRUCTURE - All pages have proper reading order using built-in styles to create headings, lists and columns. 

TABLES - All tables have column and/or row headers and are only used for data and not for layout purposes. 

FONTS - Only Sans-serif fonts are used.  Standard Canvas font is best.

COLORS - Sufficient contrast is used between background and foreground colors.  Font color is not the sole indicator of meaning in text.

MEDIA - Captioning (either machine or human) provided for all videos and transcripts provided for audio. 

FILES - Clear out all unused files using TidyUp. 

REMEDIATE 1 - Make all MS word and PowerPoint files accessible to >90%. 

REMEDIATE 2 - Submit any PDF files to an Instructional Support Technologist for professional remediation. PDF files must meet the quality requirements as outlined in the Accessible PDF Documents guide. 

Instructional Support Technologists

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