The Livestream Teaching Academy (LTA) Certification is the official preparation program for instructors wishing to teach livestream courses at UVU. This program is designed to give educators an opportunity to develop skills, reflect on past practice, and meaningfully plan for future practice. This path is designed to advance the newer livestream pedagogy including ways to develop instructor presence, peer-to-peer interaction, and meaningful and valuable livestream sessions.

Most faculty have not experienced being a livestream student, so it’s valuable to assume the role of a student in navigating, scheduling, and successfully participating in livestream sessions with professional facilitators. Your LTA course facilitator is an experienced peer who will model how a livestream instructor can generate rapport with individual students, create a sense of learning community, and pace the class. The content of the course has been thoughtfully selected to focus on the essence of great livestream teaching. How does the geographically distant professor not seem distant to students in a synchronous meeting? How can synchronous delivery of virtual content effectively occur?

At the completion of this certification course, you will receive a certificate and recognition on the OTL Teaching Certifications dashboard. All LTA graduates enter into the Livestream Teaching Learning Community in MS Teams. Within this virtual collaboration space, we will continue to share ideas about online teaching to collectively advance online student success at UVU.

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  1. Recognize differences in UVU modalities for teaching and learning.
  2. Design a learning environment in the livestream modality.
  3. Develop and set class expectations in livestream course.
  4. Leverage existing hardware setup that works for livestream instruction.
  5. Recognize and facilitate the characteristics of livestream lesson.
  6. Develop a livestream lesson plan.

LTA Workshops

This course consists of six different activities (modules). LTA consists of the following modules: 

  • What is Livestreaming?
  • Pedagogy of Livestreaming
  • Hardware/Software Setup
  • 4 Basic Livestream Teaching Strategies
  • Livestream Practice Sessions
  • Constructing Livestream Lesson Plans

Each workshop will take about 1-2 hours to complete, so expect to spend about 10-12 hours total to complete all 6 workshops.

How LTA Works

LTA is a hybrid of 50% online self-paced, asynchronous Canvas course with 50% flexible synchronous livestream scheduled sessions and 1:1 meetings with a peer facilitator. Each semester, LTA participants are assigned to a cohort that is facilitated by a faculty member with experience in livestream teaching. Cohorts are limited in space, typically capped at 30 per cohort.

Who can participate: UVU faculty and staff who currently teach or who are hired and scheduled to teach. Must be UVU employee. 

The LTA (six week) sessions have three start dates:

Spring Session

  • Day after MLK Day

Summer Session

  • Day after Memorial Day

Fall Session

  • Day after Labor Day

If you are interested in joining or have questions, contact [email protected].

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