Course Design

Course Design Support

The Office of Teaching and Learning offers dedicated support for the design, redesign, and continuous development of courses and full programs, regardless of the mode of delivery.

Our team of instructional designers, faculty developers, and course specialists will work alongside faculty members and academic departments to design high quality, engaged learning experiences.

Flexible Course Design and the University's Growth Strategy

As the regional population continues to grow, the University is working to develop more course offerings and full programs for flexible delivery. This strategy helps us reach more students, who may be otherwise hard to reach.

This work includes:

  • Redesigning existing courses for online and hybrid delivery
  • Designing brand new courses for online and hybrid delivery
  • Redesigning full academic programs for online delivery

How to Engage in Course Design Activities

  • Faculty members and Departments who have ideas for course design, redesign, or curriculum development need to seek approval from their Department Chair.
  • Once Department Chair approval is received, individual faculty members can contact the Office of Teaching and Learning to share their ideas for course design.
  • Generally speaking, all design projects are assigned to a dedicated Instructional Designer for one-to-one support.
  • Depending on the nature of the project, some faculty may be eligible to participate in the Flex Studio program that is 50% workshop-based and 50% one-to-one consultancy.
  • In many cases, faculty are eligible to receive a stipend for their collaboration in developing online and hybrid courses.
  • Most projects require a semester-long development period. Reach out to the Office of Teaching and Learning early so support can be provided throughout the design process.