Instructional Design Services (IDS) offers a range of services for course development. Services offered depend on a number of factors including course enrollment, faculty experience and preference, and resources available within IDS. 

There are three categories of Instructional Design support: 

  1. Full course development
  2. FlexStudio Consultation 
  3. Consultation

Full Course Development

Step #1: Curriculum Approved

The course must be approved by the School/college Curriculum committee as well as the University Curriculum Committee to be considered for development.

Step #2: FlexStudio

Faculty developing an online or hybrid course for the first time will be encouraged to take FlexStudio. FlexStudio is a six-hour online workshop with deadlines to ensure timely development.

Step #3: Course Design Plan

Faculty and instructional designer partner to create a course design plan which outlines the objectives, assessments, and activities for the course.

Step #4: Development

Faculty and instructional designer build the appropriate parts of the course in Canvas which may include custom video or graphics.

Step #5: Quality Review

Once the course is developed and reaches minimum accessibility thresholds, the course is sent to review.

Step #6: Delivery

The first offering or pilot semester is considered part of the course development. Faculty can make adjustments to the course based on student feedback and faculty experience.

Quality Review

Each Full Course Development is reviewed for quality after receiving a 90% Ally score to ensure accessibility thresholds are met.  Courses are reviewed by three independent/anonymous faculty/staff members using the UVU Course Design Rubric. Reviews typically take two weeks to complete. Once available, faculty and instructional designer review results, discuss and make course revisions which completes the quality review.


Full-development courses are typically compensated. Compensation is tied to Adjunct and Overload rate. For example, if a faculty develops a 3-contact hour course, they would be paid the equivalent of teaching a 3-contact hour course. The current Adjunct and Overload rate can be found in the HR section of myUVU.

Full-time faculty receive compensation twice during the course development process. The first payment occurs when the faculty complete the Course Design Plan with the instructional designer. The second payment occurs after revisions are made as part of the quality review.

Contact Seth Gurell for more information about course compensation.

Flexstudio Consultation

Some courses may not have sufficient enrollments to use the resources of a full course design. In those situations, IDS may work with faculty on a FlexStudio Consultation basis. A FlexStudio Consultation includes the following components:

  1. Completion of the FlexStudio workshop.
  2. Consultation with an instructional designer to complete a Course Design Plan

FlexStudio Consultation is only available to faculty who have not previously taken FlexStudio and is only available once per faculty. Faculty who complete FlexStudio Consultation are eligible for $1,000. For more information about compensation contact Seth Gurell.


In some situations, faculty may work with an instructional designer strictly on a consultation basis. These circumstances include instances in which there is insufficient time to complete a full course development or the faculty has completed FlexStudio and is working on a course with low enrollments. Faculty interested in consulting with an instructional designer should complete the consultation form.

Getting Started

In order to strategically use IDS resources there is a process to start a course development project. 

  • Faculty in the College of Health and Public Services (CHPS), College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS), and Woodbury school of business should consult their Flexible Learning Council. Representatives will prioritize each course development and coordinate with IDS. 
  • Faculty in the School of Arts, College of Engineering and Technology, and University College should consult with their department chair. Chairs should send a list of all online/hybrid course development projects to the Director of IDS, Seth Gurell.