What You Should Know:

  • Automatic Recording – The recording is based off the schedule in the room. If class is scheduled from 10-10:50 am, that is the time frame that will be recorded (even if no one is in the room).
  • MicrophoneA microphone is mounted on the ceiling in the front of the room and will best pick up audio in that area. The microphone will not catch student voices from the back of the room. (If you want students who watch the recording to know the context of your answer in the recording, repeating the question works best).
  • Dual Feed – The recording will include 2 views:
    • Camera View: This is the front board of the class – Look for the green brackets on the whiteboard to inform you where this camera angle is recording.
    • Content: Whatever content is displayed on the projector will be recorded, including personal devices connected to the room. Verify how the content is being recorded for your particular classroom.
  • Faculty Control – You, as the faculty of the course, own these recordings. You can edit, delete, remove, unpublish, move these recordings as you wish throughout the semester. Recordings are in Course Media of your course in Canvas. Note: UVU General Legal has approved the 'delete' and 'edit' features to be added back into Kaltura (previously disabled for general litigation).
  • Best Practice – Watch portions of the recording after the class is recorded. You will then have a better idea of what is being recorded and how you can modify instruction as desired to improve the quality of the classroom recording system.
  • Opt-Out – While the majority of faculty and students use these classroom recordings to improve communication and learning, there is a recognition that not all would want to have their classrooms recorded. There is an opt-out form that can be submitted to remove a class from the automatic schedule. Some things to note on the current process:
    1. Only the instructor of record can opt-out of the course recordings using the form below.
    2. Once an opt-out request is made, you can use the same form to opt-in again to the classroom recordings.
    3. You will need to fill out the form for each CRN (course record number) that you wish to opt-out of.
    4. If an instructor opts-out and then a new instructor is assigned the course, the new instructor will need to opt back in (if desired).

Opt-Out Form


How do I provide the automatic class recordings for my students (opt-in)?

Make sure the ‘Course Media’ tab is available to your students in your course. Once the recording takes place, this is where it will automatically appear for students.

How do I hide the all automatic class recordings (opt-out)?

Simply hide the ‘Course Media’ navigation option. Videos are still there, but just hidden from view.

How do I hide (remove) just one class recording from the list?

Go to 'Course Media' and then click on the three dots of the video you want to remove from your course list. An 'x' icon will appear at the bottom of the video. Choose the 'x' button and then select the red 'Remove' button option. This does not delete the video, just removes the video from the course.

What is the difference between ‘My Media’ and ‘Course Media’?

There are 2 Kaltura tools in Canvas. One is ‘Course Media’ and the other is ‘My Media’. The ‘Course Media’ are videos that have been published to your course while the ‘My Media’ are all the videos that you are the owner. The classroom recordings appear in both these spaces because you, faculty member, are the owner of the videos (‘My Media’) and the system automatically published the resource to your course (‘Course Media’).

I like to use ‘My Media’, but the automatic recordings are there, are students seeing these when they click on ‘My Media’?

When students click on ‘My Media’, they see the videos that they are an owner of. Because students do not own the automatic classroom recordings, they will not see the classroom recordings when they click on ‘My Media’. However, you will because you are the owner of these videos.

How do I edit the videos?

Note: While there was a time period that these were disabled, UVU Legal has approved the 'delete' and 'edit' features to be added back into Kaltura.
When in ‘My Media’ or ‘Course Media’, select on the video you wish to edit. Choose Actions -> Launch Editor. The Edit option will allow you to change the settings of the video (including editing the Thumbnail, Captions, Chapters, Publishing Location, etc.) The Launch Editor option will give you the option to trim/split/set in/set out and other minor edits. There are options to download your video, edit using preferred software, and then replace the media by uploading it overtop of the original. (Edit -> Replace Media -> Choose a file to upload).

How do I delete just one video?

Note: While there was a time period that these were disabled, UVU Legal has approved the 'delete' and 'edit' features to be added back into Kaltura.
After selecting the video from the list, choose Actions and then ‘Delete’. This will permanently delete the video and you will not be able to undo this action. If you may change your mind later, we suggest publish/unpublish as a better option.

How do I unpublish a video?

By default, classroom recordings are published in your course. You can always select the video, choose Actions, and then select Publish. If you select private, it will remove the video from all course playlists (Course Media). If you want to keep it published in one course, but unpublish from another course (only if you published it in multiple courses), you can just unselect the courses you don’t want it published in.

How do I publish a video?

By default, classroom recordings are published in your course. If you unpublished them (or some other error occurred), you can select the video, choose Actions, then Publish. Make sure ‘Published’ is selected and then choose which courses you want the video to appear in under ‘Course Media’.

I want to keep ‘Course Media’ hidden, but still give my class some of the recordings. Is this possible?

Yes. You can embed any video you own into the rich text editor in Canvas. This includes on Pages, in Discussions, and as Announcements. Click the plug icon (which is Apps) and select View All. You may need to search or scroll to find Embed Kaltura Media. From here, you can select the video you want to embed into the page, discussion, or announcement.

Can I share the video with only a select number of students (i.e. those who did not attend class)?

You will want to get a 'link' that you can share with the select number of students. To do this, please follow these steps:

  • Click on the 'UVU' logo at the bottom of any video (you can also bookmark this place: OTL Media Space)
  • Click 'Login' at the top right, then select 'Login' at the bottom of the menu
  • Follow the login directions to authenticate in the space
  • Click on Your Name at the top Right
  • Go to My Media
  • Click on the name of the video you want to get a link for
  • Click 'Actions' and select 'Publish'
  • Select 'Unlisted' on the option list, then press 'Save'
  • Click on the 'Share' tab and make sure you are on the 'Link to Media Page' tab
  • Copy the URL to send to your select students