What is New Quizzes?

New Quizzes is the new quiz engine developed by Canvas. Canvas has developed New Quizzes to replace the current Quizzes function, Classic Quizzes. UVU’s transition to New Quizzes is tied to and dependent on Canvas’ timeline and ability to meet its milestone commitments. 

For assistance with New Quizzes, schedule an appointment with an Instructional Technology Consultant.

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How do I enable New Quizzes in my course?   

New Quizzes is currently a course-level feature option, so it will need to be enabled in each course you want to use the tool in. 

Enable New Quizzes

How do I create a quiz using New Quizzes? 

The Canvas Quizzes tool now houses both Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes. When you create a quiz, you'll be asked which type of quiz you want to work with. On the quiz listing page, icon styles differentiate classic from new quizzes. Classic quizzes have an outlined icon of a rocket ship White Rocket Ship Icon , whereas the icon for new quizzes is a solid (filled in) rocket ship Green Rocket Ship Icon . 

View Canvas Guide: How do I create a quiz using New Quizzes?

How do I convert/migrate Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes? 

View Canvas Guide: How do I convert/migrate Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes?

What are some of the new functions in New Quizzes? 

It is important to recognize that there are differences between the functionality of Canvas’ Quizzes and New Quizzes tools. The list below introduces some new features. For a more comprehensive list of differences between Classic and New Quizzes, review the information available at New Quizzes Feature Comparison and New Quizzes: FAQ

New features in New Quizzes: 

  • Four new question types: 
  • A mobile-friendly quiz design.  
  • Once a time extension accommodation is set up for a student, it is applied automatically to all New Quizzes in the course.  
  • Essay questions can include embedded spell checker, calculator, word counter, and word cap. 
  • Improved student viewing options of results 
  • More question types can be auto-regraded 
  • The instructor can include a waiting period between exam attempts. 
  • Quiz question order can be randomly shuffled. 
  • Response order inside questions can be randomly shuffled for the entire quiz or shuffled just in specific questions. 
  • An option to set a word limit and display word count for essay questions. 
  • The ability to print out a New Quiz with and without the answer key. 


  • Fall 2023: Pilot Courses
  • Spring 2024:Promote Opting-In and Migration training of Simple Quizzes. (no question groups, test/item banks, or images)
  • Fall 2024: New Quizzes Enabled for All Courses
  • Spring 2025: Disable Building Classic Quizzes
  • Fall 2025: Remove Classic Quiz


Main Functionality Lost
in New Quizzes

  • Graded Surveys, Ungraded Surveys, and Practice Quizzes (though you can set a New Quiz as 0 pts) 
  • Some Rich Content Editor features: recording audio/video, file embedding, content selector sidebar, accessibility checker, apps/LTI tools (Kaltura, Panopto, Google Drive), HTML editor 
  • Bulk downloading attached files for grading
  • Downloading CSV of student quiz responses or Student Analysis 
  • Embedding Video/audio in the quiz or the quiz submission
  • Linking documents, images or videos previously uploaded to your Course Files 
  • Sharing the quiz to Canvas Commons 
  • Use of external tools within the quiz (i.e. Google Drive, MiVideo)