Tuition & Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Students are responsible for obtaining their own financial aid.

The Program is not involved in the process of granting financial aid except to respond to requests from lending institutions for specific documentation such as student enrollment, academic schedule, and expected date of graduation.

The Financial Aid Office is located on the UVU main campus. The Financial Aid Office is responsible for assessing student eligibility for financial aid. The staff is also available to counsel students on the most appropriate and available resources to meet individual needs. The Financial Aid Office manages and distributes a limited number of scholarships for eligible students. Financial aid is granted based on both federal and university guidelines. Students requiring financial assistance are encouraged to seek loan counseling and assistance in debt management before making any financial decisions. Since the application process is lengthy and often complex, it is suggested that students apply early for FAFSA and financial aid each year. Students can find additional information about financial aid on the UVU Financial Aid website.