Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition refund policy

Refunds are not automatic. The tuition refund policy is established by The Utah State Board of Regents and is amended by each college or university to fit their programs. The Utah Valley University (UVU) refund policy can be found on the UVU Tuition Policies and Procedures webpage.

UVU refunds to students who withdraw from school or drop classes are as follows:


  • Through the 100% refund date published on the Student Timetable ....100%
  • After the 100% refund date published on the Student Timetable....0%
  • Thereafter, the refund periods for instructional cycles other than the semester are extrapolated from the above schedule.

Exact dates for semester, block, and weekend classes can be found on the UVU Schedule webpage under Student Timetables.

Students must drop classes or completely withdraw by the published 100% refund deadline in order to have the charges removed from their account. Students who withdraw after that date will not receive a refund. If a student has not paid his or her charges for the semester, he or she will continue to owe the University for these charges and will be subject to collections procedures if left unpaid.

Changes in enrollment may affect Financial Aid eligibility and amounts received. Financial Aid awards may be pulled back when dropping courses, thus increasing the amount owed. A Petition to the Refund Policy Form can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar or visit the UVU Registration webpage.