General Policy Questions

What is a university policy?

University policies prescribe standards, requirements, restrictions, rights, or responsibilities and support the mission, values, and operation of the University. Policies may not exist except at the university level. Divisions, colleges, schools, departments, programs, offices, etc., may have guidelines, practices, and standard operating procedures.


Who writes policies for the University?

Many different university entities are involved in writing university policy. When a policy need is identified, a policy sponsor and steward are assigned and form a writing committee of university entities with experience in the subject matter. Policy stewards and their writing committees, in consultation with UVU’s Office of General Counsel and editorial support from the Policy Office, draft and revise policies for the University.


How are policies vetted and approved at the University?

During the drafting process, policy stewards and their writing committees, in consultation with the Office of General Counsel as needed, research applicable federal, state, and local laws; Utah Board of Higher Education policies; similar policies at other universities; related policies at UVU; and other information pertinent to the policy.

Once the Stage 1 policy draft is ready, it enters a vigorous process of review and revision wherein every member of the university community has the opportunity to provide feedback. For more information, see Policy Process.

After sufficient review and revision, and with approval from President’s Council, the policy must be reviewed and approved by the UVU Board of Trustees before it is enacted. Following approval and implementation, policies are reviewed regularly to ensure they are kept up-to-date and continue to meet compliance standards.


Can I make suggestions for policy?

Any university employee, entity, or student may make recommendations regarding university policy. For policy issues related to your work area, contact your supervisor and vice president. For general university policy matters, contact your elected representative from one of the following for more information:

UVUSA (Students) »
UVU Faculty Senate (Faculty) »
UVU Professional Association of Campus Employees (Staff) »

The Policy Manual

Who is responsible for complying with university policy?

University policies are binding on all university employees and students, and all persons visiting or using the facilities or resources of the University (including visitors, invited guests, outside contractors/vendors, event attendees, etc.). Policy violations, misinterpretations, or misapplications may be addressed in accordance with university policies and federal and Utah state law.


When does an approved policy take effect?

Approved policies take effect and are enforced beginning on the effective date as established by Board of Trustees action. Policies are not enforced retrospectively unless mandated by law. Policy drafts still in development do not have the weight of policy and cannot be implemented prior to the effective date established by the Board of Trustees. For more information, see UVU Policy 101 Policy Governing Policies.


What is a temporary policy?

A temporary policy is a policy approved via the temporary policy approval process. This process is reserved for use under special circumstances when a policy need is determined by President’s Council to be crucial or urgent. The temporary policy approval process allows the policy to be enacted in a shorter time period than the regular policy process; however, temporary policies may only remain in effect for a specified period, generally not to exceed one year (up to eighteen months in extenuating circumstances). Temporary policies (including revisions and suspensions) expire at the conclusion of the specified period or on the effective date of a corresponding policy enacted through the regular approval process, whichever occurs first. See the Policy Process page for more information. 

How can I access an earlier version of a current policy or a policy no longer in effect?

The Policy Office is responsible for maintaining archives of policies no longer in effect, including those that have been deleted and older versions of current policies. Contact the Policy Office for more information.


How can I stay up-to-date on changes in university policy?

For news and updates regarding changes and developments in UVU policy, see the Policy Office Blog. To view policies currently in development stages, see the Approval Pipeline.


Whom do I contact with questions about a specific policy?

For questions regarding the content or interpretation of a specific policy in the Policy Manual, contact the responsible office, as listed on that policy.
For general questions relating to the policy process, see UVU Policy 101 Policy Governing Policies or the Policy Process page. For additional questions or assistance, contact the Policy Office online or by calling (801) 863-7355.


How do I report a policy violation?

It is the responsibility of all faculty, staff, and administrators who witness conduct that violates UVU policies, guidelines, or Code of Conduct to report it to the appropriate supervisor or responsible university officer. Anonymous reports can be made by phone at (877) 288-5401 (toll-free) or online on the EthicsPoint webpage managed by UVU’s Internal Audit Office. All such reports will be reviewed and, if appropriate, investigated.

Report a Concern (EthicsPoint) >>


I noticed an error on a policy in the Manual (broken link, typo, outdated reference, etc.). Whom should I contact?

The Policy Office is responsible for maintaining the documents and pages on this site. Please contact the Policy Office online via the online comment form or by calling (801) 863-7521 to report such errors.

Training and Assistance

I’m new to the policy process; how can I request training?

The Policy Office provides training to university entities and groups involved in the policy development process. Use the Policy Office’s online training request form or call us directly at (801) 863-7355 to request training.

Request information or training »


I need to develop or revise a policy; what is the first step?

Before drafting a new policy or making revisions to an existing one, you must complete an executive summary and have it approved by President’s Council. Please ensure this step is completed prior to drafting the policy or requesting an editable version of an existing one. Visit the Policy Tools page to download the Executive Summary form and other templates and documents used during policy development. If you require assistance filling out this form, please contact the Policy Office. For more information about the policy development process, see our Policy Process page and UVU Policy 101 Policy Governing Policies


Whom do I contact for assistance with a Policy Office template?

Contact the Policy Office for assistance with Policy Office templates, website, and other digital or technical policy content.

Additional Assistance

Please contact the Policy Office using the following links if you have additional questions or require assistance regarding policies, guidelines, or other content of this site: