Policy Tools

Training Tools

The Policy Office provides training, editorial, and project management support for policy sponsors, stewards, and constituents involved in the policy review process.

Policy Process Training Presentation

This training presentation covers key points of UVU's policy process, including an explanation of entities involved in the process and an overview of its stages, from drafting to approval.

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Policy Process Training

The Policy Office provides in-depth training for policy sponsors, stewards, and constituents involved in the policy review process. This training takes approximately 45 minutes and can be scheduled for a group or one-on-one.

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Policy Development Tools

The following guides and templates are to be used during the policy development process. They ensure consistency, adherence to editorial standards, and a cohesive university voice. The Policy Office provides training and support for these resources. Contact the Policy Office for assistance.

Guides & Resources

Policy Glossary

This web page provides a comprehensive list of all terms defined in UVU policy. Writing committees will find this glossary useful when determining terms and definitions for their policy.

Link to Glossary


Policy Template Guide

This cheat-sheet contains instructions and hotkeys for using the policy template. For additional assistance with the template, contact the Policy Office.

Download template guide



Policy Template

Use this template to draft new university policies. To begin the revision process for a policy currently in effect, contact the Policy Office.

Download the policy draft template


Executive Summary Form

Use this form to provide information to the Policy Office and President's Council about the required policy action. The policy sponsor and steward submit this form to President's Council to begin the development process.

Download the executive summary form


Summary of Comments Form

Use this form to record Stage 2 comments and responses.

Download the summary of comments form