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FAMS 3250 Students

Any FAMS 3250 student can apply to be a registered class member with the UVU Stronger Families Project if they can meet these requirements: 1) they are a current or expecting parent and/or in a committed relationship (and the partner agrees to attend as well) AND 2) they commit to attending all 8 weeks in order to graduate from the program. They should attend one of the in-person sites, but if they have a physical limitation, they can apply to the virtual site. They will receive a phone call after they apply to finalize their acceptance into the program and assign them to a site before they can attend.

If a single FAMS 3250 student wants to observe only for the class final project and they choose the UVU Stronger Families Project, they can only observe at the in-person sites in the parent/family class (sitting quietly in the back of the room) during weeks 2-7 of the program. No one is allowed to observe at the virtual site this way. If you are planning to observe one of the sites, please email to let us know which week(s) and site you plan to observe.