"We have really enjoyed the eating together as a family and using the question sticks. It keeps the conversation flowing and great topics to discuss that we normally would think about. It’s my teenagers favorite part as well! Thanks for all the hard work and service!"

-Julie Smith

"Confession: I went to this program because my kids were excited to give me an evening off every week from cooking (that thrilled me too). I'm happy to report that it is MUCH more than just an evening out of the kitchen, it is an opportunity to LEARN how to bond with your family members (the key is APPLYING during the week). I am grateful for the nights off, but I'm even more grateful for the opportunity I had to learn how to bond even better with my family!"

-Denise Green

"Our family went through a really traumatizing year last year and we were needing something to help us refocus and reunify. This program has been perfect for that. It has helped us work through some of the difficulty of last year, and we are such a stronger family now. This program has been such a blessing."


-Clair Reed Steininger Hamaker