Campus Guidelines

  • All temporary signage that is posted on the UVU campus must obtain a stamped visible expiration date from Campus Connection.
    • After the assigned expiration, all signage must be taken down from the signage locations.
    • Any signs that are hung without approval from Campus Connection will be removed and disposed of.
    • There is a mandatory non-negotiable 24 hour turnaround time to process the signage due to other tasks that Campus Connection is charged with. This means that once the signage is dropped off at Campus Connection you may not retrieve it until 24 hours after you dropped the signage off.
  • Campus Connection is required to maintain a copy of any signage posted around campus. This will be provided by the image you attach when filling out the electronic signage approval form. If you have multiple forms of signage you will be asked to attach a photo of each type.
  • Messages or slogans of any kind shall not be painted, hung, or otherwise written on trees, buildings, windows, sidewalks, grounds, fountains, walls, or other structures or surfaces, or on the personal property of others. No tape of any kind may be used for installation of signs, notices, posters, or banners.
  • All temporary signage must clearly identify the author or sponsor of the signage or it cannot be approved.
    • By posting or distributing any temporary signage on campus, the person or organization is responsible for the content of any such signage.
    • For commercial signage, this also means that the person or organization posting the signage agrees to hold the University blameless for any assessed damages or liability incurred as a result of the signage being posted.
  • At the time of approval, our Campus Connection staff will do their best to inform you of any possible copyright or trademark infringement you may have in the design of your signage.
    • If you choose to disregard the staff's suggestions and wish to proceed with the existing design, neither Campus Connection nor UVU will be held responsible for any problems that arise from your persistent use of the design.


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All About Signage Guidelines


  • 1 to 25 posters: 2 Months
    • 26 to 50 posters: 1 month
  • 1 to 2 banners: the 2 weeks prior to the event
  • Up to 18 Lawn Signs: 2 weeks
  • No more than 500 handbills: No limit on duration
  • Approximately 40 Table Displays: 2 weeks

Non-commercial signage may be re-posted for an additional 14 calendar days, but only after it is shown that there is a good reason for the sign, notice, poster, or banner to remain in place for a longer period. They will need to be collected and returned to Campus Connection for a new expiration date.

If your signage is for an event that is reoccurring on a weekly basis, the design can be approved for up to two months. The posters will then need to be brought back to Campus Connection but can only be approved for additional two weeks. If the duration of your weekly event is longer than 2 1/2 months the design will need to be changed. These new designs can be approved once more for 2 months, then 2 weeks.


  • Up to 5 Lawn Signs: 2 weeks ($100 total, not per Lawn Sign)
  • 18 posters: 14 days ($50 total, not per Poster)
  • No more than 500 handbills: No limit on duration

All signage must be scheduled with Campus Connection. All Commercial Signage will be placed and removed by Campus Connection.

Academic and Administrative Departmental Bulletin Boards

Academic and administrative departmental bulletin boards do not need to have a Campus Connection stamp but are required to comply with the department’s published nondiscriminatory rules and procedures, including a procedure that all such items be individually date-stamped and otherwise identified as authorized by the department. Having a poster placed on a departmental board does not automatically designate the poster as being approved by the department.