UVU Organizational Signage

What is considered UVU organizational signage?

Any UVU administrative department and/or academic schools/colleges, centers, or institutes are considered a university organization. UVUSA and chartered student clubs are also included in this category.



Third-Party Signage

What is considered third-party signage?

Any temporary signage that is posted or distributed by non UVU organizations. This includes but is not limited to any business, non-profit, or not for profit owned by UVU students, faculty, staff, and alumni.



All About Signage

What is considered temporary signage?

Temporary Signage is all UVU organizational and third-party signage that is posted on the UVU campus--both indoor and outdoor-- that is used to promote or inform the campus community about events and/or organizations. Due to the nature of this signage, all temporary signage is meant to be displayed for less than a year. This includes; indoor posters, banners, flyers, petitions, table tents, table signage, outdoor banners, lawn signs, A-frames, and all same day event signage.

Why is this distinction important?

There are restrictions and fees that differ depending on whether your organization is considered a UVU organization. If you do not want to be charged for something that you should not be, make sure you are closely following the signage procedures.

Can I appeal against a decision made against my signage?

Yes. Once you have appropriately filled out your UVU Organizations Signage Request Form, or your Third Party Signage Request Form, you may fill out the Signage Appeals form. If the initial Signage Request Form is not filled out your appeal will be automatically denied and you will have to fill out the form again once your Signage Request Form has been submitted.

Appeals Form