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Scala ContentManager will be retired on November 20th, 2023.

Effective immediately, please use PlaySignage to submit your digital signage content for both public and private signage. If you need an account,  training, or have any questions, please send an email to [email protected]. A tutorial for content submission is available at https://www.uvu.edu/digitalsignage/submissions.html.

If your content needs to run on public signage before the 20th, submit it through both PlaySignage and Scala.


Digital Signage delivers posters, videos, and news feeds to digital displays all across campus.  Advertising on these displays is free for departments and student organizations.  Opportunities for commercially sponsored DSS ads are coming in the near future. 

The goals of this system are to:

  • Provide a single solution digital signage system that serves the informational, promotional, branding, entertainment and emergency broadcast needs of the University as a whole as well as individual schools and departments.
  • Provide a low cost of operation solution that delivers a variety of fresh, relevant content by utilizing and adapting content generation, distribution and approval methods already being used in existing systems and processes


Getting started is easy!

  1. Read the Rules and Guidelines

    The rules and guidelines for digital signage have been created to ensure that content is appropriate for display and will fit the constraints of the displays themselves. There are different types of displays that you can advertise on depending on your ad. Pay special attention to make sure that your ad is the correct resolution and that you send it in the correct format. Templates are provided on the content guidelines page.

  2. Check Out the provided Templates

    Templates have been provided to assist you in content creation. Whether you consider yourself a newbie or not these templates have been formatted in PowerPoint and will help make your ad creation easy.

  3. Email your content to [email protected]

    Please include the dates that you would like your item to display and any other pertinent information. An item can run for up to 2 weeks. Allow for up to three business days for approval.

  4. Visit the Gallery

    View the playlists for each of the campus-wide signage formats here:

    Portrait (9:16) Landscape (16:9) Banner (16:3)


Contact Us


Most questions regarding digital signage, including content submission, guidelines, troubleshooting, pricing, etc. should be directed to:

Audio-Visual Services and Engineering:     

Administrative questions that also relate to the Media Services department should be directed to:

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