The Personal Development for Professional Advancement (PD4PA) Certificate is a unique and customizable way to build your academic foundation for success in your degree. Take classes in any order that will fit your schedule and interests while satisfying the credit requirements in each category! We do suggest working through each of the categories as outlined below. Classes in the "Developing Academic Independece" & "Building Self-Knowledge for Self-Leadership" catergories are intended to prepare you to be successful in your "Learning Experientially" endeavors.

How does the PD4PA Certificate benefit you?
  • Empowering you with knowledge, skills, and competencies to improve your working opportunities while still in school!
  • If you are part of the 65% of UVU students that are working and going to school at the same time, this certificate can help create opportunities for your immediate career advancement.


Developing Academic Independence

Complete 3 credits from the following:

SLSS 1000 - University Student Success

SLSS 1050 - Library Research (Research Skills for Student Success)

SLSS 1190 - Power Learning Strategies

SLSS 1195 - Speed Reading

ENGH 1005 - Literacies and Composition Across Contexts

Building Self-Knowledge for Self-Leadership

Complete 9 credits from the following:

SLSS 101R - Student Success Topics

SLSS 103R - Student Leadership Development I

SLSS 104R - Student Leadership Development II

SLSS 1100 - Stress Management

SLSS 1200 - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

SLSS 2100 - Major and Career Exploration

SLSS 2500 - Leader: Strengths-Based Leader/Coach


Complete 6 credits from the following:

SLSS 2300 - Leadership Mentoring II

SLSS 240R - Mentoring Leadership Practicum

MAT 240R - Math Mentor Leadership Practicum

SLSS 281R - Internship

UVST 1100 - Prior Learning Assessment Theory and Practice

UVST 289R - Undergraduate Research

UVST 290R - Community Engagement and Applied Service Learning

Breakdown of PD4PA Sections with Professional Advancement and Personal Development

Improve your Job Options while Pursuing your Goals

Commencement for UVU Mentor
  • Employers are more likely to hire students who have work and life experience, some of which can be acquired through this certificate. 

  • Obtain a higher-paying job and higher-level experience while working on your degree by gaining the knowledge and skills employers want.

  • Stand out to future employers and/or grad schools by showcasing this certificate on your applications.

  • Make this certificate work for you by customizing it to your interests and goals. 
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Develop Soft Skills for Better Jobs Immediately

Adobe Executive Perspective

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“It’s the skills I’m worried about, rather than the degree. At Adobe it’s more about the outcome than it is about the degree.”

– Richard Whitehead
Head of Product Marketing at Adobe


UVU Employee shares value of certificate


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UVU Alumni & Entreprenuer

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"Many lack resilience and commitment. Hiring right now is 90% experience-based (life experience that convinces me you can handle change and difficult situations.) This certificate would help prepare students with the skills and experiences I’m looking for!"

– Trevor Whiting
Local Entrepreneur & UVU Alumni