About Us

The UVU Dance Team serves as ambassadors through competitions, performances and appearances. They pride themselves in supporting UVU Athletics and being representatives of the university on and off campus. Last year, the Dance Team participated in a collaboration with Campus Marketing and Studios and Broadcasting to create campus promotional videos; one of which was awarded a Regional Emmy. They are 5X National Champions and currently hold the 2020 UDA Division I Jazz and Pom National Titles. In addition, in 2019, they were chosen to represent the United States of America at the ICU World Championship and finished first with a gold medal and World Champion Title. The Dance Team’s mission is to bring spirit and university pride wherever they go. 



General Info

  • Practice is held 3-4 times a week.
  • Dance Team members should be well-rounded and skilled in jazz technique, lyrical/contemporary, pom skills, and hip-hop.
  • Spirit Squad members serve as ambassadors for the University and attend public functions as assigned.
  • Participation in summer practices, camps, and retreats is required for all Spirit Squad members. 
  • Regular practices begin in August.
  • Students must be accepted to UVU and have a UV ID number PRIOR to auditioning for the team. (Local high school concurrent enrollment students must still apply to UVU for full admittance.) 
  • A full calendar year commitment is expected for all Spirit Squad members (May-May).
  • The UVU Dance Team performs and cheers at soccer, volleyball, and women's and men's basketball games. Each year the team attends approximately 50-75 games.
  • There is an annual participation fee of $1,200 to cover the expenses of supplemental activities such as travel and competition. Payment in full is due prior to the start of fall semester. Payment plan options are available in consultation with the Spirit Squad staff. 

Spirit Squad Participation Agreement

Team Requirements

  • Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA at the time of audition
  • Maintain a 2.5 semester and cumulative GPA while on the team
  • Full Time Student (minimum of 12 UVU credit hours for both fall and spring semesters)
  • Full-Year Commitment (May-May)
  • Payment of $1,200 annual participation fee + apparel fee (ranges between $100-$400 depending on any additional apparel options the student selects) 


  • Scholarships Available
  • Uniforms and Sponsored Apparel 
  • Concert Performance
  • Competition Experience
  • Travel Opportunities

Dance Intensives

Due to COVID-19, our dance intensives are going to look a bit different this year. We are going to be hosting "traveling" dance intensives where if interested, 5-6 members of the UVU Dance Team will travel to your high school or studio for a private dance intensive. Each participant will be required to wear a mask during the intensive and a waiver form will be required to be filled out PRIOR to participating in the class. If interested in having the UVU Dance Team come to your high school or studio, please email kaela.lunt@uvu.edu to schedule a date and time. Please read the information below to learn more about dates, what the intensives offer and cost. 


If interested in hiring the UVU Dance Team to come do a Private Dance Intensive with your high school or studio, please see the information below to learn more. 

Dates Available: 

October 13th, 20th, 24th and 27th 

November 3rd, 7th, 9th and 14th 

Intensive Options: 

2 Hour Intensive: 20 minute warm up, 40 minute technique class and 1 hour of coach's choice 

4 Hour Intensive: 20 minute warm up, 40 minute technique class, 1 hour of acro choice, 1 hour of contemporary, jazz or pom choice, 1 hour of coach's choice

Intensive Cost: 

20 Students or Less

$50 per person for 4 hours

$25 per person for 2 hours

20-30 Students

$30 per person for 4 hours 

$15 per person for 2 hours

30-40 Students

$25 per person for 4 hours 

$12.50 per person for 2 hours

40 Students or More

$20 per person for 4 hours 

$10 per person for 2 hours


Please email Kaela Lunt, the Spirit Squad Manager, at kaela.lunt@uvu.edu to schedule a Private Dance Intensive with your high school and/or studio. We hope you'll take advantage of this special opportunity and look forward to hearing from you. We're excited to come work with your team!

Audition Information

Due to COVID-19, the audition process will be completed through an online application and video submission. 

Auditions for the UVU Dance Team are open to all incoming freshman, transfer students, and current UVU students. To access the application you MUST be  accepted to UVU and use your myUVU login information to complete the application.  

Applications and videos must be submitted by Sunday April 19th, 2020 at 11:45pm. Late applications will NOT be accepted.  


We understand that not all applicants may have access to a dance studio to record their audition video, please do not let that deter you from trying out! All you need is an open space-move furniture out of way, use your kitchen, basement, etc. In case you do not have an open space available to safely record your audition video please contact Kaela Lunt-Spirit Squad Manager at kaela.lunt@uvu.edu.

Application Information

Applicant information and videos will be submitted online through the 2020-2021 Dance Team Application

Application Components

  • General Student Information
  • Contact Information
  • Terms & Agreements of Participation
  • Acknowledgement of Required Dates & Practices
  • Answer General Application Questions
  • Upload Letter of Recommendation
  • Upload Resume (include all dance training, leadership roles, dance experience, competition titles, and teaching or choreography opportunities you have had)
  • Upload receipt serving as proof of payment for $30 audition fee through the Spirit Squad Payment Portal 


April 19, 2020

Application & Video Due April 19, 2020 by 11:45pm

First Round 

Online Application & Video

  • Complete the 2020-2021 Dance Team Application
  • Pay $30 Audition Fee through the Spirit Squad Payment Portal 
  • Submit your audition video by uploading the video to YouTube and including the link in the application

     Video Requirements
    • One (1) three minute video or less 
    • Include five (5) combos as outlined below. Demonstration videos are available by clicking on the combo number below. ** Note: that the dancers demonstrating the combos are current team members that are not auditioning for 2020-2021 year.
      • Combo 1: Leg Combo-Right battement, left battement, side kick control to passe, develop into tilt (right side), step prep, chaine into coupe fan, prep into right front leg hold turn and step prep right tilt turn.
      • Combo 2: Turn Combo-Step prep double pirouette, four step quad, jump out to second from quad, left arm right arm drag, prep into fouette combo. Alisicone, alisicone, double float, spotters side, back, side, aliscone, alisicone into double pirouette.
      • Combo 3: Jump Combo-Turn to back releve, firebird to front, chasse right grand jete, step step front leap, turn over left shoulder, chasse side leap, flick arms out, drag left, step, step, switch tilt to ground, roll up, cha cha walks, step prep chaine, right aerial.
      • Combo 4: Aerials-Chaine right aerial, chaine left aerial. 
      • Combo 5: Top Gun- We would like to see any acro tricks that showcase your strengths or movement and/or improv that shows us your movement quality/strengths.



April 25, 2020

Second  Audition Video Due April 25, 2020 by Noon

Second Round 

  • All applicants will be notifed on whether or not they will advance to the next round on April 24th by 12pm
  • Those progressing into the second round of auditions will be provided additional instructions 
  • Second round audition video will be due on April 25th by Noon 

April 27-May 1, 2020

Interviews by Invitation


  • Interviews will be done virtually online with staff members from the Department of Student Leadership and Involvement.
  • Those progressing into the second round will be contacted via email to sign up for a interview time slot.
  • The 2020-2021 UVU Dance Team will be announced on Saturday May 2, 2020. 

Additional Audition Information

What to Wear

Please film  yourself in appropriate dance attire that allows the judges to see the body move. Please wear a comfortable jazz shoe or other appropriate footwear. Socks or bare feet are not recommended. 

What to Expect

The First Round  will be comprised of an application and video that will include five (5) technical combinations demonstrating skills as: leaps (front, side, back, switch, tilts) triple and quad+ pirouettes, battements, fouettees, and aerials (left and right). In addition, you will be asked to film any elite technical, acro skills, improvisation or stylized choreography that you may have. 

After the first cut is made, the Second Round video will include 2-3 short combinations of contemporary, jazz, pom and/or hip hop. Videos of these combinations will be sent directly to those that progress to the second round.    

The Third and Final Round will consist of a short interview process conducted virtually.

The 2020-2021 UVU Dance Team will be announced on Saturday May 2nd, 2020  via website and social media.

2019-2020 Team Roster 

Portrait of dancer allyson


Portrait of dancer annie


Portrait of dancer cierra


Portrait of dancer elle


Portrait of dancer bella


Portrait of dancer kennedie


Portrait of dancer kirsten


Portrait of dancer kylie


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Sydney H

Portrait of dancer

Sydney P

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