Balancing both educational and parental responsibilities is easier with help from UVU. There are many departments and services across campus where you can find the help you need to succeed academically while taking care of your family.


wee care center

Students and employees expecting children are protected under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). UVU policies outline how to request pregnancy-related accommodations and how to apply for parental or medical maternity leave.

Wee Care Center

Campus Resources

Women's success center

Several departments on campus have resources and services available for parents, from childcare at the Wee Care Center to the Accessibility Services for requesting pregnancy-related accommodations.

Women’s Success Center

Community Resources

child playing

Student parents need support outside of campus, too. Review our list of community resources to access childcare and medical care coverage outside of UVU.

Care About Childcare

Lactation Pods

campus in the spring

Find one of the six lactation pods across campus for a private, quiet place to breastfeed or pump milk.

Office of Accessibility Services

Breast Pump Kits

people walking on campus

Pick up your free Medela breast pump kit for your personal use or connect it to the Mamava lactation pods.