Exam Submission Form

Exam Scheduling

Student Assessment Services does not offer full Classroom Testing. 

  • Accommodative Testing: Testing accommodations can be provided for a student with documented disabilities by the UVU Office of Accessibility Services. To coordinate testing arrangements with the Accommodative Testing Center, students and faculty are required to follow Accommodative Guidlines and Exam Submission.
  • Challenge Exams: Utah Valley University offers credit for prior learning (CPL) to enable students to enrich or accelerate their programs of study. Challenge exams allow students to validate their prior learning for credit. Student Assessment Services offers proctoring services for Challenge Exams from departments.
  • Make-Up Exams: An option for instructors who have students that were not able to test with the rest of the class and the instructor couldn't make arrangements to proctor the students themselves. The student will need to schedule and pay for the exam through our scheduling service found on our website. Please let them know that there is a payment involved for our services.

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Accommodative Guidelines

  1. Exam Notification – Faculty members are encouraged to provide students with sufficient notice of exam dates.
  2. Appointment Scheduling – Students are responsible for scheduling an appointment to take their exam at least 24 business hours before the time the test is scheduled to begin. Students must know their class name, course number, teacher’s name, and what format the exam is running in (Paper or Computer).
  3. Exam Drop Off – It is the faculty’s responsibility to have the exam submitted through one of our submission methods. At the time of submission, faculty must indicate the name of the student and what testing aids are permitted to the student, if any. 
  4. Testing Day – Students should arrive at the Accommodative Testing Center at least 10 minutes before their appointment. Students are not allowed to bring any testing materials into the testing room except testing aids approved by their instructor. After a student has completed an exam, all test materials, testing aids, and scratch papers will be collected. If students are more than 15 minutes late to their appointment, their room reservation may be reassigned and they may be asked to reschedule their appointment.
  5. Return of Completed Exam – Paper exams are returned through three different optional methods:
    1. Email
    2. RegisterBlast
    3. Pick-Up 

Exam Submission

  1. Submit an Exam Submission Form for the student(s) that are taking the exam.
  2. Submit all exam material through one of our four submission methods. Be sure to have your files in a PDF format.
    1. Submit through the Exam Submission Form - Exam material may be uploaded at the end of the Exam Submission Form and directly delivered to our processing staff. 
    2. Submit through RegisterBlast - Exam material can be uploaded directly into our appointment system, RegisterBlast.

      REGISTERBLAST SETUP & SUBMISSIONRegisterBlast Professor Login
    3. Drop Off - You are welcome to drop off a copy of the test materials at our office in WS-101 (Wolverine Service Building).
    4. Submit via Email - You may send exam information to [email protected] 
  3. If your student needs additional materials for the exam (scantrons, scale models, ect.), you will need to drop off those materials to our office. 
  4. All exam information should be communicated to our staff at 24 business hours in advanced before the intended start date. This allows our staff time to prepare to meet the needs of your student.

For questions, or further assistance, please contact our staff.