Speak With An Employee

You may schedule an appointment with an employee who can help answer your questions regarding aspects of testing. Please be aware that testing employees have limited knowledge regarding Canvas or Proctorio. For these questions, please reach out to the Office of Teaching and Learning.      

Schedule a time to come in person, to be called over the phone, or to have a call through Microsoft Teams.  

Schedule An Appointment

Exam Conversion Services

Please remember that we are only providing services to convert exams to Canvas. For questions concerning Canvas or Proctorio, please contact the Office of Teaching and Learning at otl@uvu.edu or by calling (801) 863-8255.

Follow these procedures for Exam Conversion

  1. Contact testingservices@uvu.edu requesting services to have exams converted to Canvas. You will receive a response with instructions to follow.
  2. Fill out an Exam Conversion Form for each exam to be converted (sent to you after contacting testingservices@uvu.edu or downloaded from this web page)
  3. Your exam must fit the following criteria to be converted properly
      >Each test question should be numbered (including any sub-questions)
      >Each test question must be one of the following:
             -Multiple Choice (One answer or multiple answer)
             -True or False
             -Essay Questions (No graphing essay questions)
     >Highlight the correct answer or include the answer key for the exam.
  4. The uploaded exam must be either Microsoft Word Document, Plain Text, or Rich Text. We can use PDF uploads, but it becomes more work.

To have your exam converted by the date you would like the exam to start please provide the exam with the conversion form at least One Week in advanced. We cannot guarantee an exam to be converted in time if you submit it to us with less than a week notice. Thank you.



Accommodative Scheduling

Testing accommodations can be provided for a student with documented disabilities by the UVU Office of Accessibility Services. To coordinate testing arrangements with the Accommodative Testing Center, students and faculty are required to arrange the following:


Accommodative Guidelines

  1. Exam Notification – Faculty members are encouraged to provide students with sufficient notice of exam dates.
  2. Appointment Scheduling – Students are responsible for scheduling an appointment to take their exam at least 24 business hours before the time the test is scheduled to begin. Students must know their class name, course number, teacher’s name, and what format the exam is running in (Paper or Computer).
  3. Exam Drop Off – It is the faculty’s responsibility to have the exam submitted through RegisterBlast. At the time of submission, faculty must indicate the name of the student and what testing aids are permitted to the student, if any. 
  4. Testing Day – Students should arrive at the Accommodative Testing Center at least 10 minutes before their appointment. Students are not allowed to bring any testing materials into the testing room except testing aids approved by their instructor. After a student has completed an exam, all test materials, testing aids, and scratch papers will be collected. If students are more than 15 minutes late to their appointment, their room reservation may be reassigned and they may be asked to reschedule their appointment.
  5. Return of Completed Exam – Paper exams are scanned and emailed to the faculty. 

Submitting Accommodative Exams

  1. Sign into RegisterBlast in order to get to your Professor Page. If you have not signed in before, you will first need to enroll by going to this website: RegisterBlast Professor Enrollment.  If you have enrolled already, you may log in directly by going to this web page: RegisterBlast Professor Login. You may also follow the instructions in this PDF to help with this process: ACCOMMODATIVE PROFESSOR SETUP
  2. If your student needs a paper exam you have the option to drop exams off to our office or upload the exam to RegisterBlast.  If you are uploading the exam be sure to have your files in Word or PDF format.
  3. Please be sure to fill our one of the Accommodative Exam Form for the student(s) that are taking the exam.
  4. All accommodative exam information should be communicated to our staff through RegisterBlast at least noon the business day before the intended start date. This allows our staff time to prepare to meet the need of your student.

Accommodative Professor Setup

Accommodative Exam Form

For questions, or further assistance, please contact our processing staff at testingservices@uvu.edu or 801-863-7095.

Faculty Helping a Student