Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

Am I a Good CPL Candidate?

Credit for Prior Learning is for adult learners who have gained significant knowledge, skills and abilities outside the traditional classroom that may be equivalent to college-level coursework. Credentialed faculty in each discipline will establish the course criteria and assess fulfillment to determine credit awarded.

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Accepted Certifications

  • Google Project Management Certificate-TECH 3400-3 credit hours
  • Google IT Support Certificate-6 elective credit hours towards AAS Technology degree

UVU CPL Resources

Utah Valley University offers Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) to enable students to enrich or accelerate their programs of study. CPL is inclusive and validates the prior learning of students, making education more affordable and accessible More information about Credit for Prior Learning can be found on the UVU CPL page

Each program of study shall widely communicate CPL course criteria and opportunities in a timely manner to prospective and admitted students.  For further details on how the Technology Management and Mechatronics department handles CPL, keep reading.

The following are University-level requirements that must be met to receive CPL:

  1. Student must be active (taken a course in the last 7 semesters or currently registered at UVU) or a student must be admitted to UVU and have at least one credit successfully completed and transcripted.
  2. Student must not have been enrolled in the course at UVU or another institution even with a “W”.  If currently enrolled in the course, the student must drop the course before the first drop deadline where the course does not show up on the student’s transcript.
  3. All prerequisite courses must be completed, either by taking the course or receiving CPL.

  4.  A student must be accepted or matriculated into a declared major or program of study for which the CPL credit is applicable.  If a student changes majors or programs, previously awarded CPL credit may not apply to the new major.
  5. A student shall not receive CPL for learning that has occurred through activities that are related to UVU academics, community outreach, distance education, non-credit offerings, or any other UVU service or entity. 

CPL may be applied toward courses in a certificate of completion, AA, AS, AAS degree, BS degree and BA degree programs only for the purpose of satisfying graduation requirements.  CPL is not eligible for use in a certificate of proficiency.   A BS degree  can comprise up to 25% CPL credits.

USHE (Utah System of Higher Education) Prior Learning Assessment information

UVU Policy 525

CPL Fees

There is a $15 non-refundable fee for the CPL process.  There is another $5 per credit fee when credit is applied.  Both fees are charged to your UVU account.   In the end, as soon as your UVU account is paid in full, the credit will be applied to your transcript and show in Wolverine Track.  

Technology Management Program Requirements

In addition to the university requirements, the Technology Management and Mechatronics department sets in motion further processes and requirements.

Simply making the request for CPL does not guarantee that credit will be awarded. The Technology Management and Mechatronics department is not obligated to provide nor allow CPL for any Technology Management or Mechatronics course. Prior learning assessments must be passed.  In any request for prior learning credit (UVST 1100 Portfolio Submission), the burden of proof is on the student not the department.  If experience is not obvious, the request will likely be denied.

Course mentors are the only instructors that can approve CPL for the course they mentor for.  Other course instructors will need to refer the inquiring student to the course mentor. The department chair may also evaluate submissions for prior learning credit.

Types of CPL Offered:  The department offers Prior Learning Credit, and MTECH Articulation Agreement only. 

     All other forms of CPL are handled by the Transfer Credit Department.

Prerequisite Course Work

You must have passed the prerequisite course or passed the prior learning assessment for the prerequisite course before requesting CPL for the subsequent course. Please see the UVU Course Catalog for a listing of prerequisite requirements.

The UVU Catalog also provides descriptions of the courses we teach.  Match the course descriptions to your …

  • Workplace Experience (1+ year’s workplace experience)
  • Knowledge

Transfer Credit

If you have taken a course at another institution, and in the transfer credit process did not receive credit for the course you expected, please work with the Transfer Credit office at 801-863-8216 or [email protected]  If this does not work out, work with your advisor.  As a last resort, our department chair can evaluate your request for credit.  A copy of the course syllabus from the previous institution will be needed.

Mountainland Technical College (MTECH)

Programs at Mountainland Technical College (MTECH) which may align for prior learing elective credit towards a Technology AAS degree are as follows:

Custom Design and Fabrication

630 hours-12 credits CPL

Digital Marketing and Analytics

600 hours-12 credits CPL

Electrical Apprenticeship

720 hours-12 credits CPL

IT Support Technicians

690 hours-12 credits CPL


MTEC students can receive UVU credit for non-credit coursework completed at the MTECH through the Credit Articulation Agreement. This satisfies a requirement toward an AAS Degree in Technology. For more information please visit our MTECH information page.

Prior Learning Credit

Prior learning credit is credit received for technical credit depending on but not limited to professional certifications, job trainings, or proof of work experience.  The  department chair or a designated faculty member will determine if your work experience encompasses a knowledge in Technology, Engineering, Mechatronics, or approved related field and if your request complies with any other requirements needed for proof of experience set by the instructor. 

 As stated above, the burden of proof is on the student not the instructor and any request for prior learning credit that is not obvious will typically be denied.

- University Policy: CPL shall be awarded only for courses directly applicable to curriculum requirements in the program of enrollment and to the student's declared certificate or degree program as outlined in the university catalog.

- University Policy: CPL shall not be awarded solely for experience; CPL shall not be awarded only for evidence of college-level learning that aligns with program and course learning outcomes.

Univeristy Policy: All credit for prior learning evidence submitted by the student and the assessment evidence submitted by faculty may be retained by the University; therefore, it is recommended that students do not submit proprietary information for assessment.


  1. Check Your Eligibility: Contact your advisor to verify your eligibility and assist in registering for the Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio (UVST 1100). 
  2. Work with Course Mentor: The UVST 1100 mentor will work with you in creating your portfolio exhibiting your knowledge of and experience in Technology, Engineering, Mechatronics, or approved related field. The portfolio may include evidence of but is not limited to professional certifications, documented job training, and projects.

  3. Evaluation: The department chair will advise the department administrative assistant (via email) their approval for credit for a specific course and attach the portfolio as documentation of the student's proof of knowledge.
  4. Credit: The department administrative assistant will submit the paperwork for the Registrar's office to apply credit for the course. A $15 non-refundable fee for the CPL process plus a $5 per credit hour fee will be applied to your UVU account. Once your UVU account has been paid in full, credit for the course will be applied to your transcript and Wolverine Track.


Q & A


How does the credit reflect on my transcript? 

It is applied as earned credit, no grade, and is not calculated in your GPA.

If I had to drop the course in order to qualify for prior learning credit, can I get my place back in the course I was registered for?

No exceptions are allowed in the registration system.  You will have to re-register for the course as before (and potentially pay for late registration fees).  If the course is full, you will have to wait on the waitlist, be late added or register for a different section of the course in question.  

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