UVU Student Elections

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Student Body Officers!

2019 Election Results

General Information

With the many ways to get involved at UVU there is definitely something for everyone! One of those is to run for a student body officer position within the Utah Valley University Student Association. There are four positions available: Student Body President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Academic Senate, Vice President of Student Activities. Together with the Vice President of Clubs (elected by the Inter Club Council) and the Chief of Staff (appointed by the Student Body President), these student officers serve as the Executive Student Council overseeing the UVUSA Student Council.

These positions represent the student voice across campus as they assess, express, and address student issues to campus administration. They develop and promote campus programming, strive to educate students about resources available to them, and advocate for student needs.

Application packets to run are available online and in the UVUSA office, SL 122. Candidates are elected by the general student body (any student registered for 1+ credits, concurrent enrollment students are not eligible to vote) and voting will take place February 25-March 1, 2019.

  • February 25-26 PRIMARY ELECTION- voting will take place to narrow down the six candidates running for student body president to two
  • February 27- March 1 FINAL ELECTION- voting will take place to choose the Student Body President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Academic Senate, Vice President of Student Activities

Learn more about the elections process, officer position, responsibilities, and requirements.

UVUSA Elections Packet

Important Dates

  • Candidacy Declaration Press Conference: January 31, 2019 | 3pm | SL 114
  • Candidate Panel: February 20, 2019 | Noon | Centre Stage
  • Voting for Primary Election: February 25-26, 2019 | M: 8am-9pm T: 8am-8pm
  • Announcement of Primary Elections Results: February 26, 2019 | 9pm | SL 114
  • Voting for Final Election: February 27-March 1, 2019 | W/TH: 8am-9pm F: 8am-12pm
  • Announcement of Elected Officers: March 1, 2019 | 2pm | SL 114

**In the case that there are 5 or less candidates running per position a primary election will not be held. Voting will take place February 25-27, 2019 (M/T: 8am-9pm | W: 8am-4pm) and the elected officers will be announced on February 27, 2019 at 6pm in SL 114.


Any current student is permitted to file a grievance regarding the misconduct of a candidate. Grievances will be reviewed by the Elections Committee and any necessary penalties will be issued. Please note that there is not a prescribed rubric in addressing consequences of grievances and any penalties issued are at the discretion of the Elections Committee.

Grievance Form

Candidate Information

2019 Student Body Officer Candidate information includes a personal bio and plans for office if they are elected. All content is self disclosed and provided by each individual candidate. Any additional questions regarding their qualifications and plans for office can be answered by each candidate directly via email. Candidate Information will be updated the first week of February 2019. 

Student Body President-2019 Candidates

Taylor Bell

portrait of Anthony Collins

About Taylor

  • Junior, Majoring in Political Science 
  • Facebook: Taylor Bell
  • Instagram: @taylordeanbell // @wut_the_bell
  • Snapchat: taylordbell
  • Twitter: taylordeanbell
  • Email: taylor.dean.bell@gmail.com

Taylor Bell is studying Political Science with an emphasis in Public Law and Political Philosophy. Taylor is running for Student Body President, because his desire to serve his fellow students and contribute to UVU’s mission of student success. Upon arrival to UVU, Taylor became involved with UVUSA as a volunteer with activities. Taylor has since served as a senator for the University College, and worked as a mentor for the Developmental Math Department. He currently acts as Chief Justice and chairs the Judicial Council within UVUSA. In this role, Taylor promotes civic engagement across campus through voter registration drives and political discussions. He is also tasked with interpreting UVUSA’s constitution and ensuring the organization follows said constitution.

Taylor currently work’s in the office of President Tuminez as the lead Presidential Intern. In this capacity, he works alongside the president’s Chief of Staff Justin Jones to assist the president in completing research, projects and initiatives that will better the UVU experience. Taylor has an extensive knowledge on the transition of institutional leadership, and has aided President Tuminez in transitioning into her role as university president. He attended numerous segments of her campus wide listening tour and helped to organize the information she acquired. This experience is unique to Taylor and one other student, making him one of the few UVU students that understands the university’s current condition across colleges, centers and organizations.

Taylor works as a Residential Advisor at Wolverine Crossing, the biggest student housing complex of UVU students. He helps to plan and executing engaging social events for the complex’s residents and ensures that their needs and safety are met. His desire to help people isn’t limited to UVU. Taylor believes serving others is the best way to find happiness and has worked to provide clean water, educational resources and assist organizations empower women and children in the countries of Peru, Nepal and Belize.

Taylor is a driven, passionate, caring student who will fight for students! As Student Body President, Taylor Bell hopes to contribute to the culture of inclusivity and putting student needs first. He believes that there is a place for every Wolverine, no matter the shade of green they bleed. He knows that the greatest successes that will be seen on campus will be due to collaborative efforts across campus groups and colleges. TOGETHER IS BETTER!

Plans if elected into office

  1. Increase collaborative events across campus and reduce the amount of "repetitious" events. Ensuring greater student attendance and dividing up costs of events to allow funds to be used for other needs or initiatives. A concern of President Tuminez is the quantity of similar events we have across campus, I want to be a support to her by helping streamline collaboration across student events.
  2. Increase transparency. The current executive council has made great progress in increasing students understanding of UVUSA and its role in the institution through surveys and face to face interactions with "Say Hey to UVUSA". I want to continue this initiative. I believe accountability is crucial in the progress of an organization and as Student Body President I want to be held accountable for my work and the work of my council. If elected I would have a annual or bi-annual "State of the Students/State of the Student Association" address where I would acknowledge the concerns of students that we would be working to resolve as well as other initiatives being done to improve student life.
  3. School Pride is important for student success and institutional growth. UVUSA's recent Proud Wolverines campaign and accompanying Swag Wagon have added to UVU's culture of institutional pride. As Student Body President, I along with my council would calendar dates where we could have the Swag Wagon present at the minimum of one tailgate or event per athletic team. The Swag Wagon could be requested for other campus groups and teams dependent on availability.
  4. A common theme I have run into as I have interacted with students is their college experience improved as they became involved on campus outside of the classroom and that they wish they could've gotten involved sooner. This involvement can vary from joining a club, team or association, but also can include research, campus employment or attending events. As President, I will strive to increase the opportunity that UVU students have to get involved by working alongside campus facilities, the Dean of Students and other administrators in finding a location in the Student Center where digital displays can be set up together to display involvement opportunities and a weekly/monthly calendar of upcoming events.
  5. Mental health and campus safety are huge topics throughout the state. Our current Mental Health Services strives assists as many students as they are able, however due to their high demand students often run into getting assistance when they need it most. Due to the recent shootings and deaths on other university campus in the State I will strive to help students understand how to react if an active shooter, or other threat on campus were to occur. As an advocate for our students, I will push these conversations in the various committees and councils that I will attend. I will also work to ensure that students understand the resources they do have access to on campus. Student safety is crucial mentally, emotionally and physically.


  1. I have been involved with UVUSA since my freshman year at UVU. I began my leadership journey as a member of the Green Team, which is a group of committee members on the Activities Branch. The next year, I became a member of the Academic Senate as the Senator for University College. In this capacity, I worked with the executive leadership and Dean of that college. Our focus was to provide students with the resources they needed to be successful such as tutoring services. I am currently serving as the Chief Justice of the Independent Branch. As Chief Justice, I have become well versed in the constitution of UVUSA and understand how to maintain order within the council. My Involvement spreads across the various branches of UVUSA.
  2. I am currently the Lead Intern for UVU’s Presidential Internship Program. In this capacity, I work alongside President Tuminez and her executive team. We work together on high impact projects to connect UVU’s mission and initiatives to the student body. I also work to connect the other nine interns to executives and community leaders who can help them on their career journey.
  3. I am a part of the team to present at the Commission on the Status of Women in New York City at the United Nations Headquarters this March. In August, the United Nations Department of Public Information NGO Conference will be held in Utah and UVU will play a large roll at this conference. The current Student Body President has been heavily involved with UVU’s involvement of this conference. Should I be elected, the transition will be effortless and trouble-free.
  4. I have worked as a math mentor within the University College at UVU. As a mentor, I attended developmental math classes and was an additional resource to the students. I helped to facilitate study groups and prepare students for exams. This helped me better understand the various needs of UVU students, inside and outside of the classroom.
  5. I currently am a Residential Advisor at Wolverine Crossing, one of UVU Athletics number one sponsors. Wolverine Crossing is one of Utah’s largest student complex housing with over 1,000 UVU students. Being able to work with students not only on campus and in the classroom, but also at their place of residence has been an incredible full circle student-interaction experience.

Shayla Northcott

portrait of Tong Li

About Shayla

With a passion for her country and this institution, and a drive to serve the student body here at UVU, Shayla Northcott has chosen to run for Student Body President. Shayla grew up in Ogden, Utah and is the “forgotten” middle child of five. She enjoys dancing, hiking, and traveling with her family. This past August she married her handsome hubby, Matt. She loves him especially because he makes her want to be a better person. In her spare time, you can find her coloring, playing phase ten, or spending time with her cute nieces and nephews.

Shayla has a strong background in event planning, organizational teamwork, and developed leadership skills through her previous involvement in other departments here on campus. She has earned her high leadership distinction through UVU’s premier leadership program, known also as the LEAD program. She has spent the last year with her involvement on campus as the VP of Student Activities. She leads her team in record-breaking attendance at activities, creating a rewards program for the student body, and providing “Wolverine Moments” to her fellow students. Previously, she has managed a team of recruitment ambassadors, increasing UVU’s enrollment percentage by 6% just last year. Neato. Wow. 

Shayla is no stranger to the intense pressures similar to the formation of a beautiful, rare diamond. Being the diamond in the rough that she is (insert dramatic Aladdin Quote), in just 3 years at UVU, Shayla was brought on as a committee member where she was soarin and flyin with Troy Bolton. Her experience led her to her involvement with Wolverine Wednesday’s, fighting for free food for all students who show their Wolverine Pride. It was her intense drive to fight for your right to eat that brought her to assist the VP of Activities where she was prepared and trained for her next position as the Traditions Chair, and her current position as VP. She is ready people. She is ready. Know this, Shayla promises to continually build upon the foundational pillars that make UVU distinct: Student Success. Engaged. Inclusive. Serious. This isn’t the little leagues any more people. It’s time to fight for what’s ours! Fight with Shayla for Student Body President. You won’t regret it.

Plans if elected into office

  1. Engage: UVU has myriads of resources for the students. As I engage amongst my fellow students, send out monthly emails, and represent the student voice in the various meetings I attend, I will be sure to fight for the students. I will inform them of the rights that they have and the resources that are available to them. Giving Tips and Tricks for success across campus. I would also like to explore engagement opportunities for our high population of non-traditional students.
  2. Include: I want to continue the initiatives of my predecessors. Through initiatives like Proud Wolverines, Wolverine Moments, Wolverine of the Week, and Paint the Valley Green, I will make sure that students across campus are recognized for the incredible people that they are. I will also help the community come to know how prestigious UVU can be, and create wolverine pride throughout the valley.
  3. Achieve: I will start a President's Committee to include more students in UVU initiatives. It has been proven that being involved leads to a higher success rate for students. I want to provide more opportunities for students to get involved. Similar to what John F Kennedy said; don’t ask what your campus can do for you. Ask what you can do for your campus. I intend to foster an environment for students to be successful, in turn, accomplishing more for the UVU and the community.


  1. Experienced in Leadership and Involvement: UVUSA VP of Student Activities, Traditions Chair, Assistant to the VP of Activities, Committee Member, Wolverine Wednesday Intern, Wolverine Ambassador Manager, Wolverine Ambassador, LDSSA, LEAD Program - Team Lead, High Distinction in Leadership.
  2. Has a love for UVU and a desire to serve the students.
  3. Strong ethics and honesty.
  4. Creativity, passionate, empathetic, and innovative.
  5. Is a Proud Wolverine.

Executive Vice President-2019 Candidates

Brylee Bromley

portrait of Gage Marberger

About Brylee

Hi my name is Brylee Bromley! I am a 22 year old who is happy with a cup of Costco chocolate milk and a bowl of fruity pebbles. I just applied for the Social Work program at UVU and am hopeful to start in the fall. I was born and raised about 20 minutes north of Orem in Highland, Utah. I have two wonderful parents who are heavily involved in the community, my mom in education and my dad coaching high school basketball. I am the middle of 6 kids with one wild 2 year old nephew, who is still on the fence about me. I am a transfer student from an out-of-state college and got involved my second semester here as Chief of Staff for the current Student Body President and Executive Vice President. I truly LOVE UVU and everything it has to offer, not only me, but each and every student. On the rare occasion I am not at the school, I love hiking, listening to some good tunes, making music, or just chatting with friends and family. I love people! I am motivated by people sharing their passions and honestly find so much joy in helping people accomplish their goals. Learn about me, and the people in my life, by visiting me on Instagram @b.rom!

Plans if elected into office

  1. Community: I want to continue building school pride via branding efforts throughout our wolverine community—both internally and externally.
  2. Recognition: I launched the “Wolverine of the Week” campaign this year to recognize the stories of amazing students here at UVU. I will continue to make this a high-priority, as all students and their contributions to UVU, deserve to be recognized.
  3. Collaboration: As the Executive Vice President, I will oversee the independent branch, which includes liaisons from different organizations around campus. I will make it a top priority to collaborate with different student organizations so we are all working together to create a safe, inclusive, and engaged college experience for all students.
  4. Student Voice: I will actively listen to student concerns and ideas, and then communicate those needs to university committee members I’ll engage with.
  5. Transparency: I will strive to help students know of the resources they have available to them on campus as well as the actions being taken to ensure their success.


  1. Passionate and level-headed
  2. Collaborative in large settings and on an individual basis
  3. Able to communicate
  4. Effective time management
  5. Experience and exposure to leadership positions at UVU

Sierra Draper 

portrait of Gage Marberger

About Sierra

  • Junior, Majoring in Marketing
  • Facebook Page: Sierra Draper UVU Executive President
  • Facebook: Sierra Draper
  • Instagram: @MissUtahIntl2019, @SierraDraperUVU
  • Snapchat: inafarawayplace
  • email: sierradeeeann@gmail.com 

Hey Guys! My name is Sierra Draper and I am currently a marketing major with a minor in entrepreneurship. I own a chow chow named Titan, two cats, Zezima and Zeus and two snakes, Thanos and Clyde. As far as college students go I guess you could say I bought a zoo. I have been involved in the business world since my seventh-grade year. Being fed up with my dependency of my parents I sought to gain financial independence. At age 13 I started a business selling hedgehogs which earned a lucrative income for a seventh-grader. My sophomore year I became involved in Future Business Leaders of America; I was Salem Hills High School’s (SHHS) Secretary. My junior year I was Utah State FBLA Central Region Vice President, SHHS FBLA Co-President and DECA Junior Representative. Senior year I was SHHS DECA President and SHHS FBLA President. I was also the Business Manager on the Student Council my senior year and received the Business Sterling Scholar award. During the course of high school, on top of my hedgehog business, I opened a non-profit dress shop where I provided outfits for individuals who otherwise couldn’t afford such a luxury. I got involved in BYU’s Student Advisory Council upon graduating high school; I was the Freshman Representative for BYU’s SAC. At BYU I frequented the club Women in Business and the Entrepreneurship club. My professor challenged me to make $10,000 in one month without using any capital or investors. I completed the challenge doing so by selling pumpkins and creating a fleet of high school employee’s who knocked neighborhood doors. I transferred to UVU after recognizing the unique opportunity this school has to better the lives and education of the largest student body in the state of Utah.

Plans if elected into office

  1. Unity: As your Executive Vice President I will create an outreach program through the various clubs at UVU. This program would reach out to those of different ethnicities, genders, sexual-orientations and backgrounds to get involved in UVUSA. "The best ideas emerge when very different perspectives meet." -Frans Johansson
  2. Voice: As your Executive Vice President I will be your voice. If elected, I will have open office hours each week allowing for students to voice their concerns and ideas. I can also guarantee emails and phone calls will be answered within a 24 hour time period with either a solution/implementation to the topic at hand or further questions regarding the subject. I will represent you, your wants and needs. I will host focus groups, conduct surveys and reach out to students across campus to obtain the information needed in council decision process making.
  3. Visibility: Many students don't know what UVU's Executive Council is or what its functions are. If elected, I will personally see students are made aware as to which changes the Executive Council have made on behalf of their voice. I will do this through monthly emails, open forums, and regular office hours.
  4. Funding: As Miss Utah International 2019, I have had the unique opportunity to learn how to secure sponsors. As your Executive Vice President, I will use this knowledge to help secure sponsorships to maximize our student experience and opportunities for growth while attending UVU.


  1. Well Rounded: In high school I was involved in twenty-one extra-curricular activities. A few of these included: high school mascot, member of the tennis team, student council representative, track and field team member, and playing cello in orchestra. Being involved in many different organizations allowed me to connect with a broad amount of individuals. It also improved my time management skills as well as my ability to effectively accomplish time sensitive tasks.
  2. Service Oriented: Gandhi said it best "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." Each week I dedicate approximately 20 hours of service throughout our community. Throughout this year I will act as a voice and serve the students of UVU, whether it be through UVU's Executive Council or different means.

Vice President of Academic Senate-2019 Candidates

Sarah Martin 

portrait of Kenzie Prows

About Sarah

  • Junior, Majoring in Economics and Business Management
  • Snapchat: sarahmartin5422
  • Email: sflower5422@gmail.com

My name is Sarah Martin. I am going to be your next VP of Academics and I’m sure you want to know a little bit about me. I was raised in Bluffdale Utah, the youngest of eleven. My older siblings ensured I developed a love for diversity at a young age. How, you might ask? Well, I have a sister-in-law from Malaysia, a brother-in-law from Tonga, an ex-brother-in-law from Samoa, an ex-brother-in-law from Colombia, one sister who is a lesbian, and a brother who is asexual. The diversity in my family makes life more fun and all diversity should be celebrated. 
I have always been a super nerd. In high school that translated to tutoring my friends in calculus, debate, mathletes, national honors society, and AP classes. I was one of those weirdos that actually tried to dance at the school dances instead of bouncing awkwardly. I went to a prep school called Summit Academy High school. Despite being able to see prison towers from the lunchroom, I loved it. Strange, right? I admit to falling behind in my nerdiness as a college student. I am in the UVU Honors Program and I do play D&D, but it is time to step up my game. 
Outside of school, I work as a security guard. A lot of people ask if that’s scary, but I’m not afraid of people. I am married and the mother of two beautiful little girls. Saskia is four and quite fond of cutting her own hair. Kalina is two and very much a snuggle bug. 
Alright, fun facts time. When I was 16 my dad told me I couldn’t have a puppy, so I came home with a pet goat named Woodstock. Woodstock currently lives with my older brother Herb. (For some reason, my apartment won’t let me keep him.) The furthest away from Utah I have ever been was Hawaii. I got to swim with manta rays and explore lava flows on the Big Island. I have a personal rule about taking a fun class every semester. Last semester it was ceramics, now its hip hop. 
I have never been good with social media, but I’m willing to make an effort. Follow me on my newly created snapchat account. I would really like to get to know all of you now that you know a bit about me.

Plans if elected into office

  1. I will provide students with a phenomenal academic experience.
  2. I will help struggling students achieve their goals.
  3. I will serve my school and all the students who attend.


  1. I love all aspects of the academic world.
  2. I have achieved and maintained a high level of academic success.
  3. I am a problem-solver, not a problem-maker.


Maddie Miskho

portrait of Kenzie Prows

About Maddie

  • Junior, Majoring in Exercise Science
  • Facebook: Maddie Miskho
  • Instagram: @maddiemiskho
  • Email: maddiemiskho@gmail.com

Hey it’s Maddie!! 
I am currently a Junior studying Exercise Science and loving every minute of it! I am from the beautiful, sunny state of Arizona and have lived there the majority of my life. I have three siblings and two dogs; if you want to see me really excited just ask me about my dogs, [Chloe and Sophie]! I grew up playing a lot of sports and have kept the love with me even until now. Some other hobbies I have are: skiing, hiking, meeting new people, smiling, working out, and eating ice cream I’m lactose intolerant so this hobby can get quite difficult. 

The only thing I love more than ice cream is... UVU! I love UVU so much that I tried to get involved in everything I could. I am currently the assistant to the Vice President of Academics. Before that, I was the assistant to the Vice President of Activities, involved in the Center for Advancement of Leadership, Ambassador program, and volunteered and participated in more UVU activities than years I have been alive! If that still doesn’t prove anything than take a look at my UVU “shrine” at my house, or my collection of UVU Shirts.

As Vice President of Academics it is my goal to be a student advocate. Growing up, I wanted people to feel heard and that they had a person that would advocate for them. This attribute has stuck with me through out my life and it will continue to do so through out the rest of my life. It is the reason for my slogan: “your voice, but louder”. I want to represent your voice the faculty and administration. I want to help UVU be an enjoyable experience for everyone! It is my personal belief that it is because of the students and their voice that UVU is so great. With every student that voices their opinion UVU becomes a more diverse and successful place. Let me be the one to hear you. Let me be your voice. Let me help make your voice louder.

Plans if elected into office

  1. Increase the amount of contact and representing the voice of the students.
  2. Increase the connection of students to their school/college.
  3. Increase the flexibility of Academic Scheduling.
  4. Forum’s that represent the actual student’s interest [and showing change in issues facing the students].
  5. Increase the advocacy of the students to the faculty and administration.


  1. Current Assistant to the VP of Academics, Where I learned about the importance of representing the Voice of the Students
  2. Former Assistant to VP of Activities, How I learned how to efficiently plan.
  3. Volunteer for the green Team, [started from the bottom now I’m here]
  4. 4+ years of Leadership Experience, including: LDS mission, involvement in the Center for Advancement of leadership, and the Ambassador program at UVU.
  5. Working with faculty, where I sat on as a student representative for the academic scheduling committee.

Hunter Moss 

portrait of Kenzie Prows

About Hunter

Hunter Moss is a wolverine through and through. He is currently a sophomore here at UVU pursuing a major in Accounting. His love of this school is only surpassed by his ability to quote The Office (Season 2, Episode 6, Minutes 21, Seconds 5), running half marathons, late night Chip cookie runs, and capturing happy moments with his photography skills. He is an avid Taylor Swift fan and should you ever challenge him to karaoke, his go-to song is “Shake It Off”. Hunter has always had a passion for student involvement, being an active member of UVUSA throughout both his freshman and sophomore years. Hunter has been a part of student government since he represented the wolverines at his middle school. He is organized, efficient, and excited to help UVU. As an elected member of the executive council, Hunter hopes to help students engage in UVU’s culture, rise above the challenges of college life, and become ready for graduation! Be sure to vote Moss for Boss, you won’t regret it! To follow Hunter's adventures, you can find him on Instagram @hunterdmoss.

Plans if elected into office

  1. Involvement: Hunter will receive consistent feedback from the student body through surveys and focus groups to help improve life here at UVU.
  2. Support: Help both incoming and current students be aware of the various academic resources available to them on UVU’s campus.
  3. Communication: Build stronger relationships between UVU administrators and organizations to make efforts within these organizations as effective as possible.
  4. Inspire: Improve student involvement by helping manage and organize university speakers that will inspire and motivate our wolverines.


  1. Engagement. Hunter has been an active member of UVUSA throughout both Freshman and Sophomore years. Some of his favorites have been cheering for UVU’s basketball team, dancing at late night events on campus, and competing in student activities sponsored by student government.
  2. Organization. Throughout the past two years, Hunter has juggled taking 15 credit hours and working part-time 25 hours a week. Thanks to his organization skills, he has been an exemplary student and maintained a high GPA. He is dedicated and driven.
  3. Creative. Hunter is a bilingual and creative problem solver.


Vice President of Student Activities-2019 Candidates

Carlie Chappell

portrait of Rudy Alba

About Carlie

My name is Carlie Chappell, I've lived in Utah most of my life and have absolutely loved it. I grew up on a farm in a small town called Lyman where I developed much of my work ethic and appreciation for manual labor. Since I was young I've always been an active person, constantly on the move and looking for my next adventure. I have a deep love of music and the arts as well as passion for sports. Traveling has become a hobby of mine that I plan to continue through out my life. My love for people is my greatest achievement, its what drives me to be a better person and get involved in areas where I feel I can be useful. It's whats encouraged me to run for this position and if elected I look forward to aiding UVU in their activities as well as improving and uplifting the university student environment.

Plans if elected into office

  1. I want to increase student attendance at UVU activities. My plan is to create a point system, for each activity a student attends they'll receive a point and at the end of the year we'll throw a huge party. Something like an end of year bash. There the points will be added up and put into a drawing to earn big prizes for the summer or next semester.
  2. I want to celebrate the diversity at UVU. I want to hold events that are entirely based off of different cultures or other country's holidays. We could do something like a taste testing thing with different food stands from around the world. Hold festivals that celebrate a certain heritage of some sort. By dong this it will also show more of an appreciation for our international students.
  3. Continue with the student appreciation that UVU has already been doing, but do more. Implement student encouragement week. A week where perhaps gold stars are handed out or fortune cookies with something uplifting on it.
  4. Have more alumni speakers at UVU. Track down those who really excelled in life and have them come and speak on how UVU helped them do it. Show the significance and opportunities UVU gave them and why its a top choice for any student.
  5. Host more awareness campaigns. There are a lot of health hazards and potential risks that, Utah in general, doesn't really discuss openly. I want to host events that inform students of the health risks that are very real and very possible to attract.


  1. I'm a hard worker, when I start something I always see it through. Ensure it's finished successfully.
  2. I've held leadership positions in academic, religious, and athletic settings. I take my responsibilities seriously and am very reliable.
  3. I'm a great team player, I love being around people and working with them. I enjoy hearing others inputs and am good at being corrected.
  4. I know how to have fun, I try to ensure a productive yet enjoyable atmosphere around those I work with. I like to think that if work is enjoyable it's more likely to be done right.
  5. I strive to be consistent with my work ethic. From beginning to end I really try to ensure everything I do has the same level of proficiency and professionalism.

Annie Smith

portrait of Shayla Shaw

About Annie

  • Junior, Majoring in Hospitality Management
  • Facebook: Annie Smith
  • Instagram: @annie_mckelle
  • Email: anniemsmith6@gmail.com

Annie Smith was born and raised in Orem, Utah. She attended Orem Elementary, Lakeridge Jr. High, and graduated with honors from Mountain View High School in 2016. 

Annie was very active in Dance Performance through much of her youth, and took up the sport of volleyball in 7th grade. Annie played in club programs and on her high school volleyball team, playing in the state tournament in both her junior and senior season. 

Annie has been active in her church where she has served in youth leadership positions, and earned a youth recognition award. 

Annie had the opportunity to run and win the election in her high school for Activities Chairperson, which awakened a passion in her to promote school spirit. Upon graduation, Annie enrolled at UVU, where she has graduated with her Associate in Science with high honors.

She was inspired by both of her older brothers serving on UVU student council, and decided that she wanted to get involved. During this past year, she has served as the Special Events Chair. Through this experience, she has had the opportunity to participate and present at the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA), collaborate with campus organizations, and has received the Legacy Award through UVUSA in the current year.

Annie has planned and coordinated Drive-In Movie night, Wolverine Bingo, Breakfast with Santa, Casino Date Night, etc. She has had major success with her events, breaking attendance records with as much as a 250% increase. 

Annie has had a job from the time she was 15, working at food establishments, and jewelry businesses. She has since pursued her passion for planning activities and events in her new job with Provo City, and changed her major to Hospitality Management with a minor in Event Planning.

Annie is the youngest of six children, and has learned that getting involved and pursuing passions, is the key to a happy life. She is looking forward to serving UVU and creating a proud community of Wolverines!

Plans if elected into office

  1. Build and maintain a proud community of Wolverines at our school and local organizations. (UVU gear in restaurants, schools, recreation center, etc.)
  2. Build and maintain strong and distinct UVU traditions.
  3. Increase events for non-traditional students and their families.
  4. Build and maintain unity, involvement, and passion at UVU.
  5. Collaborate with other campus organizations.


  1. Serves as the current Special Events Chair on the activities branch. (UVUSA)
  2. Recreation/Event Leader for Provo City.
  3. Currently majoring in Hospitality Management with a minor in Event Planning.
  4. Participated and was selected to present at the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) convention.
  5. Served as Senior Class Activities in high school.
We the People

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Information about the election rules and process

Elections Packet

Election Committee 2019


Pictured: Marc Reynolds-Election Committee Chair, Mackenzie Prows, Tanner Vance, Gage Marberger, Sarah Ramaker

Not pictured: Emmanuel Omaria, Tori Hooper