2022-2023 Student Body Elections Results 

Election Results

General Information

With the many ways to get involved at UVU there is definitely something for everyone! One of those is to run for a student body officer position within the Utah Valley University Student Association. There are four positions available: Student Body President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Academic Senate, Vice President of Student Activities. Together with the Chief of Staff (appointed by the Student Body President), these student officers serve as the Executive Student Council overseeing the UVUSA Student Council.

These positions represent the student voice across campus as they assess, express, and address student issues to campus administration. They develop and promote campus programming, strive to educate students about resources available to them, and advocate for student needs.

Candidates are elected by the general student body (any student registered for 1+ credits, concurrent enrollment students are not eligible to vote) and voting will take place February 22-25, 2022.

  • Tuesday February 22nd at 8am......................................Polls open - uvu.edu/vote
  • Friday February 25th at 7pm....................................2022-2023 Student Body Officers Announced – SL114 (polls close at 5pm)

Learn more about the elections process, officer position, responsibilities, and requirements here.

UVUSA Elections Packet

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Important Dates

  • General Info. Session: January 20, 2022 | 11am-Noon 
  • Applications Due: January 28, 2022| Noon | Online 
  • Orientation and Rules Meeting: January 28, 2022 | 3pm-5pm | SL114
  • Candidacy Declaration Press Conference: February 1, 2021 | 2pm | SL 114
  • Voting : February 22-25, 2022 | uvu.edu/vote
  • Announcement of Elected Officers: February 25, 2022 | 7pm | SL 114


**Elections will be done through Ranked Choice Voting. This method allows voters to rank the candidates running for office in order of their preference. If a candidate receives the majority of first choices (51%), then they win the election. If no candidate gets a simple majority, then the candidate with the least amount of first choice votes will be removed from the race; voters who ranked a candidate as their first choice will then be represented by their second choice and so on until a majority vote is reached. This process eliminates the need for a primary election.

Student Voice


Any current student is permitted to file a grievance regarding the misconduct of a candidate. Grievances will be reviewed by the Elections Committee and any necessary penalties will be issued. Please note that there is not a prescribed rubric in addressing consequences of grievances and any penalties issued are at the discretion of the Elections Committee.

Grievance Form

Appeals Form

Candidate Information-2022 Information will be posted on February 2, 2022

2022 Student Body Officer Candidate information includes a personal bio and plans for office if they are elected. All content is self disclosed and provided by each individual candidate. Any additional questions regarding their qualifications and plans for office can be answered by each candidate directly via email. Candidate information will be updated the first week of February 2022.


Drew Cannon

Drew Cannon

About Drew

  • Senior, Majoring in Theare Arts Education
  • Instagram: @its_just_drew.96
  • Email: drew.cannon396@gmail.com

Hey, Wolverines! I'm Drew! I am excited to be running for Student Body President this year. I am a Senior studying Theatre Education with a minor in Music. I have been attending UVU since the Spring of 2015, which is proof that I love this university. Thirty percent of UVU students are over 25 years old, and I am one of those students. When I am not at school, you can catch me in theatrical productions across Utah County. I also spend a lot of my time advocating for marginalized communities and fighting injustice. I am the current President of the Queer Student Alliance at UVU. Together with LGBT Student Services, we work to make our campus a safer place for Queer students and advocate for equity and inclusion.

Plans if elected into office:

  1. Equity & Inclusion: Every student deserves to feel safe and supported on campus. Unfortunately, that is not the case for many of our students here at UVU. I have worked closely with various marginalized groups on campus, and many students have expressed to me their frustrations about the lack of representation on campus. My goal this year is to change that. I want every student to know that they have a place here at UVU. I plan on achieving this goal by continuing my work with marginalized groups on campus and communicating the needs and wants of students to the administration.
  2. Student Resources: UVU has so many fantastic resources for students, yet many students remain unaware of the available resources. Additionally, many student resources are unable to help everyone due to an overwhelming number of students who rely on those resources. I want to create more unified and centralized areas for students to find all the information they need about campus resources. I also want to focus on boosting the resources that we already offer so that the overwhelmed programs can reach even more students.
  3. Accountability & Empowerment: Students and faculty don't always see eye-to-eye. That's why I believe students must have someone to advocate for them and give them the power and courage to advocate for themselves. Currently, there are very few resources available that hold faculty members accountable when they say or do something inappropriate or harmful. Students are made to feel like they have no power and are expected to deal with their harmful professors or withdraw from the class. I want to give students the ability to report harmful behavior of faculty members, and I want to make sure the students' reports are taken seriously. I want to implement actual disciplinary procedures for faculty members when harmful or inappropriate behavior is reported by students.


  1. Throughout my time at Utah Valley University, I have had the privilege of serving in various leadership positions within the Spectrum Queer Student Alliance at UVU. During my time in leadership, I planned events for marginalized students on campus, facilitated a safe and inclusive environment, and provided students with essential resources to help them succeed. I served as a mentor and an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community and worked with a staff member to facilitate discussions about equity and inclusion throughout campus.

  2. Many students at UVU are struggling to make ends meet. Recognizing that a majority of students are unaware of the scholarships that are available here at UVU, I planned and organized a series of events to inform students about all of the scholarship opportunities that are available to them. I invited a representative from the Financial Aid office to present information to students about the scholarship application process and deadlines. Over 100 students attended these three events, all of whom completed scholarship applications, and 40 percent of them received at least one scholarship.

  3. I was a catalyst for change within the University by facilitating an organizational name change. I collaborated with students to find the best solution to address their concerns and worked with faculty members to facilitate these changes and create a better environment for students. This new organizational name promotes a positive image of the University, which attracts prospective students and high-quality faculty.

James Cisneros

James Cisneros

About James

  • Sophomore, Majoring in Biotechnology
  • Instagram: @james_quetzalcoatl
  • Email: cisneros.james19@gmail.com

Hey everyone! my name is James Cisneros, I am a biotechnology major and sophomore here at UVU. I love the outdoors, hiking, camping, and all sorts of sports. I grew up in northern Salt Lake, which made moving here to Utah Valley kind of a culture shock, haha. I am half Latino but don't quiz me on my Spanish, it's shameful, unfortunately I'm not that good. While at UVU I have worked in Athletics, Student Success and Leadership, and the Biology department, and I couldn't be more proud of the faculty and students I get to work with everyday. I am compassionate for the students who need help in their education and I want to make UVU the best experience possible. The most meaningful part of being involved in UVU student government is giving students a voice among the faculty and making sure that voice gets heard. Read below about some of my plans and hopes for UVU if in office. Together we can help the UVU student body gain access to many useful and sometimes lifesaving resources through our health services, actualize a student voice, and involve everyone in our decisions within student government. Only together can we make actual change.

Plans if elected into office:

  1. Spreading Applicable Resource Information: So many students don't know about resources provided here on campus, tutoring, mental health services, and financial services all need to be more widely publicized so that those students who need it most know where they can turn to in their time of need. It might be easy to think that if a student needed a resource they would search it out, but knowing what it's like to come from certain situations it is the last thing on their minds sometimes to go looking for a resource that they know only might be there. Presenting potentially helpful, lifesaving, resources to our students more affectively will help many of our students in a way that can really change us for the better. It's imperative this happens more than it is happening now happening.
  2. Innovating the way we operate and involve students in student government: I cannot tell you how many times I've mentioned UVUSA to a student and they ask me what is that? if you're reading this you probably know what our student government is and probably who's in it. However the amount of students unaware is not only really unfortunate and sad, but also hinders the voice of our UVU student body. I am in no way blaming the students for this, many want to get involved but how the student government has been publicized needs to really change, to get more students involved in a meaningful way is a huge goal of mine if elected to office. Student government has been too capsulated and the more open it becomes to the student body the greater the voice students will actually have.

  3. Actualizing the student voice: Making sure all student voices are actually represented is huge to me, elected or not I feel it is the students right to demand something of their education and the goals they have while here. Although the current administration has done an okay job at including voices from everyone and trying to actualize them, I feel there are still huge steps that need to be made to make it so the voices of all students with ideas and opinions end up actually having a voice. I know many students who feel drowned out and let down and I don't think that should be the case. Not all policies can be applied and not all decisions go the way everyone wants, but to be heard should be something any UVU student can have. I make that a goal of mine going forward, to give everyone a real, actualized, voice.


  1. My qualifications vary, mostly it is my interactions with large numbers of students these past two years that I feel gives me the opportunity to be a voice for them. I do truly feel like this is my school, the students and faculty here have made success a possibility for so many people I know never thought they had a chance at going to college. Much less succeeding here, it is UVU that I want to make an even better place than when I joined the school, and I know with support we can do that.

  2. I have uniquely had the opportunity to be involved in multiple departments across campus in my time here. Having worked in the department of athletics, student success and leadership, as well as being heavily involved in the college of science has led me to know the innerworkings of UVU and how I can give the students a voice among the faculty. It is the knowledge of the campus and UVU as a whole that will make me an affective representative where we can make true change for us as a student body.

  3. I ran for election last election cycle because I wanted to help the students, I'm running again this election for the same reason. I feel I am the only candidate that will give them the fair, actualized voice they need at UVU. It is my opinion they should have the opportunity to elect students to our student government that actually care about them, and that is why I chose to run last election, as well as I choose to run now. To give students the opportunity to vote for someone who really has their best interests at heart. I was the head of an archery program for two years where I learned the importance of leadership and have been giving the students a voice through whatever means I can right now and will continue to do so.

Kate Hickman

Kate Hickman

About Kate

  • Junior, Majoring in Bioinformatics
  • Instagram: @kathickman Twitter: @kjehickman
  • Email: katelynjhickman@gmail.com

Hey there fellow Wolverines! My name is Kate, and I’m a junior majoring in Bioinformatics with minors in Biology and Computer Science. If you’ve never heard of my major, don’t worry because it’s brand new—the minors will tell you everything you need to know! I’ve spent the better part of a decade studying and working at UVU, and it has truly become my home. As a first-generation student, I continue to rely heavily on the resources that UVU provides and I know I wouldn’t be where I am without the care this community has shown me. UVU has taught me that I can do hard things, and I believe the same is true of you. The diversity and acceptance I witness in our microcosm each day has nurtured my passion for service, advocacy, and intentional equity. I am running for Student Body President because I want to share this passion with you: I want to do my part to cultivate a stronger, more inclusive, and capable corner for our community.

Plans if elected into office:

  1. Equity & Inclusion: One of the best things about UVU is our commitment to inclusion and acceptance, and the real changes the university has made because of that commitment. This actively inspires me to advocate for students and to connect them with resources that support their success. I have experienced the importance of equity first hand. As a female in STEM, I’ve been in environments where I felt that I didn’t belong, making it difficult to succeed—I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone, particularly not on students striving to create a better world. I intend to build upon the accomplishments of my predecessors to give a voice to marginalized groups. People of color, women, differently-abled, LGBTQIA+, and nontraditional students must all have an equal place at the table if we are to succeed together. If we collaboratively channel our energy to uplift each other, we can forge positive, lasting change. By promoting goodwill, listening to diverse perspectives, heeding expertise, and building a community dedicated to exceptional care, we can ensure equity across campus, from our leadership positions to our classroom environments.

  2. Sustainability for Students: I am constantly impressed by the creativity and ingenuity of our students: I believe the best ideas are generated by lived experience and, thus, come from people who are “on the ground.” Students have an intimate understanding of how they live their lives and, therefore, have targeted ideas about how they can live more sustainably and encourage environmental responsibility. As Student Body President, I plan to use those ideas as a springboard for student engagement with UVU’s environmental stewardship goals. I believe that the same challenges that fuel environmental degradation, fuel the marginalization of vulnerable communities, and I will employ an intersectional approach to obtain relevant solutions to these challenges. An illustration of this intersectional approach could be native gardens that supply produce to UVU’s Food Pantry, fighting food insecurity and simultaneously cultivating a small ecosystem.

  3. Informed, Data-Driven Solutions: I want to cultivate an environment where experts are consulted and their expertise heeded. We should be listening to those who have direct experience and applied knowledge to make improvements that positively impact students. When it comes to campus life, students are the experts and their input is essential to facilitating a thriving college community. Conversations about sustainability, economics, ethics, and health should also pivot around advice from the respective experts in those fields. As Student Body President, I will prioritize input from experts, including students, on myriad topics, from health to environment to routine aspects of student life. I will use a data-driven, service-oriented approach to source solutions to the challenges we face collectively as students and as peers. This means that my responses to problems will be strategic, intentional, and based on evidence. We go to college to gain a deeper understanding of the world around us, so why not get in the habit of employing this mentality early on? Let’s be leaders in the realm of informed action!


  1. I spent two years as a department representative, where I gained an intricate understanding of the structure and responsibilities of UVUSA council members. This has prepared me to succeed in the student government environment.

  2. I have several years of team-building and project management experience through club leadership, work positions, The UVU Review, Sophia: UVU’s Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy, and various programs in the Center for Social Impact. Most recently, I’m working on our “Map the System” team where I focus on understanding social justice issues through a systemic lens.

  3. In addition to positions in various leadership organizations, I’ve spent many years as a student in the College of Science as well as the College of Humanities & Social Sciences, equipping me with a unique understanding of needs endemic to a diverse array of students.

  4. I have over five years of experience volunteering, community organizing, and researching in Utah county and West Africa. I advocate for issues concerning the environment, social justice, equity, poverty, education, and civic engagement.


Ethan Morse

Ethan Morse

About Ethan

  • Junior, Majoring in National Security Studies
  • Instagram: @ethan_from_ut;  Facebook: Ethan Morse; Twitter: @Ethan_from_ut;  TikTok: @ethan_from_ut
  • Email: ethan.morse21@gmail.com

Hey UVU, I'm Ethan Morse, and I want to be your Student Body President! I am a senior and will graduate in 2023. I have been studying at UVU since 2019. I changed my major from social work to financial planning to communications and finally settled on National Security Studies with a minor in Business Management. I was born and raised in Utah. I enjoy playing basketball, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and any other activity with friends. When I graduate, I'm considering a career in cybersecurity. I started my time at UVU with a desire to just put my head down, finish my schooling and graduate as fast as possible. Thankfully I lifted my eyes a little bit and have since been involved with UVUSA, The Review, the National Security club, and many other organizations at the school. We’re the biggest school in Utah and I want to make sure that we’re also the best! I love hearing from students and want to help you with whatever I can.

Plans if elected into office:

  1. Being elected Student Body President will let me continue working on two major projects for students. The first issue is about the 1 credit recreation classes at UVU. Currently, Spring 2022 is the last semester that will offer classes like weight training, volleyball, basketball, and many of the martial arts classes. These classes matter to UVU students, which is why I am working to reverse this decision. If the decision to cancel them stands, I promise to work as Student Body President to find a way to bring them back. The second issue I will continue to fight for is for professors at UVU to respect students' time. Homework and tests should not be scheduled during official school breaks, and I will work to make that a reality.
  2. I want students to play a bigger part of the decision-making processes at UVU. Currently, 1-2 students will serve on a committee with faculty and administration. In my experience, having more students be part of the discussion is necessary for students to be truly represented. This could include deciding what learning software to use, what the academic calendar looks like, and how we respond to major university-level changes.
  3. All students at UVU should feel safe to be on campus. One of my goals is to increase the level of safety at UVU. One example is making sure that there is plenty of after-hours lighting in the parking lots (including the institute). I also want to make students more aware of the resources we have available that they might not know about, including student health services and campus police.
  4. Whether you take classes in the main campus, west campus, school of education buildings, Wasatch campus, or online, you deserve to be part of the UVU experience. One of my goals will be to increase the connection to students at our satellite campuses. I will make sure that everyone has an opportunity to experience the social events we offer, no matter how you choose to take classes.


  1. My greatest qualification to be Student Body President is that I love UVU! Having transferred from a different university, I’m very aware of how special this university is. Students at UVU are simply the best. I can tell that UVU cares about its students and I want to continue to improve the school so that there is truly a place for everyone.

  2. I have been serving as the VP of Academics this school year. I have loved working with students, faculty, and administration in this position. I will be an effective Student Body President because of the people I've worked with in my current role. Because I've worked with them previously, I will hit the ground running when I am elected. I know how things work at the school and how to get things done!

  3. Serving in my current position has kept me close to the ground when it comes to issues students face. With the help of the Academic Senate, I’ve been keyed in on academic and social issues across the school. As Student Body President, I will keep making positive changes in the lives of students across campus. To me, part of listening means doing something about what I hear. I’m not afraid to stand up for students when their needs aren’t being met.

Ivette Pimentel

Ivette Pimentel

About Ivette

  • Junior, Majoring in Public Relations and Strategic Communications
  • Instagram: @its_ivette_ivette
  • Email: ivette.pim14@gmail.com

When a Student Body President declares their candidacy, they are making a promise to students to make sure that they complete what they said they would. I am passionate about making an impact in students’ lives by working on giving everyone a voice. My name is Ivette. I’m a first generation student here at UVU. I am a junior studying Public Relations and Strategic Communication. Coming to UVU has changed the way I think about higher education. I have made so many friends that have supported me throughout my entire academic career and I can’t wait to meet many more. I am incredibly grateful for all the opportunities that UVU has provided me as a student. I am running for Student Body President because I love UVU and I want to help students feel welcome here.

Plans if elected into office:

  1. Maintaining an Environment for Cultural Inclusivity: Inspired by the consistent representation in our current Student Body Presidency and in other aspects of the Student Council, I am motivated to continue this pattern in the upcoming years. As someone who has felt underrepresented in most spaces due to the lack of understanding of where I come from, I understand how difficult it can be to relate to some of my peers. It would be a privilege to be able to work on maintaining and normalizing representation of all backgrounds across campus. Being a part of the LGBTQ+ community, I understand the importance of having an accepting place here on campus. When I was a freshman, for me it was the LGBT student services. I will encourage and emphasize these resources across campus with the aim that all feel included and accepted here at UVU. As your Student Body President, I am committed to putting students first and ensuring that your needs as students are met.
  2. Accountability and Honesty: Taking accountability is a quality that I would bring into the Student Council. Understanding when I am wrong and fixing the issue is a characteristic that I will present into our space. Honesty is key when it comes to working for students and making sure that they get the resources and help they need. As your Student Body President, I will make sure that these values are upheld by myself as well as others on the Student Council. I will achieve this by doing weekly social media updates on what is going on in the Student Council to show the work that we are doing for the students. Things I’ll include in weekly updates are highlighting resources on campus, events happening on campus, and other initiatives that we are taking on in Student Council. By doing this, we can improve student involvement and awareness of what UVU provides students.


  1. I am currently the President of the club Raices on campus. The club is for all students but our focus is on providing a community for the Latinx students on campus. We promote persistence in college success for the Latinx community. We achieve this through peer support to encourage college completion. We help each other grow as people and leaders by bringing awareness and representation of the Latinx community at UVU. Being President of the Raices club has given me the opportunity to build my skills as an effective leader, learn responsibility, and accountability to represent not only our club but the Latinx community, and the importance of asking for help and getting things done as a team by being there for others and having support from other students.

  2. Being a part of the Residential Community Leader program, a News Reporter for UVU Review, and a Peer Mentor with the IAmFirst program has helped me build various leadership skills. Commitment and consistency is what is necessary for me when it comes to workload, while also being open to healthy criticism and learning from my mistakes in order to improve professionally. I have also improved my ability in managing budgets and planning events for a large group of people. Strengthening these skills has taught me about the “big picture” and how to achieve successful results with understanding this principle. However, “big pictures” require understanding the details as well. Individual student interaction is something that I prioritize in all of my roles here at UVU. In fact, assisting first generation students in navigating resources on campus has been my favorite part of being a Peer Mentor. As a first generation student I relate to the struggles of finding my way through college and discovering new ways of finding success as a student. Even just having another student to talk to on campus is sometimes the only thing that keeps students in school; that is what has kept me here.

  3. In addition to my involvement in many programs and clubs on campus, I actively help students with their projects and enjoy working with a wide range of clubs and programs at UVU to get to know students from diverse backgrounds. A great example of this was being able to share my experience with police brutality and being a person of color for this year's Clothesline Project. I also enjoy contributing time to help out friends and fellow colleagues with their projects and events they host. I believe it’s important to take extra time to be there for your friends that need models to practice their photography skills for a class, for example. I do this to show that I want them to succeed in college and provide support to help them succeed. Providing my friends with information for program openings is something else that I know will help them better their education and aid in being successful. By being involved with so many people, I have come to really value the importance of inclusivity. It’s crucial for everyone to feel seen and heard because no one wants to feel excluded, especially on a university campus.

Lexi Soto

Lexi Soto

About Lexi

  • Junior, Majoring in Digital Marketing
  • Instagram: @ _lexi.soto_;  Facebook Lexi Victoria Soto
  • Email: lexiwyo@yahoo.com

Hey UVU, I'm Lexi Soto, currently your Woodbury School of Business Senator, and I’m running to be your Student Body President! Growing up across the lake, in Saratoga Springs, I always knew about UVU. I did concurrent enrollment classes through UVU when I was in high school and got a huge head start on my college education. Funny enough, reading the UVU programs catalog is how I found the degree of my dreams: Digital Marketing! So, UVU has been a big part of my life before I started coming to campus every day. On the weekends you’ll usually find me waiting tables or on tennis courts. I’m from a family of 4, and of course, I give off big sister vibes. My first year at UVU, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to pay for it. Long story short, an anonymous donor offered to pay for my first semester, and my desire to show appreciation for such a generous gift has led me to find exciting opportunities at UVU, like being a UVUSA Senator, and hopefully your next Student Body President! Wolverines, I had someone “Hold The Door Open” for me and now I want to “Hold Doors Open For U”!

Plans if elected into office:

  1. Hold Doors Open For U: UVU isn’t just a college that opens doors for you; we provide opportunities and make sure you get them. I want to engage Wolverines by having them become more involved in all aspects of their education: social and academic life. I will be a voice who brings awareness to all of our niche clubs and organizations, not just UVUSA. As students get involved on campus they can build stronger resumes and hear of amazing opportunities that could only be found at UVU. I had an anonymous donor pay for my first year of school, someone who “held the door open” for me and made sure I walked through. I want to make sure all students know of scholarships UVU provides to nontraditional and traditional students. I want everyone to know that whatever their background is, UVU has scholarships, clubs, and any resources of support for their situation. I want to see students walk through the doors UVU holds open for them.

  2. Collaborations: UVUSA is an organization that has provided countless opportunities for students. As president I want students to receive those opportunities, such as, reaching out to student clubs and collaborating on activities or speaker events, continuing my efforts to make UVUSA more diverse, and recruiting council members of all backgrounds. Through my future involvement with UVUSA as your SBP, I will strive to strengthen Relief Plans to help other Universities (ex: when SUU was flooded, we could have collaborated with A Hand Up to make and send care packages). Having the UVUSA council in the stands supporting our amazing sports teams more often and continuing efforts to have teachers respect breaks on the academic calendar are more ways I plan to improve UVUSA.

  3. Keeping Doors Open: By representing the whole student body, I want greater insight or feedback from students. All UVUSA council meetings, forums, and activities are open to the public. Let’s have more people come to the party! Council meetings are inspiring and having students come in and speak up is what I want to see more of. Coming back from COVID I want to do what we can to continue to hold UVU campus doors open, such as having in-person classes that can also be adaptable to COVID cases. That continues to be a high priority this year and we need to go into next year with open doors.


  1. This year I was a UVUSA Senator for the Woodbury School of Business. I’ve been advocating for students by being the line of communication from students to deans all year. Just working with the school of business I learned how much I love working for students, putting together events, and sharing information to help you get a well-rounded education that I love fighting for. To be a voice for students and represent them to administration has been so much fun. The opportunity to be on student government was a dream come true: becoming a more engaged Wolverine, making 27 new friends, and finding great success representing students on a college level. I know I can do even more as your student body president!

  2. I’ve been a spokesperson for UVU for years! I do pageants and part of my platform is promoting accessible education- things like concurrent enrollment. UVU holds doors open for all kinds of students even before they’re enrolled and offers even more opportunities once they are loud and proud Wolverines. In 2020 I was USOA Teen Utah. I got to speak with schools and encourage high school students to come to UVU. Spending 20 hours with school districts and participating in community service projects is a big part of pageant life. It’s not all sparkly dresses: it’s doing community service, practicing interviews, and being a role model on a state level. Being a productive public figure is something I know how to do. I love getting to promote platforms and seek support for initiatives (sounds pretty presidential). UVU is an amazing school that I have talked about on stage multiple times. I have represented the state of Utah and now I want to represent Utah Valley University.

  3. Being the Woodbury School of Business Senator I’ve connected with a ton of students. I hosted a “Know Your Degree” tabling event every Tuesday in October. For 3 hours I would be passing along information about specific degrees to all business students, got to pass out really good snacks, and got to work closely with students by answering questions face to face. I interviewed students for my team of department representatives this year- as SBP I’ll be a part of the interview process for all council positions. Providing opportunities for Wolverines is the main reason I want to be student body president.


Melanie Wolfe

Melanie Wolfe

About Melanie

  • Senior, Majoring in Family Science
  • Instagram: @m3lm3l97; Facebook @Melanie Wolfe; Twitter @melaniemarena
  • Email: melaniemarena@gmail.com
  • Melanie will graduate in the Spring 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts in Family Science and will enter the Master of Social Work program at UVU in the fall of 2022. Melanie is a first-generation DACA-recipient student. Coming from an immigrant household, education has always been the key to independence. While seeking higher education, she found her home at UVU. Melanie believes every student has a story and a voice that needs to be heard. She has found her own voice through involvement and leadership at UVU. She has been involved in the Multicultural Student Council as a president, the Interfaith Student Council, the UVU Ambassador Program, and has completed the UVU LEAD Program. She is also currently the president of the Family Science Club. During this last summer, Melanie was a research assistant for a professor on campus where she analyzed the results of a marriage improvement program facilitated by college seniors and held over telecommunications. She has a certification related to this workshop with the National Council of Family Relations as a life instructor. With this certification, she has been able to teach families in the community in Spanish and English through the UVU Stronger Families Project. This helped her find her focus on helping youth. She first started as a youth mentor at Timpview High School with an organization called Teens Act. This organization empowers students to graduate from high school and further their education. From there, she became a youth mentor for 4-H Mentoring. On top of her presidential intern position, she works with Utah County 4-H Mentoring as the program operations coordinator. Melanie was born in Lima, Peru and came to the United States when she was five years old. She grew up in California and later moved to Utah. She loves Latin dancing, horror movies, crime documentaries, roller coasters, and spending time with her family. In March 2020, Melanie married the love of her life, Jon, and expanded their family with their fur baby, Blu. They love to go on various adventures together.

Plans if elected into office:

  1. Help integrate more private scholarships in student leadership positions across campus. Doing so includes more students that do not qualify for government financial aid such as undocumented students.

  2. Raise awareness for interfaith work on campus. This will continue to cultivate an inclusive culture about different world views.
  3. Establish a collaborative council that promotes and spreads awareness of different services that are offered on campus. An example would be to put up bilingual signage around campus.
  4. Further our partnership between Utah Valley Refugees with the end goal of making a stronger community to support refugees and immigrants across campus. With this partnership we can create workshops to help support students and  spread awareness of services offered by Utah Valley Refugees.
  5. Work on the development of the dream center on campus for dreamers, undocumented, and DACAmented students. Also, assist the first-generation center to create a sense of community across campus.


  1. Dependable- Through different leadership roles and projects, I execute and follow through with everything I am given.
  2. Leadership- I have fulfilled many leadership roles on campus. Some of them are the president of Multicultural Student Council, sat on the Interfaith Student Council, the UVU Ambassador Program, and having completed the UVU LEAD Program. By doing this I have been able to learn more social issues and become involved with how to solve them.
  3. Passion- It reminds me why I am doing what I'm doing. Having passion gives me purpose and drive through my projects.
  4. Initiative- As a leader, I've driven my team to take initiative on campus by working on projects such as service projects and other civic engagements.
  5. DEI Focused- In many of the leadership positions I hold on campus, our focus is to create an inclusive and supportive environment for multicultural students. 


Keaton Bennett

Keaton Bennett

About Keaton

  • Junior, Majoring in Art & Design
  • Instagram: @keaton4VPengagement | @keatkeat28
  • Email:keatonmbennett@gmail.com

Who am I? I'm a proud redhead, born and raised Utahn, with a genuine heart. A non-traditional, First-Generation Junior studying Art & Design. I’m on track to graduate Spring 2023 with Summa Cum Laude honors and I hope to be a Creative Director for a charity organization! My life changed immensely when I served as a missionary in the United Kingdom. I fell in love with people of various cultures, races and beliefs, becoming friends with people from over 25 countries. Overall, I’m an experienced leader who finds authentic communication, understanding people’s stories and bringing people together very important. How did I get here? I feel very fortunate to know many people, resources and involvement opportunities at UVU. Running for office has definitely triggered my anxiety. Receiving a lot of attention is not something I enjoy! However, I owe it to our students to step outside my comfort zone and help the best way I know how! I’m very confident in my skills, personality and wisdom to serve in this position. At times I wonder how I do it all, being a full time student and a full time employee, all while supporting UVU students however I can. It is tricky to make time for it all, but thankfully I manage! What do I enjoy? I love most sports, particularly tennis, volleyball, soccer and pickleball. I enjoy hiking, watching movies, playing games with family & friends, and trying new things. My little mantra I strive to live by is that “life is too short, so live authentic, be kind and do more of the things you love!” What's my story? I’ve been highly involved in UVUSA since transferring 3 years ago. Serving students all over campus led me to meet the most amazing people and together create the best memories! UVU has given me so much, and getting voted into office is the best way for me to continue paying it forward! With that said, my story had its fair share of difficult times. Before transferring, I earned a degree at a different institution, commuting to a campus where I was quiet and lonely. Like many students today, I know how it feels to be disconnected from classmates, alone, not making friends and not feeling any sense of belonging. To my unexpected joy some very welcoming students at UVU turned that completely around! What about you? I’m ready to listen to your story and whatever it entails, my biggest goal is to help you feel seen, understood and experience that sense of belonging, growth and joy that I have! Together, let’s unite campus.

Plans if elected into office:
  1. AWARENESS. Students aren't able to be engaged on campus unless they are aware. I plan on increasing awareness of all the many organizations, resources, events, and overall actions of UVUSA. Enhanced student communication can be accomplished through various channels such as campus displays, social media, text messaging, emails and most importantly word of mouth.
  2. COMMUNITY. Building relationships with others is extremely important, particularly with those one might not typically be used to interacting with. When elected, I will focus on increasing the collaboration efforts of the UVUSA student council with other organizations. This includes frequently inviting them to our weekly council meetings, collaborating on events & initiatives, and requesting our council members to attend a certain number of other campus events.
  3. STUDENT VOICE. Feedback from our student body is vital! There needs to be more consideration for what our students are wanting on choices which affect them, and not just on their academics. This could range from prizes, events, guest speakers and more. Student feedback can be obtained through social media, tabling, and increasing awareness of public student council meetings, student fee hearings and suggestion boxes.
  4. ENHANCED UVU GEAR. From my observations there is a need of more exceptionally designed UVU apparel and gear which will increase Wolverine pride. At a glance this would be exclusive gear for those who are engaging with organizations around campus. Much of this would be crossover gear, which increases collaborative efforts with other organizations both on and potentially off campus. Naturally, student feedback on the items and their designs would be strongly encouraged.
  5. WOLVERINE PRIDE. An important aspect of student council is to increase school pride. We would create a new initiative called the Proud Wolverine Moment. This would be a monthly giveaway for those who share on social media or in our weekly council meetings what they have seen on campus that makes them proud to be attending UVU.


  1. After this school year I will have had 3 years of experience serving on UVUSA, the most recent serving on council as the Assistant to the VP of Engagement. This inside perspective and experience is crucial to continuing the momentum of goodness and improving things which haven't previously been a focus.
  2. I have a combined 7+ years of work experience in leadership positions within the professional world. This involves effective listening, understanding and appropriately responding to criticism/feedback. Knowing firsthand how to encourage, lead, manage and support members of a team is vital for successful leaders.
  3. A huge part of success in life is all about who you know. I have a lot of connections with diverse students around UVU who hold leadership positions in various departments and clubs. These relationships have provided insightful feedback and will open many doors of collaboration.
  4. I have an immense amount of care and support for our fellow students. I have attended over 20 athletic events, watched our Cultural Envoy, and performing art students shine and plan to watch our UVU Dance Team in February perform. I've attended many events put on by our Black Student Union, Native Wolverine Initiative, Spectrum (Queer Student Alliance at UVU), Residential Community Leaders and UVU's International Student Council. I am so proud of all our Wolverines!
  5. Lastly, my education at UVU has prepared me to fill this position. I have studied Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing which will greatly help me support next year's Public Relations Chair, which this position oversees. I've also learned a lot about leadership skills such as accountability, emotional intelligence, leading productive discussions and campus resources from my Leadership Development course as well as my Mentor and Teacher course.

Priscilla Villasenor-Navarro

Priscilla Villasenor Navarro

About Priscilla

  • Junior, Majoring in Integrated Studies
  • Instagram: @priscilla.vsn
  • Email: priscilla5222001@gmail.com

My name is Priscilla Villaseñor-Navarro and I am a junior majoring in Integrated Studies. I am a first-generation Mexican-Dominican and also a first-generation college student. I have been able to meet many amazing students, faculty, and staff members who want to create change, but there needs to be a push. We need to be bold. To me, being bold means getting out of our comfort zones, not being afraid of failure, and taking initiative.

Plans if elected into office:

  1. Through UVUSA PR, the student association can help facilitate and create opportunities where students can have their voices heard during their college experience.

  2. Help structure the Chief Inclusion Officer and Inclusion Ambassador positions.

  3. Build bridges between UVUSA and marginalized student organizations through meeting on a monthly basis with the two chosen organizations chosen for the academic year.


  1. Organized, produced, and marketed student learning events at the Center for Social Impact (Student Fellow)
  2. Office Assistant at Student Leadership and Involvement


Hayden Harward 

Hayden Harward

About Hayden

  • Junior, Majoring in Communications
  • Instagram: @hayharw; Facebook- Hayden Harward
  • Email: hayden.harward@gmail.com

Hey everyone, I'm Hayden Harward! I'm a Junior here at UVU studying Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Event Planning. I am from Lehi, UT and I attended high school at Lehi High. I am the oldest in my family with three little brothers and I love spending time with them any chance I have! I spend most of my time going to school and serving as the VP of Student Activities on UVUSA. My favorite things include watching movies, being with family and friends, laughing, eating Mexican food, warm weather, and a good Diet Coke. I am running for Vice President of Student Academics because I am passionate about helping students have a positive college experience where they feel like their feedback and ideas are heard and valued. After I graduate from UVU, I would love to get a Master's degree in Student Affairs and work at a university. UVU is one of my favorite places in the world and I love being a student here, I am a Proud Wolverine through and through!

Plans if elected into office:

  1. I want to increase awareness about each of our colleges across campus and the amazing programs and classes they have to offer. There are many students who are undeclared in their major or are unhappy in their major but don't know what else to do. I want to host events that highlights these things and help students feel confident and educated in picking a major, and knowing what other options are available to them if they want to make a switch.
  2. Professors are not supposed to assign homework over breaks, and yet many students experience professors doing so anyways. Breaks from school are critical for student's mental health, and having homework due over these days off doesn't allow for students to recharge like they need to. This is something our student council and current VP of Academics has started to pursue, and this is something I want to continue to see through for our students.
  3. I want students to know our main focus is student voice, and put more effort into seeking out student feedback. Each student is having their own unique experience on campus, and each student's feedback and perspective is so valuable in making UVU a better place for everyone. By making our suggestion boxes more accessible and creating more awareness what their purpose is, I hope to receive more feedback and ideas from our amazing student body.



  1. This year I have served on UVUSA as the Vice President of Student Activities. With the job I have learned how to seek out and obtain feedback from students and work to bring them events that they would like to see on campus. I have spent this year working with my team of chairs to create creative and engaging events to enhance the student experience outside of the classroom, and I want to use those skills I've gained to help UVU students have an incredible experience inside the classroom as well.

  2. During the 2020-2021 school year I served on UVUSA as the Social Events Chair. I learned how to plan virtual events that can still be engaging and fun. I also learned how to think of creative ways to reach students and promote events while there were very few people on campus. After planning a year of events that were in person, as well as a year virtually, I have knowledge and skills to know how to navigate programming and events no matter what next year looks like!

  3. I was the Family Events Chair for UVUSA for the 2019-2020 school year. My main goal as this chair was to create events for our non-traditional students that are supporting one or more children. In this role I learned how to create, publicize and execute events catered towards UVU families. I also had opportunities to collaborate with the Cultural Envoy program, Science department, Athletics, WeCare Center, Royal Heroes club, and others.

  4. I am a Proud Wolverine! I love going to UVU and getting to interact with my fellow students here. I am passionate about creating a positive experience for students outside of the classroom while they are attending UVU.


Jaden Muir

Jaden Muir

About Jaden

  • Junior, Majoring in Family Science
  • Instagram: @jt_muir; Facebook - fb.me/jaden.muir
  • Email: jaden.muir15@gmail.com

What's up?! My name is Jaden Muir and I'm currently a Junior and I love UVU! Now that's not just a tagline to get votes however from my experiences on campus, I have found purpose, community and a sense of belonging and the goal if elected is to help other students create the same feeling. My UVU story has been unique as I started attending campus 2 months before covid broke out and while my experiences have been unique and different than what I anticipated campus life being, this is the place to be! Currently, I'm getting a bachelor's degree in Family Science, a minor in Event Planning and working on getting the Leadership Certificate for Personal and Social Impact. I've come to learn that staying busy and getting involved on campus is the best way to make the most out of this time we have as college students. The beautiful thing about campus though is it truly is a place for you. There's no right or wrong way to be a Wolverine as long as your trying your best and for everybody that will look different so speaking as someone that has had to navigate being a first-generation college student, a transfer student, an adult learner and other labels, continue to do your best in all that you do because each of us are capable of greatness. I love being able to learn and grow as an individual and love the experiences that come from these opportunities. There are lifetime bonds and friends made and these simple, small scale positions have a way of transforming lives. That’s one of the many reasons I am running for office. I’m not seeking to merely have my life enriched and changed for the better but to truly make a difference in the lives of all students on campus. I truly believe that I am the most qualified and committed individual who can best fulfill this position to transform and escalate UVU to a higher ground.

Plans if elected into office:

  1. Serve - I can’t promise what next year will look like even though I really wish I could. However, wherever you are today, tomorrow or the fall semester, my goal is to make sure UVU feels like home. So, whether you are fortunate enough to be on campus or still participating in online classes, my call out and reminder to you is: you belong here. We want you and need you at UVU. In this position my number 1 goal is to be an advocate to all students. To help as many students as possible feel seen, heard and supported in all that they are doing in the classroom, on a stage, in the fields and courts and wherever they may go.

  2. Overcome - Over the past two years the world has been told to stay home, socially distance yourself and take every precaution to be safe. These measures have been in place for our safety and I am thankful for them. To that end, I hope to help students overcome the fear that because we live in unprecedented times we can't do anything. As students of UVU we have every right to: go hard, go high, go steep and never back down in what we do and we need to support each other. I hope to build bridges between student organizations. Not just create a change on campus but create a change in perspective and culture that we are all on the same team.

  3. Unite - This will also come from strengthening the student council and aligning other student organizations and groups on campus with one another. Lastly, while I refuse to be a bystander in this position, I will seek opportunities to stop and listen. Listen to the administration, my peers in the student council and you my friends: the student body of UVU. This is your school, so together, let’s talk and make UVU better.

  4. Lead - “A leader becomes great not because of his power but because of his ability to empower others.” - John Maxwell It’s no lie that this year has been hard. Now, more than ever, the future seems more questionable with so little to look forward to...and this, we are going to change. If elected into office not only will I strive to give students more to look forward to but I also plan to re-energize and motivate the student body to excel in every way possible.


  1. For the past I have been serving as an Ambassador for UVU. (You know, the students that walk backwards through campus as they give tours to potential students.) This has strengthened my connections with dozens of other leaders on campus and has made me more informed of the resources available at UVU. While I still don’t know all the answers to everything UVU, I guarantee I have the connections to someone who does. Not only has this helped me build connections however through serving as a Manger in these offices, I've played a role in running my own team of Ambassadors, revamping the structure of an entire program and have helped 1000's of students come to campus and get excited about UVU.

  2. I have 2 years of experience working with and serving on the Student Council (UVUSA). I have served as the Family Events Chair under the Activities Branch. This allowed me to plan events for non-traditional students, deepen my understanding of UVUSA, what helps it run well and perhaps more importantly how it can run better. While working through COVID-19 in UVUSA, I've developed greater problem solving skills and an increased sense of creativity and adaptability especially in leadership and large scale settings.

  3. One of the first responsibilities given to the Student Body President and Vice Presidents is to begin interviewing and selecting the rest of the upcoming Student Council. As a current executive administrator where I work, I am responsible for reviewing applications for potential employees and assisting in the interview and hiring process. In over 2 years, I have overseen the hiring process of over 500 employees. This will give me an advantage when reviewing applicants who will apply for Student Council. This knowledge has given me greater experience to create a more successful, determined and passionate team all dedicated towards achieving a common goal. Additionally, as I have served on hiring committees for UVU and other student organizations, this will give me an advantage when solidifying a team that best represents the student body.

  4. I'm eager to be the best representative of campus that UVU needs me to be. I've come to learn this position is not supposed to be resume builder but an opportunity to empower, motivate and support the students of UVU. By recognizing this, I feel I am in the best position to fully make a change on campus. To help students come together as one general body in the classroom, at activities, our sport events, presentations and anything else that is offered on campus. I'm not running for this position for myself. I'm doing this for the students and mentors that believe in me enough to chase the dream and I only plan to help other students chase their own dreams and ambitions.

Madi Pickett

Madi Pickett

About Madi

  • Sophomore, Majoring in Digital Cinema
  • Instagram: @Madifaye_
  • Email: madifaye333@gmail.com

I’m Madi. I like Italian food, musicals, sunsets, and visiting National Parks. I am a sophomore studying Digital Cinema. It is my first year at UVU, as I am a transfer student, and I love it. I’ve wanted to come to UVU since I graduated High school in 2018. UVU’s inclusivity, acceptance, care, and numerous opportunities for their students is what first intrigued me. Hopefully, we can work together to grow and improve those values as this year moves forward. I hope to be a documentary producer to help educate people about the world around them and tell the stories of people who have, for far too long, been left behind. I am a firm believer that the media we consume creates the culture that we live in. I am passionate about serving and supporting others and I want to help you reach your goals and find success in 2022-2023.

Plans if elected into office:

  1. Student outreach and wellbeing: I want students to feel like they have a say in the classroom and in your education. I want students to feel safe and valued. I want students to be confident in their choice to peruse higher education. I want them to love UVU and stay. If elected I will be put over the academic senate and work to increase our outreach so we can know how to best serve you and learn what we can do to take some weight off your shoulders.

  2. Take advantage of resources: UVU has amazing resources to help us do well academically. I want to work with each college to help students utilize the resources that are at their fingertips. As well as make sure that all the labs are equipped with everything they need to best benefit our students. These services are run by student fees, so make your student fees work for you.

  3. Rights and Responsibilities: When professors give students a syllabus they both sign an unspoken contract. We agree to abide by the statements listed on the syllabus and other policies and procedures at UVU. I want to help the students, and professors, understand and uphold their responsibilities. Use my voice to advocate for students and empower them to advocate for themselves. In doing so I believe that will increase respect, communication, and understanding in a student-teacher relationship.


  1. Personable: I care about you and see you as a person. I recognize that one size does not fit all. Everyone learns differently. We have our own wants and needs. I will not only listen to you but work to understand your point of view. The students make UVU great, not the other way around.

  2. Proactive: If you bring something to my attention, I will put all my resources together to work toward a solution. If I don’t know the answer, I will be a proactive thinker until we can find something that works for you. This past year as Woodbury School of Business representative. I was able to observe the needs of the students and brainstormed solutions.

  3. Inclusive: I volunteered at a refugee resettlement agency and gained experience working with people from all different backgrounds. I understand that we all have individual ways of thinking and operating. I try hard to reach a common ground where people feel safe and included. Because success is best achieved in a safe environment.


Jeff Elggren 

Jeffrey Elggren

About Jeff

  • Junior, Majoring in Digital Marketing
  • Instagram: @Jeffelggren
  • Email: jeffelggren@gmail.com

I'm Jeff Elggren, a 23 year-old Digital Marketing major here at Utah Valley University. I'm originally from Saint George Utah where I participated in any type of creative outlet imaginable! Whether it was musical theater, hip-hop dance, choir, art, you could find me there. Since then, I've learned to channel such creativity into skills such as event planning, marketing, branding, and social media management. This last year I had the priviledge to be a part of UVUSA where I was the Public Relations Chair. This position allowed me to participate in all the previously stated skills where I managed the social media accounts, managed a team of creatives, and publicized events/services around campus. When I'm not in classes, you'll also find me at Campus Connection, where I've been working for just over a year now. I love to serve the students, and I'm greatful for all my time here at UVU!

Plans if elected into office:

  1. 60% of UVU's students are below the age of 25. Thats roughly 25,000 students. The majority of such enjoy participating and attending UVU's large-scale events. I want to create an emphasis on these larger-scale events as we transition out of a high-case Covid scenario. I'll do this by pushing for collaboration with internal, and external organizations/companies. Doing so expands our audience to more of the 60% that don't follow our current platforms, but enjoy attending large-scale events.

  2. 17% of UVU Students support at least one child. Thats roughly 7,000 students. Our current platforms don't reach even a fraction of such. The goal of partnering with other internal, and external organizations/companies will allow more of the 17% to hear about, and attend our already existing family centered events.

  3. 28% of UVU Students are either married, or in a partnership of some sort. Thats roughly 11,000 students. The goal of partnering with external and internal organizations/companies is such a great idea. Doing so elicits more exciting date night/couple events that will automatically draw in more of the 28%.


  1. Previous detailed experience with promotion, branding, and marketing with UVU. This includes an understanding of what students like to see, want to see, and how to best deliver it to them.

  2. Experience with team recruitment, team building, and motivation. This helps establish a strong functioning team to set, reach, and accomplish goals.

  3. Previous involvement with UVUSA. This includes an understanding of UVUSA procedures, policies, and culture.

  4. An advanced understanding of UVU Policy, locations, and other information from my employment as a supervisor for Campus Connection.

Bryson Finley

Bryson Finley

About Bryson

  • Junior, Majoring in Photography
  • Instagram: @bryson_finley
  • Email: votebryson@gmail.com

Hey y'all, I'm Bryson Finley! I am a junior here at UVU this year! I first came to UVU as a pre-dental student studying exercise science and decided that I would much rather study art and design. I am an avid photographer, cook, and artist and hope to make a career out of any one of those someday. In my free time I love to care for my plants and spend time with my two dogs. UVU has been an amazing place for me to grow and develop, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Before coming to UVU I was enrolled at a different institution, but I quickly realized that it wasn't right for me. When I decided to attend UVU and I was instantly amazed by how different the environment felt. I was greeted by many great students who helped me find a place in the campus community and told me about all the great ways to be involved. Through this I found UVUSA and knew that it was something I wanted to be a part of. Being involved has changed my college experience for the better. My number one goal is to do the same for others by helping as many students as possible get the most out of their time here at UVU! Our community is stronger together, so let's work together to create something great.

Plans if elected into office:

  1. Plan events with all students in mind: UVU has a large and diverse student population, and each and every single one of these students has different interests and needs. One thing most students have in common is that they are looking for a well rounded college experience. UVUSA already has space to plan events around traditional and non-traditional students, and with 40% of students being married or in long term partnerships, 17% with at least one child, and 50% who work over 20 hours a week theres a lot to cover. As VP, each position (Traditions, Entertainment, Social Arts, Families, and Couples), will be receive specialized training and resources targeting their specific demographic.

  2. Open spaces for open conversation: The best way to find out what the students need is to ask them. I want to create more avenues for students to communicate directly with their student leaders. I want to prioritize and begin taking surveys before and after events, hosting forums and meetings with students about activities, and opening up communication with organizations and departments on campus to utilize their expertise.

  3. Fulfilling involvement: I want to prioritize the Green Team, our volunteer program available to students, in order to better the experience for all dedicated people looking to get involved with UVUSA. I personally have seen the ways that Green Team provides opportunities for growth as a leader and community member here on campus. To me, Green Team is vital to our campus and organization, and I want to dedicate more time and resources to make the volunteer space more rewarding for those who participate.


  1. I am a former chair of the UVUSA activities branch. I served as the Entertainment chair during the 2020-2021 academic year, who's primary responsibility is planning large scale events for students. Navigating this position taught me volumes about the importance of adaptability and picking myself up when things go wrong, especially in the height of an ever changing pandemic. Despite the challenges I was able to plan and execute a variety events for students, and am looking forward to supporting a new group of student leaders in the same endeavor.

  2. I am currently serving as the UVUSA VP of Engagement. This opportunity afforded me the experience of blending together a team with different background and insight to work on collaborative initiatives relating directly to public relations and inclusion. I have worked with a variety of campus organizations and leaders seeking to better serve a broad spectrum of students, both traditional and non-traditional. My involvement has taught me about communication, delegation, and being a more supportive and effective leader.

  3. I have been studying art and design for about two years now and I have spent as long as I can remember diving into my interests in many creative hobbies and fields like drawing, photography, design, cooking, and music. I love to bring in new perspectives and ideas wherever I can, and my artistic background would give me a great advantage in adding a creative angle to the various tasks and responsibilities within our student government, especially relating to activities and event planning.