2024-2025 Student Body Officer Final Election Results  


General Information

With the many ways to get involved at UVU, there is definitely something for everyone! One of the ways to get involved is to run for a Student Body Officer Position within the Utah Valley University Student Association. There are FOUR positions available: Student Body President, Vice President of Engagement, Vice President of Academic Senate, Vice President of Student Activities. Together with the Executive Assistant (appointed by the Student Body President), these student officers serve as the Executive Student Council overseeing the UVUSA Student Council.

These positions represent the student voice across campus as they assess, express, and address student issues to campus administration. They develop and promote campus programming, strive to educate students about resources available to them, and advocate for student needs.

Candidates are elected by the general student body which is any student registered for 1+ credits. Concurrent enrollment students are not eligible to vote. Voting for the 2025-2026 Executive Council will take place March 3rd-March 6th, 2025.

  • March 3rd @ 8am........................................................Polls Open (uvu.edu/vote)
  • March 6th @ 5pm........................................................Polls Close (uvu.edu/vote)
  • March 6th @ 7pm..............2025-2026 Student Body Officers Announced  

Learn more about the elections process, officer positions, responsibilities and requirements here.


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Important Dates

  • General Info. Sessions:
    • Wednesday January 15th, 2025 | 6:00pm | SL 114 
    • Tuesday January 25th, 2025 | 1:00pm | SL 114 
  • Applications Due:  February 3rd, 2025 | 12pm | Online
  • Orientation Meeting: February 3rd, 2025 | 4:30pm | SL 114
  • Candidacy Declaration Press Conference:  February 10th, 2025 | 11:30am | Food Court
  • Voting: Monday March 3rd, 2025 @ 8am-Thursday March 6th, 2025 @ 5pm at uvu.edu/vote
  • Announcement of Officers:  March 6th, 2025 | 7pm | SL 114


Elections will be done through Ranked Choice Voting for positions of 3 or more candidates. This method allows voters to rank the candidates running for office in order of their preference. If a candidate receives the majority of first choices (51%), then they win the election. If no candidate gets a simple majority, then the candidate with the least amount of first choice votes will be removed from the race; voters who ranked a candidate as their first choice will then be represented by their second choice and so on until a majority vote is reached. This process eliminates the need for a primary election. If 2 or less candidates are running for a position, elections will be done by a simple majority vote. 

Student Voice


Any current UVU student is permitted to file a grievance regarding the misconduct of a candidate. Grievances will be reviewed by the Elections Committee and any necessary penalties will be issued. Please note that there is not a prescribed rubric in addressing consequences of grievances and any penalties issued are at the discretion of the Elections Committee.

Grievance Form

Sanction Appeals Form

2025-2026 Candidate Information

Information to get to know your 2025-2026 Utah Valley University Student Association Executive Council Candidates will be posted here in the beginning of February 2025. Below is a list of candidates for the four elected positions for 2024-2025; Student Body President, Vice President of Engagement, Vice President of Academic Senate and Vice President of Student Activities. Each candidate has an included picture, bio, qualifications and plans if elected into office. Voting begins Monday March 3rd, 2025 at 8am and ends Thursday March 6th, 2025 at 5pm. Stay tuned for more information. 

STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT: 2024-2025 Candidates, Winner: Mimi Barney

Mimi Barney

Mimi Barney


  • Junior, Major in Art & Design with an emphasis in Graphic Design 
  • Instagram: @mckinleyybarney
  • Email: [email protected] 

Hi UVU friends! My name is Mimi Barney, and I am running to be your Student Body President! I was born and raised here in Utah and am currently majoring in Graphic Design and Marketing. I have loved my time at UVU and enjoy being involved with the UVUSA organization as the executive assistant. In my free time, you can find me running, reading, or with my friends & family. I am the oldest of 4 children, and I love supporting my younger siblings in all their extracurricular activities. I thoroughly enjoy being around people and learning from their experiences; being at UVU has helped me widen my perspectives and create relationships with people I am forever grateful for. My parents, professors, and advisors have helped shape me into who I am today and inspired me to pursue my goals. I am incredibly ambitious in all aspects of my life, and being your Student Body President would be no exception. I want to provide the best possible college experience for you!


  1. My overall focus this year, if elected, is YOU! Being a student myself, I relate to you! I want to continue creating a positive culture and provide you with the best possible experiences during your short time at UVU. The bottom line is... You belong here! You belong in classrooms with professors who care, you belong in clubs and organizations that you are passionate about, and you belong in fun experiences outside of the classroom. You belong here at UVU!
  2. Your experience your voice: Each student who attends UVU is so incredibly unique. That's what is so great about being part of a university with many opinions and perspectives. We have an incredible opportunity to learn from one another. With so many diverse backgrounds and experiences, I want students to be proud of who they are and where they come from. Students' voices are critical in helping our university improve and pioneer a more inclusive culture moving forward. I'll have an open-door policy for you to come to share your ideas and feedback regarding changes you want to make!
  3. Belonging: College can be overwhelming. It's often challenging to know where to begin! One of my biggest emphasizes this year is to help students have a sense of belonging. This means opening the doors for new clubs and new ideas. When students are involved in something they are genuinely passionate about, they thrive! I want to shed light on the many resources on campus that we offer to help better student lives and mitigate anxiety stemming from academic pressures.
  4. The UVU Experience: My time here has been nothing short of amazing! Outside of my academics, I have had multiple opportunities to create friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. This year, I am committed to focusing on students' experiences outside of academics and ensuring they are positive and impactful.
  5. Leaving things better than we found them: My last goal is to leave UVU better than I found it. The only way I can do this and leave a lasting, positive impact is from students like you! I want to pave the way forward for those behind me. I am committed to letting you know that YOU belong here at UVU. Surrounded by people who care about your education, where your voice is heard and your feedback is taken, and where you can create a strong foundation that will help you in years to come.


  1. This past year, I've held the position of executive assistant for the UVUSA organization. I have thoroughly enjoyed being so closely involved with the Executive Council on UVUSA. Most importantly, I have watched this year's UVUSA organization go above and beyond to cultivate a culture of teamwork and incredible work ethic. Working closely with our current Student Body President has allowed me ample time to see the effort poured into what it means to truly represent the students. Being involved in UVUSA this year has helped me to gain a broader perspective and look at the bigger picture. This has aided in magnifying those places and spaces that I believe UVU has room to grow and improve.

  2. During my Freshman and Sophomore years, I participated in the Ambassador program! I had the opportunity to give several campus tours to prospective students and show them all UVU has to offer. We have many incredible resources on campus, full of people who genuinely care about the student body and UVU's success. While I was an ambassador, I was able to speak at various high schools in Utah about my time at UVU. I loved sharing my thoughts with prospective students about the memories, academic experiences, and life-long relationships I have made during my time at UVU.

  3. Throughout my time at UVU and outside of my academics, I have been given multiple opportunities to turn outward and serve with different organizations. One organization I was heavily involved with this year was Mac's Gift. This organization provides Christmas gifts and experiences for 75+ Utah families of children with Cancer. These experiences have helped me see the world through different lenses and identify issues I may not have seen otherwise. I have learned so much from each person I have encountered, and I love the new perspectives I have gained.

  4. Going into my 5th year of school with a major and two minors, I am completely in your shoes as a student! I have had 4+ years of college experience, and I've loved every minute. I understand the struggle of balancing social, academic, and personal affairs simultaneously. However, the positive impact UVU has made on me as I develop my career and progress in life has been extraordinary!
  5. I have such a love and deep pride for this university and everything we stand for! I would love to aid in continuing the same positive experience I have had for all UVU students!

Francisco Calderon-Mora 

Francisco Calderon-Mora


  • Junior, Majoring in Family Science with a minor in Psychology 
  • Instagram: @youcanjustcallmefran
  • Email: [email protected]


What’s up, Wolverines! I'm Francisco Calderon-Mora, and I’m running to serve as your Student Body President. You might recognize me as your Senator for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences on UVUSA, filming street interviews in the hallways, or helping run some of the funnest events on campus. Experiences like these have given me deep insights into the diverse lives of UVU students. Student life is a journey filled with hopes, dreams, and challenges, and every student aspires for their college story to end better than it started. As your President, my mission is to ensure that your UVU story is one of growth, empowerment, and success. As a first-generation college student, I know what it's like to be on the outside of the majority, to feel lost, or like a bystander in your own life. This perspective fuels my commitment to ensuring every student, regardless of background, feels seen, heard, and valued at UVU. I understand many of the everyday challenges students face, and I'm dedicated to addressing them head-on by helping equip you with the tools, resources, and understanding needed to be the hero of your own story. Whether you're navigating the world of academia, making career decisions, or exploring personal growth, I'm here to support and empower you to take control of your UVU journey. "Your School, Your Story" isn’t just my campaign slogan; it's a commitment to ensuring every student's experience and voice at UVU is heard, known, and represented. As your President, I want to better your time at UVU while you work on bettering your future. Together, let's create a narrative where every student thrives, finds their way, and makes their college experience a story of success!

Plans if elected into office:

  1. Academic Awareness: As students, we share a common goal to learn, develop our skills, and ultimately achieve a degree. There are numerous workshops, forums, and certificate programs present at UVU that could greatly aid students in their academic journey but that are often overlooked or not adequately understood. One of my primary goals is to increase awareness of the countless academic resources and opportunities available in an approachable and digestible way. By effectively highlighting and promoting these resources through widespread educational campaigns and outreach initiatives, we can help ensure all students receive the proper support, guidance, and understanding needed for academic success.
  2. Student Culture: As a student who’s highly involved on campus, I believe that our university experience shouldn’t be limited to academics alone. That's why I am passionate about boosting UVU pride and continuing to strengthen the incredible student culture we’ve created this past school year. To do this, I plan on exploring initiatives like improving the quality and accessibility of UVU merch, integrating student IDs into the UVU Student app for easy access to campus events, and building stronger relationships with local businesses. By implementing measures such as these, we can enhance the overall student experience and take our UVU pride to the next level!
  3. Student “Quality of Life”: As tuition-paying students, we all have the right to a safe and comfortable campus environment. One of the most important ways I hope to achieve this is by focusing on improving students’ “quality of life” on campus. This includes initiatives like installing pedestrian crosswalks in UVU’s parking lots, improving campus Wi-fi connections, and the installation of private bathrooms in buildings across campus that lack them. Change can be a gradual process, but with our collective support and commitment, we can continue to make meaningful improvements to create a campus that meets the needs and expectations of everyone who calls UVU home.
  4. Connection & Collaboration: As the largest university in Utah, UVU offers students an abundance of connections and resources to be utilized for their academic and professional growth. To help capitalize on this wealth of knowledge, I plan to strengthen the connections between student groups and programs on campus by consistently extending personal invitations to contribute to UVUSA meetings and discussions. This will not only ensure that student voices are represented but also help broaden academic and professional opportunities across campus and contribute to our collective strength as Wolverines. It’s only through meaningful connection and collaboration that we can create a university environment that fosters growth and development for all.
  5. Student Voice: No responsible change can be made without the input of the students—the heart of UVU. Your voice matters, and I’m committed to ensuring that it is heard loud and clear by actively exploring innovative ways to increase and highlight opportunities for student feedback. This includes organizing more events dedicated to celebrating our diverse community and amplifying student voices, and implementing more robust feedback features in the UVU student app and across campus. In doing so, we can empower students with the confidence to share their unique stories, concerns, and ideas, knowing that their feedback is important and contributes to the ongoing growth and evolution of UVU. 


  1. Track Record: I’ve had the honor of serving as the Senator for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences on UVUSA this past school year. In this role, I’ve worked closely with university administration and faculty to address student concerns, such as improving teacher response time and eliminating homework over breaks. My experience with UVUSA has provided me with the necessary skills to collaborate with university administration and advocate for student needs and interests. In short, I’ve already spent the past year fighting for student voices across campus and will continue to do so with passion and dedication as Student Body President.

  2. Experience: In addition to being involved in UVUSA, I also have a rich background in leadership dating back to my high school days. Having served in various roles, from Sophomore Class Officer to Diversity Chairman and, ultimately, Student Body President, I’ve gained a well-developed understanding of how student government and campus dynamics work. Though there’s always room for growth, I’ve already learned much of the ropes of student leadership and understand the importance of time management in making a positive impact. I’m confident that my hands-on experience will help minimize on-the-job training and ensure efficient and effective leadership to hit the ground running as Student Body President and positively impact UVU.

  3. Community Engagement: As a Utah County native, I have a strong drive to make positive impacts extending far beyond UVU campus. Whether it was helping organize charity projects to support low-income families back in high school, or working with diverse populations as a Substitute Teacher in local schools today, I’m always looking for ways to contribute to my community’s well-being in any way I can. As Student Body President, I’m committed to bringing this same level of community engagement and impact to our university. By drawing on our local roots, we can help ensure that UVU continues to be an active participant in the broader community and a catalyst for positive change!

  4. Perspective: As a first-generation and transfer student myself, I understand the challenges that many students face on a regular basis. I’ve personally experienced the difficulties of being in a new college for the first time without much guidance, and I understand the anxieties and questions that so many students in similar situations might encounter. As Student Body President, I’m passionate about building a campus community where a student’s path to success is navigable and accessible. By creating an environment where students feel comfortable expressing their concerns and experiences, we can work together to ensure that students of all backgrounds can thrive both academically and personally at UVU.
  5. I am a Proud Wolverine: UVU isn't just a school for me; it's an incredible community I'm proud and grateful to be a part of. As a fellow student, I thrive on the meaningful relationships created within our campus culture. These connections are at the heart of what makes UVU truly amazing and contribute to our collective strength as a university. As your Student Body President, I’m committed to continue making UVU a place where every student feels valued, heard, and part of a community dedicated to growth and success!

Carl Prior 

Carl Prior


  • Senior, Majoring in Business Management
  • Instagram: @carl_prior
  • Email: [email protected] 

Hey friends! My name is Carl Prior and I am running to be your Student Body President! I am studying business management with an emphasis in international business and getting my minor in Spanish! I was born in West Jordan Utah and grew up in St. George, Washington, and Park City! I have an amazing family and am the middle child with six siblings! Growing up I always loved sports, theater productions, visiting new places, getting to know people, and finding ways to surprise people! I’m a blackbelt in karate, been the lead in a school play, two time national champion, 1st counselor in my Bishopric, Eagle Scout, and fluent in Spanish! I have always been rather ambitious and have decided to try aiming high in everything I can! I have realized that regardless of any accomplishments I have, all of you here at UVU are far more impressive and qualified than myself! It would be an honor to be your Student Body President and I would do anything in my power to help you have the experience here in college that will best prep you for your future! I promise you that as you walk through UVU you will see me in the hallways, in your class, or at random UVU events! I will be constantly asking you what improvements you think the school needs and be researching improvements myself in order to help UVU accommodate as many students as possible! If you ever want anything changed or have ideas that you want implemented then all you have to do is stand on a chair and you will see all 6‘7“ of me walking down the hall who would love to talk to you and make it happen!


  1. Connection: I want to connect all of campus so that every student and department is supported and is validated for the amazing work that they do and hard work they put in!

  2. I want to connect campus with the city of Orem as a whole. Reaching out on a completely new level to community allies, supporters, and sponsors, in order to create a more unified atmosphere in the city of Orem.

  3. I want students to be better advised about changes in the university and be the first to know when opportunities are made available so that they will be the first to the benefits! 

  4. I want to make UVU campus the Crown jewel of Utah! I want people to come to UVU and be so impressed that every other school will try to base their campus and curriculum off of ours! This will be done through projects including the architecture, curriculum, communication streams, school management, diversity, resource allocation, and much more!

  5. My goal is to make every single win in one department of UVU to be a win for every department at UVU! I hope to accomplish this by making successes across campus known to students and faculty as well as the community as a whole. This will increase recognition of the amazing institution of Utah Valley University, bring in more sponsors, and make it easier for students to grow, learn, and achieve greatness with reduced tuition costs, because everyone belongs at UVU!


  1. I bleed Green!!! I spend hours each day on campus and I try to go my way to say hi to as many people as I can, through the hallways, in classes, and at different events at UVU. I have met with community leaders and corporate partners countless times representing UVU in different capacities. While working at Utah Valley University, I have reached out to several groups and organizations on behalf of UVU and its students in order to provide a more meaningful and effective experience for the students and faculty of UVU and I’m not even on student council yet! Having worked across campus I have seen all the departments that this university has and and I am eager to help them grow, receive more support, and provide a more quality experience for the students at UVU!

  2. I have lived in Mexico, Chile, and Spain and I am and am fluent in English and Spanish. I have also lived in different foreign countries for extended periods of time spanning from weeks to even years including Italy, Samoa, France, Dominican Republic, Argentina and Japan! Each place I’ve been to has some of the most amazing people I have ever met and UVU has a place for everybody, regardless of where they’re from! I feel that from my unique experiences I will be able to relate better to you than any other candidate!

  3. Since starting at UVU, I have grown a loved for and worked with different groups all over campus. I have loved working with UVU clubs, the LDS Institute, the zone, UVU Athletics, UVU ROTC, UVU Library, Women’s Success Center, the language lab, UVUSA, Interfaith Counsel, UVU Transportation Technologies, UVU spirit squad, and UVU study abroad.

  4. It has been so fun for me to volunteer across campus and over the years I have helped organized and followed through with more than 300+ events on campus at UVU and have attended more than 800 different events during my as a full-time student!

  5. My school spirit is only rivaled by Willy the Wolverine. I whole heartedly believe that Utah Valley University is the greatest university in the state of Utah, the nation, and the world. Our room for growth is limitless and I want to be a part of it! I hope that together you and I could help UVU become a place all students want to study and are proud to get their degrees from!

VICE PRESIDENT OF ENGAGEMENT: 2024-2025 Candidates, Winner: Ava Gonzalez-Molina

Clay Duffin

Clay Duffin


  • Sophomore, Majoring in History and Social Studies Education 
  • Instagram: @clayduffin
  • Email: [email protected] 

Hello my fellow Wolverines! My name is Clay Duffin and I am running for VP of Engagement! I am a sophomore, currently working on my degree in History and Social Studies Education. I hope to become an educator and advocate for current and future students. I am a Community Activism and Organizing fellow at the Center for Social Impact where I have found my community and belonging, and I hope to continue to build and foster a safe community for everyone here at UVU!


  1. My first and most important goal is to create healthy community. Meeting students face-to-face and creating meaningful connections with students and student groups will be the foundation of positive change. A quote from Reverend Bailey that I live by: “Relationships are built at the speed of trust, and change happens at the speed of relationships.” Creating safe community will allow me to make meaningful changes for UVU Students, according to their expressed needs.

  2. My second goal is to develop a new system for students to feel heard. Students need to feel heard and advocated for from student government positions as student government is making choices that directly impact their fellow students. I want to hold monthly meetings for students and student groups to be able to communicate what they would like to see on campus. Allowing for more direct communication will help bridge the current gap between student government and student concerns.

  3. My third goal is to find new and creative ways to educate students on campus resources and scholarships in order to make them more accessible. Many students do not know the resources available to them or the power that they hold as students. I want to create more transparency and to teach students to advocate for themselves.

  4. My fourth goal is to create Third Spaces for the community on campus by collaborating with student groups and leaders across campus. The definition of a Third Space is ‘A location that is neither one's home nor workplace and provides a space for relaxation or recreation without having to spend money.’ There are studies that show how more engagement on school campuses typically correlates to better academic achievement. UVU students are in need of third spaces to find and engage with their communities.
  5. My fifth goal is to create new solutions to get UVU Students involved on campus and at events by promoting better communication with faculty. UVU has a unique student population with many non-traditional students. This leads to many students being uninvolved and disengaged with on-campus events and opportunities. The one thing every student has in common is we all have professors. By creating better collaboration with our faculty to promote events and incentivize students to become involved, you reach students who would not typically be engaged with campus activities and resources.


  1. Community Outreach: At the Center for Social Impact, I am the Community Activism and Organizing fellow which revolves heavily around keeping in contact with student groups and community partners; I make efforts to maintain good relationships with all of these student groups including the LGBTQ+ Center, Women's Success Center, Women of UVU, the Native Initiative, and SURF. Upholding positive community relationships is a core value of mine and this position has allowed me to practice that through community outreach. My communication and relationship skills for partner relations are well-developed, which will allow me to represent these organizations well in the position I am campaigning for.

  2. Program Development: In the past year, I was a trip lead on an alternative break trip, which involved leading a group of students on an educational, out-of-state retreat, and establishing the educational and logistical foundations for the program. I have also been on the organizing committees for the yearly Clothesline Project and Scarcity Myth interactive exhibits, attended by hundreds of students. Finally, I have been the main organizer of this academic year's Impact Movie Night monthly event, which has demonstrated my ability to develop and execute programs effectively. I have showcased my creativity and capacity to design engaging activities that resonate with the student body.
  3. Activism Work: I am a community organizer outside of my student leadership position. I am committed to activism and community advocacy that makes me well-suited for representing student interests and advocating for their needs - especially for those who feel misunderstood or underrepresented. My experience highlights my ability to mobilize communities, speak out on important issues, and collaborate with diverse groups to drive meaningful change.
  4. Event Planning: In my current leadership position, I am the event programmer and planner of our Impact Movie Nights. I attend weekly meetings with my advisor, arrange to acquire movie rights through licensing companies, regularly partner with groups on campus, and facilitate guided discussion after each monthly movie event. My expertise in event planning, including the meticulous behind-the-scenes work, demonstrates my attention to detail and organizational skills. My experience in finalizing logistics, securing partnerships, and ensuring successful events will be essential in coordinating student council activities and other engagement initiatives.
  5. Facilitation Skills: My ability to facilitate conversations and incorporate diverse perspectives will be invaluable in chairing Independent Branch meetings and fostering productive discussions within the student government. Through facilitating discussions at social impact events and on the alternative break trip, I have gained experience in getting students involved and promoting compassionate dialogue, showcasing my effectiveness in facilitating meaningful engagement and promoting inclusivity.

Simone Goodheart

Simone Goodheart


  • Senior, Majoring in Elementary Education 
  • Instagram: @simoneforall
  • Email: [email protected] 

Howdy! Howdy! Howdy! My name is Simone Goodheart, and I am running for VP of Engagement with UVUSA. Like most students at Utah Valley University, I signed up because of the cheap tuition, good professors, open enrollment policy, and its inclusive environment. These were the reasons I came to UVU to major in Elementary Education. The reason I stayed is even more important to me. UVU has some of the best people I have ever met. I genuinely believe UVU has the greatest student body in all of Utah. Every student here is capable of great things. My goal as a VP of Engagement is to continue to foster and push forward our amazing inclusive environment to a higher and higher degree. The reason I chose the major of Elementary Education is that I have found education to be a very important and endearing part of our society. Along with that, it is my deep passion to help build up people. A proper educator is aware of the many different variables that may impact a student's experience and seek to implement strategies to help make schooling more accessible. This is what I want to do as VP of Engagement. Through my tenure here at UVU, I have had the Amazing opportunity to be involved in many different narratives at UVU! The group I got involved with was the Secular Student Alliance. This experience taught me many amazing skills in leadership and inclusion at UVU. With that, it has pushed me to be more involved with more organizations on campus. I have served two years on the Interfaith Student Council. Through this experience, I have learned amazing perspectives on faith and inclusion. I have helped form the Progressive Student Alliance as a way to help encourage student involvement in the political processes. Furthermore, my most current active role is that of President of Spectrum Queer Student Alliance and a Student Admin with LGBTQ+ Student Services.


  1. Renew UVU's commitment to values Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity What makes UVU a great and brilliant school is our commitment to these values. Students should continue to have access to resources that can and will help them succeed on campus. As VP of Engagement, I hope to advocate and support these values in all the ways that they will appear on campus. I would like to give focus to departments, student organizations, and individual students who have already been getting this work done on campus. But along with that, I would like to bring more voices to the table to advocate for.

  2. Support and Guide Students to their right to Free Speech on Campus. Our university is a public institution and that means students have the right to Free Speech. As VP of Engagement, I hope to provide students with tools and resources to make sure that their voices are heard in all realms of campus. Students should be able to engage in conversations that will help them grow and learn. 

  3. Expand and Develop programs with a proven track record of supporting student well-being, development, and engagement. UVU has amazing resources dedicated to the student and their ability to thrive on the university level. As VP of Engagement, I would like to ensure an expansion of the resources proven to make a positive difference in student's experiences here on campus. I would like to give special focus to these programs to ensure accessibility to all students when they need the resource and not necessarily when a waitlist says they can use it.

  4. Foster and Build Campus-wide connections that will benefit students of all backgrounds and perspectives. Unlike most universities, a significant amount of UVU's Campus is connected from building to building. Not only is this a literal description of our university, but it is also a good metaphor for how I would hope to support and build up the university. As VP of Engagement, I would hope to build and foster a campus community where students feel they are part of the broader campus community.


  1. President of Spectrum Queer Student Alliance. - Facilitated Weekly Club Meetings Focused on fostering a community of belonging for marginalized folks. - Planned and supported high-attendee inclusion-centered events such as queer prom - Developed our leadership team into being active advocates for their peers.

  2. Interfaith Student Council. - Planned and supported events focused on inter-religious dialogues. - Worked with various worldview clubs and campus organizations to complete service projects - Brought forth perspective concerns about inclusion on UVU campus.
  3. Student Admin at LGBTQ+ Student Services - Helped foster a safe and inclusive environment for students to be authentically themselves on campus. - Connected students to various campus resources - Offered and provided support to students when in need - Attended and supported the Safe Zone Trainings and Inqueery Panels. - Helped students and staff during the Pride Parade.
  4. President of Progressive Student Alliance - Held direct issue tabling that encouraged and provided students with routes to be politically involved - Created venues for students to have their voices heard on current things happening on campus - Helped found the campus's Really Really Free Market.
  5. I am a value-focused candidate dedicated to the well-being of all students. The biggest value I hold is the maximization of all freedom. I believe this philosophy is more nuanced than what people typically ascribe to it. For me, along with its typical connotations, I believe requires a dedication to looking for and contesting systems that limit people's freedom. I am dedicated to working hard to advocate for students in every realm here on campus and have been doing it the entire time I have been here at UVU. I will always advocate for policies and perspectives that put the students first.

Ava Gonzalez-Molina 

Ava Gonzalez Molina


  • Senior, Majoring in Psychology 
  • Instagram: @_avagonzo_, @vote_gonzalezuvu
  • Email: [email protected] 

Hi everyone my name is Ava Gonzàlez Molina and I am so excited to be running as your VP of engagement. Some things that are notable about me is that I am the type of person who loves to be involved in as many activities as possible and am extremely community centered. At my last college I was apart of the Cheer team and learned how school spirit is implemented on an athletic level, last year I was on student government as your inclusion chair which taught me how school spirit is implemented on a day to day. I have my own organization called ENACT which offers free therapeutic and legal support to young women going-through adversities and am a huge advocate for mental health awareness. As your VP of engagement my goal will be to make sure everyone has a voice and is seen on campus. Attending classes and engaging in campus life should be something that makes you feel excited and at ease not something that feels like a burden. If you allow me to I will make sure that this next year we implement initiatives that makes our university a place where all students can thrive and flourish.


  1. Redefining Inclusion: I want us to redefine what it means to be inclusive, what it means to have a diverse student body representation. Inclusion involves everyone, even if you think you don’t fit into a category that is defined as diverse, I promise you do. Inclusion goes beyond focusing on Gender, sexuality and race. Inclusion also is meant to focus on accessibility, focusing on how to better those that are underlooked like veteran and active military students. Understanding that not all student athletes get full rides, and that just because your parents make it so you don’t qualify for FASFA doesn’t mean that you aren’t struggling with tuition. As your engagement VP I want every student to feel elevated and included, your story matters, your struggles matter and I am here to listen.

  2. Valuing your life outside of being a student: We all have lives outside of being a student, whether that be working a full time job, being a parent, or commuting to come to school. You are an individual outside of campus, I want that to be recognized. In my year as your VP I want to work to make it so that professors cannot assign work during breaks or on recognized holidays. You deserve a break, life doesn’t need to revolve around your next due date. 

  3. Placing Value on our non traditional roots: I have been extremely lucky to have had a full ride scholarship all my years in higher education, I understand that being on campus for 25 hours a week to meet a scholarship quota is not realistic, I would like to open a scholarship opportunity that is more flexible to those who are non traditional students. We are a non traditional commuter university, yet most if not all students that are on student government are those following a traditional path, your voice matters and you deserve a place to make it known.

  4. Unity on and off campus: We have done so much in the such little time we have been a university, the one thing that we don't have though is a recognized united school pride and spirit. I want everyone to be able to be loud and proud about being a wolverine. My step to more unity would be highlighting our campus resources and individual clubs as well as our under looked athletic teams/ organizations (Example being Running, lacrosse, Rugby, wrestling).
  5. Everyone Deserves an Affordable Education: Increasing the amount of FAFSA outreach education for students will help students stay in classrooms and receive the resources they need. I will work with the Financial Aid offices and officers to create a better point of contact and increase education on the resources available for students.


  1. Previous UVUSA inclusion chair: In 2022/23 I served as your UVUSA inclusion chair which is on the engagement branch (the branch I am running to be a VP on!). In that year my position had allowed me to get to know what the students needs are at the core. I am Humanitarian at heart so my goal has always been for the greatergood. As your inclusion chair I was able to implement campaigns that bettered the student experience and I want to continue on this positive trajectory by leveling up to Vice president.

  2. ENACT: Eliminating the Normalization of Abuse as Cultural-Together. In the summer of 2020, I founded my organization ENACT which provides free therapeutic and legal support to young women in marginalized communities, simply put, we offer resources to any young woman who is facing adversity. My organization has helped me broaden what diversity looks like, and that everyone has experienced trials and deserves a healing space. It is my goal as engagement VP to implement my program on campus to provide resources for students to feel seen, heard, and supported. https://wgcnwa.org/enact/ 
  3. I am involved with various organizations across Utah County that are dedicated to improving Utahns' life. Having been involved in various pageant organizations, I have been able to promote my personal passions as well as get to know the Valley. Through those opportunities, I have been able to share my love of UVU across the state and in front of many. I know I am someone who is unconditionally dedicated to elevating others. No project or idea is ever just “lip service”. Through grit, tenacity, and compassion, I get things done. Always leaving things better than I found them. As a University, we have come so far in such little time and together we can continue this trajectory of positive change.
  4. I understand what it feels like to be under looked or just seen as a statistic, I want to redefine how UVU includes you. You are more then just a number, your story deserves to be heard and elevated.

VICE PRESIDENT OF ACADEMIC SENATE: 2024-2025 Candidates, Winner: Ian Gotcher

Ian Gotcher

Ian Gotcher


  • Senior, Majoring in Computer Science
  • Instagram: @makeUVUGOATed, Website: IanGotcher.github.io/vote.html
  • Email: [email protected] 

Yoooo wassup wolverines!! It’s ya boy, Ian Gotcher (pronounced GOAT-cher, I usually just go by Ian, but feel free to call me the GOAT like my friends do.) This year I am running to be your next Vice President of Academic Senate so that we can make UVU GOATed together. I’m a senior from Pleasant Grove (20 mins north of UVU) who’s been at UVU since Fall 2019 and I’m majoring in Computer Science. I am a gamer 😎 - in my free time I like to game by myself (Super Mario, both the new Zeldas, Dark Souls, and many others) and with the boys (Palworld, Monster Hunter, Counter Strike, Jackbox, Lethal Company, and, of course, Minecraft.) I like to listen to music while doing homework or driving to and from UVU, everything from movie and video game soundtracks to classical music to jazz to Death Grips to the Krusty Krab trap remix. I also enjoy watching great TV shows and YouTube videos, anything from the unmatched greatness of Breaking Bad to the hilarity of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I also love to laugh and to make others laugh. Anyways, let’s get down to brass tacks and talk about my qualifications and my plan to MAKE UVU GOATED! 🐐🐐🐐

  1. ඞ Listening to What Students Want: First and foremost, we need to understand the powers and responsibilities that the VP of Academic Senate actually has. You can read them in the UVUSA elections packet near the top of the webpage that you’re reading now. I think the most important of the duties listed is “Works closely with campus academic boards (i.e.: Faculty Senate, Academic Affairs Council, Deans, etc.) to ensure that students receive the education to which they are entitled” and “Represents the student voice on various campus committees as assigned.” If elected, you have my promise that I will not cease learning the wants and needs of UVU students and fighting for them in meetings with UVU administration. This is more important than any specific plan I can come up with today - I will be your representative and your voice. ඞ Push for UVU to Find and Remove Educational Obstacles: UVU, despite being a fantastic university, has an 8-year graduation rate of only 41%, the lowest of any major 4-year institution in Utah! This needs to change, let’s be realistic - it won’t happen overnight and it will require a complex solution, but I believe that if we take these few important steps, we can make a difference. 
  2. ඞ Increase Online and Hybrid Course Offerings: While it’s important that students have the ability to attend a face-to-face class if that’s what works best for them, online courses offer students the flexibility they need to succeed as they balance their lives. If you’re a non-traditional student with responsibilities on your shoulders, then you know the difference they can make, and even if you’re a traditional student, you appreciate the convenience and time-savings of not having to commute to UVU, having to park where there’s no parking, and having to be in class. Unfortunately, while UVU is great in that it already has many online courses, many courses are still only offered face-to-face. I believe that this is a barrier that UVU’s leadership should look into removing, and I will push my committees to do so.
  3. ඞ Improve SRIs and Student Surveys: UVU’s SRIs are a good tool that is used by faculty to improve their courses. But they could be even better. I can think of two major improvements that could help students give more effective feedback: 1. Mid-semester surveys: as many students and faculty alike have noted, SRIs do not let faculty address the shortcomings of courses while they are still being taught, this could be solved by an SRI that takes place during the middle of the semester. 2. Workload ratings: classes that require too much of the student’s time per the amount of credits they confer can be devastating - they force the student to cut out time they need for work, sleep, family responsibilities, social lives, other courses, etc. If faculty had a way to compare the workload between classes, then they could make the necessary adjustments. I will push my committees to implement these small but crucial changes.
  4. ඞ Enforce the Ban on Coursework over Breaks: UVU, for some time, had or has had a restriction on coursework being due over breaks, so that students and faculty can take the time off that we all desperately need. And yet, each semester we have that one class for which we have to do homework for over the break regardless. I will push to ensure that our great faculty members have all the help they need to prevent this from happening.
  5. ඞ Find and Fix Courses with Low Rates of Success: Who ඞamong usඞ hasn’t had at least one of those courses in our early semesters that kicked our butt? Classes like Algebra, Chemistry, Biology, Academic Writing, or, for me it was Calc 2. In addition to these basic courses, all of us dread the semester when we’ll have to take that one nightmarish course in our major: Anatomy Lab, Linear Algebra, Organic Chemistry, or, if you’re a CS major like me, compiler construction. Courses like these are a barrier to UVU students and we need to find a way to fix them. Fortunately, UVU’s faculty are the best in the biz at finding ways to make the unteachable teachable. I will work with UVU’s leadership to find these courses and devise ways to make them easier in spite of the unfamiliar or complex material that students need to know to succeed in their education or career.


  1. ඞ I’ve Been at UVU For a While and Have Experienced The Good and Bad of Classes: From 1000- to 4000-level classes, I’ve seen it all, I’ve had easy classes and brutally difficult classes, I’ve had classes I’ve loved and classes I’ve hated. My many years at UVU and countless hours staying up late and turning in assignments before 11:59 pm has given me the background I need to have a realistic approach to changing UVU’s academics for the better.
  2. ඞ I have the Time Management Skills Needed for This Position: If you dig into the UVUSA elections packet, you’ll find that the VP of Academic Senate is required to take at least 12 credits per semester while also working 30 hours per week. While this is a daunting task to anyone, myself included, during my time at UVU, I’ve gone through the painful process of making the mistakes and learning from them in order to learn how to choose my priorities and budget my time accordingly. To illustrate, I’ve had a merit scholarship from UVU that has required me to take 15 credits every semester and to get at least a 3.6 GPA every single semester, and if I don’t, it gets taken away. While this was stressful at first, especially while working a part-time job, over the years this has made it so that managing the time requirements of this position will be a cakewalk.
  3. ඞ Despite my Nerdiness and my Introversion, I Love Working With Others: Now I know that I’m a Computer Science major and that you probably think I’m a major 🤓DWEEB🤓 based on my introduction paragraph, but do not let that trick you into thinking that I don’t have the communication, cooperation, and leadership skills necessary to make a good VP of Academic Senate. I love pushing myself out of my comfort zone and working with others to achieve great things.
  4. ඞ I, Like Many of My Fellow Candidates, am a major SIMP for how Awesome UVU is: UVU is a unique university: It’s open admission, it’s accessible to everyone, it focuses on engaged learning, it has lots of online classes, it’s a great school for non-traditional and part-time students, it accepts people from every level of education and learning ability and educates them, it has students that are happy to be here, it has faculty that genuinely care and enjoy teaching, it’s got an Arby’s so I can get my roast beef, you get the idea. I love UVU because it was the only university in the world to offer me a top-quality education at a price I could afford while living in a place I wanted to be. If you’ve read all the way down here, I hope you share my vision to MAKE UVU GOATED 🐐🐐🐐

VICE PRESIDENT OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES: 2024-2025 Candidates, Winner: Kyle Cullimore

 Kyle Cullimore  

Kyle Cullimore


My name is Kyle Cullimore, and I'm from Gilbert, Arizona. I am a junior in the Biology program and hoping to get a minor in Entrepreneurship. My goal is to become an Endodontist and in the future create a non-profit to help students get into dental programs despite their background. While I'm not at UVU, I love hiking, running, playing soccer, playing the guitar or piano, skiing, surfing, swimming, and so much more. Ever since high school I have loved serving my school and students. Whether it's been through student council, sports, or different clubs, I've always wanted to be involved. When I transferred to UVU it was a fresh start at a school I was thrilled to be at. The first thing I noticed here at UVU, was the sense of community. Maybe it's the heated hallways, or the popcorn and pizza on Wednesdays, but it just felt like I belonged. Right away I wanted to learn what I could do in return, and started going out of my way to be involved. I joined multiple clubs, went to different events, and found ways to serve the students. I've had the privilege of getting to plan some large scale events with UVU this year, and I am wanting the opportunity to keep serving as The Vice President of Student Activities. Because of how welcomed I felt here, it's discouraging that so many of the students don't feel like they belong. It shouldn't be that way. College is so much more than just going to class. It's dancing with strangers at parties, it's yelling as loud as you can at the games, it's seeing the diverse lives and talents our fellow students have. I want to help each student here at UVU feel more connected, feel more seen, and feel more that UVU is a place for you.


  1. Increase number of activities that reach even more student interest and demographics. A difficult part of major event planning is being able to excite every single person, however, that's not 100% the goal. In my opinion, it's all about making sure individuals feel like they belong. When we feel like we belong, that's when the excitement comes. As VP of Student Activities I plan on having a pre-activity planning form that ensures we are thinking about every student that attends UVU, not just the traditional student.

  2. Increase collaboration with other groups that normally are overlooked, and help other clubs and groups gain recognition. The VP of Student Activities has a very unique role and so much potential to help groups and clubs gain recognition. UVUSA has gotten 1,000's of students to events. By collaborating with different groups and clubs on campus, we can create events that are longer lasting than a quick mosh, which is still fire, but instead turn them into events where connections are made, and we leave feeling more apart of our campus community.

  3. Increase sense of wolverine pride and belonging through events and traditions. I've asked myself before, what helps create pride for a place or thing? As I've asked around, students feel that we create pride by buying into an idea, or making sacrifices for something. As VP of Student Activities I would create an incentive program that helps students socially buy into UVU, by attending UVUSA events, sporting events, art performances, etc. By providing this incentive and opportunity, students would want to explore and see much more of campus. Which in turn helps us buy into UVU and create that sense of pride. As I've gone to more and more events and activities on this campus, I have seen how amazing all the students are along with the diverse skills and talents this campus has to offer.

  4. Increase UVU community outreach by partnering with local businesses and alumni to make UVU more connected to the public, creating more support from those around us. As a commuter school in the middle of Utah County, it's a little difficult to create a community, not in our campus, but around our campus. When students are driving sometimes hours to get here, it's difficult to build a local community. However, by partnering more with alumni and the community around us, we can create an environment here in Orem that's special. By partnering with local organizations and hosting more community events, we can do our part to show those around us, we want to leave a good impact, and become a force for good in our community.
  5. Have an open door policy for new ideas and student input for new events and traditions they would like to see. After having spent a year on the activities branch, I have learned 1 MAJOR fact- there is so much freedom in the events we can plan and do. But, one problem we run into is the same 6-7 people planning all these events. I want to have an activities branch that listens to the students and creates events that YOU want. Because at the end of the day, we can plan all the events we want, but if it's not what the students want, then we missed the whole reason.


  1. Community service experience. I've spent 5 years involved in student leadership programs, and event planning. I have a passion for being involved and helping different events and programs be successful. From my times living in Utah, Arizona, California, and even Thailand, I have made community service and involvement a big portion of my time, working on events such as races for charity, veteran resell shops, and building schools. 

  2. Organizational skills. When it comes to the life of a busy college student who works 20+ hours a week, is a full-time student, currently enrolled in multiple labs, and serves in the community, it's critical to be organized and efficient with the time I do have. Also, when it comes to event planning, it takes someone who knows what they're doing. It's important to be organized so that certain aspects of events don't get forgotten about such as collaboration efforts, inclusivity efforts, and safety precautions. 

  3. Driven. When I set my mind to a goal that I want to accomplish, I will do all that I can to make it happen. Especially when I know those I'm working for want those same goals. By listening to the students and what they want, I know how that would push me and help me make this campus a place for the students, by listening to their voice. Because at the end of the day, the VP of Student Activities job is to listen to the students wants and fight for them.

  4. Open minded and big fan of collaboration. As the current Traditions Chair with UVUSA, a big priority has been partnering and collaborating with other groups around campus. Some of those collaborations have been with the VP of Academics, The Den, Wolverine Crossing, and UVUSA's Engagement Branch. I know that when it's only 1-2 people planning an event we miss out on sooo many opportunities. That's why I'm a big believer in working with other groups, expanding on those groups I've worked with, and create the best events we can for the students of UVU.
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