UVU Student Elections

Elections for the 2021-2022 Student Body Officers will be held February 22-25, 2021

ELECTION Rules & application information

General Information

With the many ways to get involved at UVU there is definitely something for everyone! One of those is to run for a student body officer position within the Utah Valley University Student Association. There are four positions available: Student Body President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Academic Senate, Vice President of Student Activities. Together with the Chief of Staff (appointed by the Student Body President), these student officers serve as the Executive Student Council overseeing the UVUSA Student Council.

These positions represent the student voice across campus as they assess, express, and address student issues to campus administration. They develop and promote campus programming, strive to educate students about resources available to them, and advocate for student needs.

Candidates are elected by the general student body (any student registered for 1+ credits, concurrent enrollment students are not eligible to vote) and voting will take place February 22-25, 2021.

  • Monday February 22nd at 8am......................................Polls open - uvu.edu/vote
  • Thursday February 25th at 6pm....................................2021-2022 Student Body Officers Announced – SL114 (polls close at 4pm)

Learn more about the elections process, officer position, responsibilities, and requirements here.

UVUSA Elections Packet

Important Dates

  • General Info. Sessions: January 19 & 20, 2021 | Noon-1pm | Online via Zoom
  • Applications Due: January 29, 2021 | Noon | Online at uvu.edu/uvusa/elections
  • Orientation and Rules Meeting: January 29, 2021 | 2pm-4pm | SL114/Online via Zoom
  • Candidacy Declaration Press Conference: February 2, 2021 | 1pm | SL 114/Online via Zoom
  • Voting : February 22-25, 2021 | uvu.edu/vote
  • Announcement of Elected Officers: February 25, 2021 | 6pm | SL 114/Instagram Live Stream

**Elections will be done through Ranked Choice Voting. This method allows voters to rank the candidates running for office in order of their preference. If a candidate receives the majority of first choices (51%), then they win the election. If no candidate gets a simple majority, then the candidate with the least amount of first choice votes will be removed from the race; voters who ranked a candidate as their first choice will then be represented by their second choice and so on until a majority vote is reached. This process eliminates the need for a primary election.


Any current student is permitted to file a grievance regarding the misconduct of a candidate. Grievances will be reviewed by the Elections Committee and any necessary penalties will be issued. Please note that there is not a prescribed rubric in addressing consequences of grievances and any penalties issued are at the discretion of the Elections Committee.

Grievance Form

Candidate Information-2021 Info. will be posted on February 2, 2021

2020 Student Body Officer Candidate information includes a personal bio and plans for office if they are elected. All content is self disclosed and provided by each individual candidate. Any additional questions regarding their qualifications and plans for office can be answered by each candidate directly via email. Candidate information will be updated the first week of February 2020. 

Student Body President-2020 Candidates

Danielle Corbett

portrait of Danielle Corbett

About Danielle

Hey everyone! My name is Danielle Corbett and I am 20 years old, so I am practically a newborn baby. I am wrapping up my sophomore year and recently switched my major to Art & Design. Initially I had my eyes on another university and was offered multiple scholarships, but when I visited UVU (literally just to get some free dinner from a highschool banquet) I fell in love with the contagious energy of the students, faculty, staff, and administration! I haven’t looked back since that day. Running for office is something that I honestly thought I would never do… like ever. I’m actually sweating while writing this. My heart is beating a million miles an hour. Despite my fears of running, I am so ecstatic to meet new people and make new friends throughout this process! In my free time I love to paint, journal, watch We Bought a Zoo, and listen to COIN. (Shameless plug for their song Malibu 1992, go listen to it for real.) I’m super passionate about live music and am always in need of concert buddies, so you can send your applications to @dncorb on instagram. No matter what happens in this election I will always be the PROUDEST Wolverine! I love you all the most. Seriously.


Plans if elected into office:

  1. Belonging and Bleeding Green: The minute I stepped onto UVU's campus, I felt at home. If I fell down and scraped my knee right now, I would literally bleed green. I realize that some students don't feel the same way that I do, and it will become my responsibility to make every person at UVU feel like they have a place here. Historically, being involved in leadership programming on campus is something that only traditional students (especially in age) have the resources to do. I would love to implement methods for students who may be coming back from a break (or have never attended college) to feel like they can have the same scholarship and involvement opportunities as regular students. Perhaps this comes in the form of creating more events/programs which are held on nights or weekends, are easily accessible, and well publicized to audiences who do not use social media platforms. The first step in creating campus wide UVU pride is to show everyone that they are important. Students need to know that they belong.
  2. Mental Health Resources: I am fully aware that there is a demand for more resources on campus relating to mental health. I believe by advertising the resources we have that may alleviate different stresses, we can help students, faculty, and staff foster positive mental health practices. Things like the On-Campus Food Pantry, Wellness Programs, ZONE activities, Women's Success Center, LGBTQ+ Student Services, Multicultural Student Services, and Mindfulness Workshops at the Reflection Center (and so much more) should receive more attention for the work they are doing for UVU. I want to direct students to these resources and make them easily accessible for anyone and everyone who may feel stresses that are hindering their ability to be successful in their academics, hobbies, and social life. In encouraging students to utilize the many resources campus has to offer, we will have the data to show the state legislature that funding for mental health resources matters.
  3. Honesty and Integrity: It is common that members of UVUSA attend board meetings that deal with different issues on and off campus. It would be my priority as Student Body President to release updates and important information to students about progress being made on administrative initiatives, building/department funding, and plans for the future of UVU as quickly as possible. I would also like to involve a wider variety of students on these boards so that we are trying our best to accurately represent the diverse students we have. Being honest about progress and following through on promises is something that I would deem important in any leader, so it only makes sense that it will be extremely important for me. These are qualities that I would also look for while interviewing for the full UVUSA council.


  1. This year I have had the amazing opportunity to be a member of UVU's Executive Service Council within the Center for Social Impact. I started getting involved at the Center for Social Impact by attending an Alternative Spring Break in the Redwoods of California. I was immediately drawn to the open-mindedness and inclusivity of the Center's Advisors and members of Service Council. In and out of the office, I have worked to maintain and nurture an atmosphere of transparency, kindness, and respect with my fellow council members. My job is to develop publicity plans for events such as the Clothesline Project, Hunger Banquet, Lip Sync for Literacy, and Service Socials. In this position I am able to lead a publicity team, attend weekly trainings on social impact, and (my personal favorite) interact with the diverse student body here at Utah Valley University.
  2. I am currently working as a graphic designer for the UVUSA office. This has allowed me to work with the current UVUSA advisors, Executive Council, Full Council, Club Ambassadors, and Green Team on design projects that are heavily deadline based. This job also requires an understanding of the organizational structure within the UVUSA office. Because of this position I have increased my capability to communicate professionally, hit deadlines, and balance multiple tasks at once. Although I wholeheartedly love my job designing, my favorite part of work is that I am constantly getting to meet new faces in the office.
  3. This is my second year as a member of the Wolverine Ambassador Program, so I pretty much know campus resources like the back of my hand (and if I don't know, I know where to find the information I need). In the Ambassador Program I get to visit local high schools to advocate for the importance of higher education, give campus tours (that include a plethora of dad jokes), and have found the closest 60+ friends I will ever have! The best part about being a member of this program is to see the light in someone's eyes COMPLETELY turn on when they realize that pursuing a higher education is possible, and that UVU will do everything it can to make that a possibility. It has opened my eyes to the problems that non-traditional and traditional students alike may face, and has made me a strong supporter of our dual-mission here on campus.
  4. As an Art & Design major, it is crucial that I can problem solve in a creative way. It's been said many times that you can't receive different results from doing what you've always been doing: without a creative approach to problems, things will remain stagnant. The current Executive Council has done a remarkable job in solving campus-wide issues in new ways (ex. recognizing students as Wolverine of the Week to increase unity amongst students, raising awareness of campus resources with Tips & Tricks, having the first ever State of the Students address, etc). I would love to use my creativity to further the work that is being done and make changes where students deem it is needed.
  5. Although this sounds corny, and I truly hate that, I really have harbored the DEEPEST love for the people of UVU these past two years. It's actually been a joke between a friend and I that whenever I see someone I know the following things happen: I immediately yell their name excitedly, wave incessantly, and usually the conversation ends with you are my favorite person and I love you THE most. She jokes that I can only have one favorite, but I can honestly say that I mean the things I say every. single. time. Whoever I am in contact with truly is the most important thing in that moment. I genuinely have harbored the greatest love and respect for all of the faculty, staff, and students at UVU, and I always want the student body to feel heard and supported.

Executive Vice President-2020 Candidates

Bjorn Engebrestsen

portrait of Bjorn Engeberten

About Bjorn

  • Senior, Majoring in Biology
  • Facebook: Bjorn Engebretsen
  • Instagram: @adam_bjorn2468
  • email: 10783758@my.uvu.edu 

I am a Pre-Med student studying Biology. I genuinely love to serve others. Serving people gives me endless purpose, driving me to be the better version of myself. I have been serving in the Utah National Guard for the past 5 years. The last 2.5 years, I have been training with UVU ROTC. This service has given me years of leadership experiences. We train to be the most proficient, efficient, and successful leaders we can be. By running numerous training exercises, and training in various leadership styles and techniques, I have learned the power of a team, and the importance of each individual within that team. The military is comprised of a great diversity of people. The years I have served has taught me the importance of perspective, and diversity within the teams. During the summer of 2019, I was able to apply my leadership styles during cadet summer training camp for 5 weeks at Fort Knox, Kentucky. With this experience, I would be able to improve and support each member of the UVUSA team so we can all maximize the support towards the students of UVU. Through my years at UVU I have had various positions within the Center for Social Impact. I have been a trip leader for the Portland, Oregon, Alternative Spring Break trip. I was able to lead a group of 14 students and serve the people of Portland experiencing homelessness. This experience taught me how precious people are, and the influence each individual can have. The power of listening can bring powerful change. I would bring this perspective, and experience, to UVUSA and ensure the members of UVUSA remember the importance of a single voice, and the importance of listening. This last year I have been able to be support the Center for Social Impact by being the Vice President of Internal Affairs. In this position I have been able to support student coordinators who run various volunteer programs that partner with community partners throughout the valley. I have planned and conducted various events that support the student body to aid them in their desire to volunteer, and serve in various capacities. I have been tasked with measuring social impact within these events and programs. This improved my skills to be organized and unbiased while dealing with qualitative and quantitative data that supports the Center for Social Impact with future funds and future programs as the center continues to grow to support more students seeking volunteer opportunities, and those seeking to make a social impact. I have volunteered and worked in numerous medical positions that have taught me the importance of being a professional. There is a certain level of trust between medical professionals and patient. I have been able to witness this trust, and nurture it throughout my experiences. I would use this professionalism and trust with the concerns each student may have. I know each students’ concerns and issues are unique, just as each patients’ medical situations are unique. People first, mission always.

Plans if elected into office:

  1. Unity: UVU is unique as the student population is one of the most diverse within the state. I want to continue to grow the unity within the student body population by improving our school pride with branding throughout UVU and the surrounding community.
  2. Proper Representation: Acknowledging the diversity here, I find it an extreme importance to insure each group within UVU can be properly represented. I will ensure their voices are heard, and shared throughout the decision processes.
  3. Students Voice: I will personally, actively listen to the concerns of our great student body. I will facilitate transparent communication from the students to the proper committees.
  4. Honesty: I will make it of extreme importance to remain honest and true to the student body, and do my best to let every student know of their rights and opportunities they have as a student here at UVU.
  5. Team Work: I will do my best to keep the UVUSA as a unified team to ensure we are performing our best in representing the student body.


  1. Great focus and dedication.
  2. Highly organized. 
  3. A great love of serving people.
  4. Goal and task driven. 
  5. Endless desire to learn from others, and learn more of others. 

Vice President of Academic Senate-2020 Candidates

Michael Silva 

portrait of Micahel Silva

About Michael 

  • Freshman, Majoring in Family and Marriage Therapy
  • Facebook: Michael Silva 
  • Email: SilvaMA932@gmail.com 

I grew up in California and love the beach, and when I moved to Utah in middle school I fell in love with the mountains. If you like hikes or backpacking call me up! I love sports and being active, but books and drawing also intrigue me. The thing I enjoy the most is a good conversation, and simply learning what other people enjoy and have learned. I love a good puzzle or learning something new. I'm the oldest of 4 kids. And we live with an awesome black lab named Roxy. From my dad's hispanic side, I have come to truly enjoy pupusas from El Salvador, but I also love chocolate-covered pineapple. My favorite quote is: Venture on...the best is yet to come. -Rick Taylor

Plans if elected into office:

  1. Understanding that there are a lot of backgrounds from transferring schools, beginning school, and coming back to school, I aim to improve what quality each kind of student receives in their school experience.
  2. I aim to understand both parties, the Deans and the students, and relay interests so they can both benefit from their interests and needs.
  3. A key part of life is connection. We desire to feel connected, and feel supported, and two of those ways to feel connected are the events we attend, and the cost we pay to become connected. I will work to have these events be beneficial, and that the costs and fees will be to aid your college experience.


  1. ADAPTABILITY: As a freshman I feel very comfortable with change and learning new things. Growing up I have moved multiple times in my teenage years and have learned to find the resources to make the most out of a situation. I have learned to give my best, while also being open to the foreknowledge of others so as to make the most of any situation.
  2. LEADERSHIP: Throughout those phases when I moved, I was elected and appointed to positions to lead youth, children and adults, giving me a ride range of needs and concerns and learning how to best help them. This includes an LDS mission to Chicago: one of the great lesson there was helping people in a stressful situation, and remaining calm.
  3. PERSEVERENCE: Through wrestling and a lung surgery, I can see how important it is to stay consistent. If you dont practice, you lose potential skill; if you dont medicate, you receive great pain. Understanding the process of small things really brings in the big results.


Dallin Warnick

portrait of Dallin Warnick

About Dallin

Hi! I'm Dallin Warnick, I'm currently loving my experience as a wolverine here at UVU. I have learned to love this school and its many opportunities for growth. Because of my meaningful experience at this wonderful school it is my wish to pay the generosity of this school forward by serving the students that have already done so much for me. I am from colorful Colorado, but was born locally in Provo. I have an amazing family with four siblings, and two amazing parents that to whom I owe everything. I love the outdoors, and enjoy backpacking, skiing, fishing, and hunting. I'm also a huge fan of sports. I played rugby, tennis, and swam in high school, and have recently started to play and enjoy pickle ball. I consider myself pretty well rounded especially with my taste in music. I love it all! I can play the guitar and ukulele and developed a love for writing music on my mission. Before UVU I would never have counted myself as a participant in opportunity. However when I came here I saw how much opportunity was available! I knew that I would regret not participating in the many potential experiences and growing opportunities I could have a UVU. After serving in the Student Senate for two semesters I really gained an appreciation for student leadership and learned the importance of the student body, and its voice. Our voices as students are imperative in our academic experience, and I can promise that yours will be heard. Above all my primary objective as Vice President of Academics is to help all students at UVU have a positive academic experience by increasing the influence of their voice and opinion. It is extremely important to me that every student receives the awareness of and gets equal opportunity to accept the many opportunities and resources provided here on campus. In my experience of serving on the All Senate of UVU I have learned how much this school does to make you, the student, a successful and inspiring graduate. I would be honored to be an advocate for you in this process.

Plans if elected into office:

  1. Increase the amount of representation of student voice in school forums.
  2. Increase the awareness of the different kinds of academic resources found at UVU.
  3. Keep the student body aware of potential changes to their academic experience.
  4. Build a more effective connection between students, and faculty and administration.
  5. Create a stronger network and relationship between student organizations, and administration.


  1. I have served in the senate as a department representative for the Vice President of Academics. I understand school government, and have participated in several projects to help students at UVU have a positive academic experience.
  2. I became the assistant to the Vice President of Academics this semester. Because I work closely with the Vice President of Academics I know the schedule, the responsibilities, and what it takes to hold this position in student government.
  3. I have experienced additional leadership opportunities on my mission that contributed to the skills I currently possess.
  4. I have a determined, and go-getting personality that will benefit the students of this school. This position means the world to me, and for that reason I will take it very seriously, and do what it takes to help students at UVU.

Lucy Watson

portrait of Lucy Watson

About Lucy

Hey, guys, I’m Lucy! At any given time, there’s a good chance you can catch me drinking Coke or eating Hint of Lime chips with Guac (I might have a small problem). I LOVE watching the Bachelor with my friends and getting way too invested… I believe that with the right people you can have fun doing just about anything! I grew up in Iowa but moved to Utah in 2015 right after high school to start a Cosmetology school in Provo. I loved my year getting licensed as a cosmetologist, but felt like I needed something more. I started the next semester at UVU and could not have been happier with that decision! I quickly learned that UVU is a special place and I wanted to be as involved as possible. I have served in leadership positions my whole life, in school, church, or extracurricular activities, and I love it. I believe there is power in education, and it’s empowering to know that you have a say in your education. As Vice President of Academics, I want to advocate for student success and ensure that each student is receiving the education they deserve. My personal goal is to help others reach their idea of success in any way I can! That’s the main reason I have spent the past 5 semesters mentoring students. This has given me the chance to get to know students on an individual level and form a working relationship where we push each other to reach our potential! I want to help make sure that everyone on campus, faculty, and students, are striving to be their best and helping others along the way. Vote Lucy for VP of Academics!!

Plans if elected into office:

  1. Make it easier for students to find information about resources and how to access them. 
  2. Increase the level of input students have in their own education.
  3. Create a community of encouragement and support. 
  4. Increase communication between faculty, staff, and students. 


  1. Current Department Representative for University College and UVUSA. In this position, I meet with my assigned Senator, fellow representatives, and department chairs to discuss the needs of our students and advocate for them and their education.
  2. Experience for 2.5 years as a Math Mentor and Team Lead. As a mentor, I have been able to help students gain the confidence and skills needed to succeed in their courses. As a team lead, I help train new mentors, work with my team to continually build skills, and show fellow mentors how to help the students in their classes. These experiences have allowed me to get to know students on a closer level, understand their struggles, and be able to help them to the best of my ability.
  3. Knowledgeable about campus resources and information. My time as a mentor and as a student at UVU has given me many opportunities to become familiar with our amazing resources on campus!
  4. Passion for UVU and it’s students! If there is anything I want people to know about me, it’s that I LOVE UVU!!! My entire time at UVU has revolved around helping those around me succeed.


Vice President of Student Activities-2020 Candidates

Marisa Crist

portrait of Marisa Crist

About Marisa

  • Sophomore, Majoring in Behavioral Science and Minoring in Autism Studies
  • Facebook: Marisa Crist
  • Instagram: @Marisamcrist
  • Snapchat: Marisacrist
  • Email: marisamailecrist@gmail.com 

Marisa Crist is a sophomore studying behavioral science with a minor in autism studies. She has loved her experience at Utah Valley University and is excited to see the university continue to grow. Marisa grew up in Orem and attended Mountain View High School where she participated in volleyball, choir, and volunteered with students who have special needs. She enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and Goldendoodle, Winston. Marisa’s freshman year, she volunteered on the green team with UVUSA, where she helped coordinate events for non-traditional students. She currently serves as the Traditions Chair where she implements student success, opportunities, and inclusivity into every event she carries out. Wolverine Bingo, Emerald Ball, and Mr. UVU pageant are some of the events Marisa planned to instill pride among all students. Marisa has successfully broken attendance records at every event she has facilitated as the Traditions chair and is excited to set the bar higher in 2020. Marisa is running for Vice President of Activities because she is passionate about helping students to create a positive experience during their time here at UVU. Marisa loves UVU and chose UVU because of the inclusive nature, the focus on student success, and opportunities UVU provides its students. Marisa wants to keep those qualities in the activities she will carry out in UVUSA to help others have that positive experience. As VP of activities, Marisa looks forward to contributing to UVU’s mission of student success.

Plans if elected into office:

  1. More Involvement: I will work to Increase student retention by continuing to promote opportunities for students to get involved on campus. Doing so will allow more students to have a positive experience here at Utah Valley University.
  2. More Inclusivity: Create more inclusive activities by collaborating with other organizations on campus. Specifically, working with LGBTQ+ Student Services, Multicultural, and International Student Councils, and Women’s Success center to promote inclusivity at activities.
  3. More Feedback: Engaging student feedback through surveys at all activities and by holding forums regarding UVUSA activities. Student fees are used to fund activities, that’s why making student feedback is my priority.
  4. More Safety: Increase student safety at events by collaborating more effectively with campus emergency services. Feeling safe at activities allows students to have better experiences here on campus.
  5. More Community: Utah Valley University has a growing population of non-traditional students. Often, these students are unaware of events, specifically those geared towards non-traditional students and families. For this reason, it is imperative to collaborate with the community to increase awareness and quality of these events.


  1. Serves as current Traditions Chair on the activities branch. (UVUSA)
  2. Volunteered on Special Events Green Team where she helped plan and facilitate events for non-traditional students
  3. Planned and carried out traditions that have set records in attendance and plans to carry that out through all UVUSA activities.
  4. Selected to be on the Students Projects Team on the Planning Committee for the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) Convention.
  5. As a first-generation student, Marisa's unique perspective has enabled her to reach out and connect with other non-traditional, and traditional students.
We the People

Elections Info

Information about the election rules and process. 

Elections Packet