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Congratulations to the 2018 Student Body Officers!

2018 Election Results

General Information

With the many ways to get involved at UVU there is definitely something for everyone! One of those is to run for a student body officer position within the Utah Valley University Student Association. There are four positions available: Student Body President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Academic Senate, Vice President of Student Activities. Together with the Vice President of Clubs (elected by the Inter Club Council) and the Chief of Staff (appointed by the Student Body President), these student officers serve as the Executive Student Council overseeing the UVUSA Student Council.

These positions represent the student voice across campus as they assess, express, and address student issues to campus administration. They develop and promote campus programming, strive to educate students about resources available to them, and advocate for student needs.

Application packets to run are available online and in the UVUSA office, SL 122. Candidates are elected by the general student body (any student registered for 1+ credits, concurrent enrollment students are not eligible to vote) and voting will take place February 25-March 1, 2019.

Learn more about the elections process, officer position, responsibilities, and requirements.

UVUSA Elections Packet

Important Dates

  • Candidacy Declaration Press Conference: January 31, 2019 | 3pm | SL 114
  • Candidate Panel: February 20, 2019 | Noon | Centre Stage
  • Voting for Primary Election: February 25-26, 2019 | M: 8am-9pm T: 8am-8pm
  • Announcement of Primary Elections Results: February 26, 2019 | 9pm | SL 114
  • Voting for Final Election: February 27-March 1, 2019 | W/TH: 8am-9pm F: 8am-12pm
  • Announcement of Elected Officers: March 1, 2019 | 2pm | SL 114

**In the case that there are 5 or less candidates running per position a primary election will not be held. Voting will take place February 25-27, 2019 (M/T: 8am-9pm | W: 8am-4pm) and the elected officers will be announced on February 27, 2019 at 6pm in SL 114.


Any current student is permitted to file a grievance regarding the misconduct of a candidate. Grievances will be reviewed by the Elections Committee and any necessary penalties will be issued. Please note that there is not a prescribed rubric in addressing consequences of grievances and any penalties issued are at the discretion of the Elections Committee.

Grievance Form

Candidate Information

2019 Student Body Officer Candidate information includes a personal bio and plans for office if they are elected. All content is self disclosed and provided by each individual candidate. Any additional questions regarding their qualifications and plans for office can be answered by each candidate directly via email. Candidate Information will be updated the first week of February 2019. 

Student Body President-2018 Candidates

Anthony Collins

portrait of Anthony Collins

About Anthony

  • Senior, Majoring in Biochemistry
  • Facebook: Anthony4UVU
  • Instagram: Anthony4UVU
  • email: Anthony.Collins@uvu.edu

Anthony Collins moved to Orem from Sonoma County, California. After visiting Utah for the first time, he fell in love with the beautiful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. Soon after moving to Utah, Anthony enrolled at Utah Valley University. He is currently pursuing a Biochemistry degree with the goal to achieve an MD. Throughout his three years at UVU, it has turned into a home for him.

Anthony chose to run for Student Body President with the goal of representing students to help make UVU a home for all. Anthony has been involved in a variety of organizations throughout UVU because of his love in helping people find and achieve their passions and to aid him in his continuous pursuit of self- progression. The organizations that he has been involved in include: Wolverine Ambassadors, Center for the Advancement of Leadership, Utah Valley University Honors Program, UVU Clubs as Swolverines Club President, and Academic Senate within UVU student government.

In his free time, you might find him watching funny animal videos, at the gym picking stuff up and putting it back down, or eating junk food.

Plans if elected into office

  1. Increase Student Government’s collaboration with students: Student Government’s top priority needs to be outreach in order to effectively represent all students. To do this, there needs to be an increase in communication between all campus organizations, students, and student government. We also need to make sure we hear from all students such as, but not limited to, students of different cultural backgrounds, students in all areas of study, international students, LGBTQ (+ other identifiers), non-traditional students, and traditional students.
  2. Amplify student voice and student representation throughout campus to promote positive change that will increase campus involvement and pride: This University is committed to student success. In order to achieve this commitment, the students need to have a voice in administrative decisions. By improving the student-administration relationship and communication, there will be an increase in positive change. As the student voice is further recognized and heard to create these changes, it will inspire others to be involved. Therefore, as involvement increases and improvements are made, school pride will follow.
  3. Get rid of status quo expectations: We all know the definition of insanity, if we are always continuing on that path, improvement will not take place. Student Government needs to always be looking for improvement internally just as much as they are looking to improve our university.


  1. Has a strong understanding of how student government functions by serving for a year in student government within Academic Senate.
  2. Furthering my leadership experience to prepare for this position through: serving on student government, being a member of the Center for the Advancement of Leadership, President of the Swolverines Club, and through representing our university as a Wolverine Ambassador.
  3. Furthering my academic pursuit and making connections throughout campus in the UVU Honors Program.
  4. Served as Grievance Co-chair within UVU Elections Committee 2017.
  5. Dedicated and hard-working student that has maintained a perfect GPA.

Marc Reynolds

portrait of Marc Reynolds

About Marc

  • Senior, Majoring in Outdoor Recreation Management with a Minor in Spanish
  • Facebook: Marc Reynolds
  • Instagram: marclefty
  • Snapchat: marclefty
  • Email: marc.reynolds01@gmail.com

Hey! Marc here! I'm a 25 year-old Outdoor Recreation Management Major, minoring in Spanish. Basically, I want to be Ron Swanson and direct an entire city’s Parks and Rec department. I’ve been a part of the UVU Honors Program for the last two years, and I have worked hard to be on the Dean’s List for the last year. This past October, I married my beautiful wife, Jensen, and we are having so much fun with our two adopted bunnies, Theo and Clyde. I was raised by two outstanding parents in Taylorsville, Utah, and had three older brothers to rough me up when I was being a punk. As a youngster I spent the majority of my time playing baseball. When I wasn’t playing baseball in the winter, I was on the court playing basketball. I have been a Boston Red Sox fan for a long time, but I’ve been a Utah Jazz fan since birth! After graduating high school, I worked for Great Harvest Bread Company as a baker where I perfected my cookie recipe that was eventually and is currently sold as “Marc’s Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies”. When I have extra time amidst work and school, I like to get outside to hike, backpack, or camp either in our gorgeous Utah mountains or the five wonderful National Parks that we’re blessed with in this state. Despite my love for the outdoors, I don’t mind staying in and watching Netflix or playing board games - some of which include Betrayal At House On the Hill, Risk, and my guilty pleasure, Dungeons and Dragons. All in all, I’m just an ordinary guy wanting to do extraordinary things for the school I love. If you want to take a peek at my life, hit me up on instagram @marclefty, or better yet, to brighten up your timeline by following our bunnies @theo_and_clyde

Plans if elected into office

  1. Transparency: As Student Body President, I commit to send monthly emails to students detailing what we've accomplished as a Student Council and what we plan to do for students moving forward. As a part of these emails, in these emails, I will also include "Tips 'n Tricks" for students in order to provide resources, life skills, and campus help.
  2. Consistency: "Say Hey to UVUSA" is currently an event that Student Government hosts. As Student Body President, I will make this a top priority by having Student Council members present in the halls to meet students and address their concerns, while promoting committees and events.
  3. Involvement: Through my platform of consistency, I plan to continue to involve students of diverse backgrounds and cultures, traditional and nontraditional, to be a part of campus and to ensure that their voices are heard by Student Council and passed on to faculty members.


  1. Member of the UVU Honors Program.
  2. Engaged, non-traditional student.
  3. Appointment to the Exercise Science/Outdoor Recreation Dean's List.
  4. Mature, level-headed, and creative thinker.

Taylor Larsen

portrait of Taylor Larsen

About Taylor

  • Junior, Majoring in Fine Arts: Art and Design
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009080669915
  • Instagram: trlarsen
  • email: TLarsen@uvu.edu

I am pursuing a BFA in painting and drawing at Utah Valley University. I love the education and training I have received at UVU and I’m eager and hopeful in the future of this school. I love traveling and being exposed to other cultures, religions, beliefs and values and I seek to have personal, meaningful experiences, which in turn fuel my passion to continue moving forward. My goal in life is to love and serve others. My greatest memories stem from the vulnerable, true friendships I've made with educators and peers here at this university. I echo the words of the post impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh when he said, “I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.” Coming from an artistic background, I am frequently looking for ways to expand my creative knowledge and to think and do things outside the status quo. If anything, the arts have instilled in me a passion for truth and exploration, and my background in theater, film, and studio arts are the reason for my academic success. I pledge to use this passion as a means to further the universities already in place goals to cultivate an environment of engaged learning, serious excellence, and to maintain an inclusive environment.

Plans if elected into office

  1. UVU, students learn, do, and become. I will give my all to the initiative already in place of "engaged learning", and will strive to be fully committed to helping not only the university grow, but the community as well.
  2. Given that a third of UVU's students are over the age of 25, and many are employed and even part time students, I will seek for ways to further increase the rate of graduation and assist any student, as a friend, in their journey here at UVU. I am interested in the success of others, and believe that by making myself known and available to students, we can continue to raise our vision and succeed triumphantly!


  1. UVUSA member of Academic Senate, School of the Arts Senator.
  2. Problem solver and public speaker.
  3. Efficient at managing time, and using time wisely.
  4. Able to handle difficult situations well.
  5. Willing and able to counsel and communicate in an effective, professional manner.

Tong Li

portrait of Tong Li

About Tong

  • Sophomore, Majoring in Criminal Justice
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tong.li.505
  • Email: tongli1996@yahoo.com

I was born in Hulunbuir, China in 1996. When I was four years old, my family immigrated to New York, where I spent the most important years of my life becoming the man I am today. During my adolescence, I was very involved in my local government, having interned for both my town council as well as my US representative. After I became an adult, I lost my path in life for a while. At various points in the past five years, I was a warehouse worker, an Army cadet, a movie ticket vendor, and a traveler, eventually landing here in Utah. Through my life experiences and travels, I have learned that all people deserve a devoted, loyal public servant to listen to their needs and do whatever they can to make a positive difference in life. I firmly support all hard working students who want to expand their knowledge of the world, and I have no tolerance for any discrimination or bigotry. If I am elected, I will do all that I can to reduce the financial burden of paying for education, while offering my wholehearted support to all students, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or ethnic background.

"Plans if elected into office

  1. Increase the number and monetary amount of scholarships available to students for financial aid, academic success, diversity purposes, etc.
  2. Support initiatives to increase the racial and cultural diversity of the student body. Create an office which helps support and protect undocumented students, and prevent the UVU campus police from enforcing federal immigration laws on campus.
  3. Lobby the state legislature of Utah for more financial support, and possibly even the creation of a scholarship program similar to New York's Excelsior Scholarship, which drastically reduces tuition to any student who pledges to work and live in Utah after graduation.
  4. Hire more mental health professionals to assist students in need of counseling.
  5. I will ensure the safety of students on the UVU campus by lobbying the State Legislature to enact stricter gun laws to prevent such tragedies such as Sandy Hook or Parkland from occurring on UVU's campus. In the meantime, I will also take whatever unilateral actions I can to reduce the presence of guns on campus, such as advocating for the immediate expulsion of any student who brandishes or negligently discharges a firearm at UVU.


  1. I served as a Congressional Intern for Representative Nita Lowey (D-NY)
  2. I also served as an intern for the Greenburgh, NY town government, working on a recycling program
  3. I was formerly the Vice President for the UVU Green Club
  4. I have a 4.0 GPA, which shows my hard work, dedication, and intelligence
  5. As a first-generation immigrant from China, I will provide a new cultural perspective to an office traditionally held by white, US born, LDS people

Executive Vice President-2018 Candidates

Gage Marberger

portrait of Gage Marberger

About Gage

  • Junior, Majoring in Business Management
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/VoteGageUVU
  • Instagram: @g_marberger
  • Twitter: @g_marberger
  • #VoteGageUVU
  • email: votegageuvu@gmail.com

Gage Marberger is a proud wolverine from South Ogden, UT. His love for UVU is compared only to his love for America, Coca-Cola and maybe Chick-fil-a. Gage loves to spend his free time binge watching Netflix and of course, spending time with his friends and family. He is a loyal Hufflepuff and a celebrated finalist of the UVU Harry Potter Horcrux Hunt. Gage is in his junior year at UVU studying Business Management. Gage has a passion for student engagement that is evident through his dedication to UVU. Gage has been apart of student government since sixth grade, and last year he served as the Activities Chair planning activities and events that were record breaking. Currently Gage serves as the Chief of Staff to the Student Body President, working daily with the Student Body President, Executive Vice President and student council to ensure the mission of student government is being accomplished. You can often find Gage engaged in a mean game of Carpool Karaoke, rivaling only against himself, and the filters on Snapchat. If you wish to take a peek into his famous life on Instagram, you can find him at @g_marberger.

Plans if elected into office

  1. Engage: Gage's enthusiasm for student engagement at UVU is unmatched. He is dedicated to creating new ways for student engagement as UVU continues to grow. By being engaged at UVU, Gage has personally seen academic success. He firmly believes that student engagement provides opportunities for students to voice their opinions and excel academically.
  2. Visibility: Many students are unfamiliar of the efforts of student government at UVU and Gage wants to change that. Improved visibility and transparency of student government’s efforts is a top concern for Gage. The job of the Student Body Executive Vice President is to oversee the day-to-day operations of the UVUSA Student Council. Gage plans to increase transparency within student government by implementing more access to student government members and student government resources. By increasing student awareness of student government, Gage’s plan would allow a more transparent relationship between the student body at UVU and UVUSA.
  3. Support: The Executive Vice President oversees a branch of student liaisons representing various organizations of diverse students on campus. Gage sees supporting these student organizations as a crucial role in need of attention. He sees the positive outcomes when continuing to support and work openly with these growing diverse student organizations. Has attended multiple conferences and trainings celebrating the different cultures that are present in our UVU community. Some of these include National Student Leadership Diversity Convention, Utah Leadership Academy, National Association for Campus Activities and UVU’s Safe Zone Training.


  1. Experienced Engagement: Student engagement is not a new concept for Gage. While attending UVU, Gage has had the opportunity to serve in multiple capacities. Gage currently serves the student body as the Chief of Staff to the Student Body President, working daily with the Student Body President and Executive Vice President. He sits on various campus committees alongside fellow students and administrators, fighting for student representation as a dedicated advocate for student engagement. Prior to serving as the Chief of Staff, Gage served as the UVUSA Activities Chair during the 2016-17 school year, planning the schools largest student events such as Insomnia and Mardi Gras. While serving as the Activities Chair, Gage learned the importance of student involvement on campus and how involvement and engagement is different for each student.
  2. Dedicated and Driven: Gage's dedication to UVU's students does not stop at the door of the student government office. He is actively involved across campus through different organizations. He is dedicated to engage students in UVU's successful core themes of inclusion, engaged learning, serious, and student success. Gage goes above and beyond what is needed to complete a task with the hope that his dedication will inspire students to personally engage in their educational experience.

Vice President of Academic Senate-2018 Candidates

Kenzie Prows

portrait of Kenzie Prows

About Kenzie

  • Sophomore, Majoring in Legal Studies
  • Facebook: Mackenzie Prows
  • Instagram: @kenzieprows
  • Snapchat: @HottMammaProws
  • Twitter: @HottMammaProws
  • email: kenzieprows@gmail.com

My name is Mackenzie (Kenzie) Prows. I am majoring in Legal Studies in my second year here at Utah Valley University. I am originally from West Jordan Ut. I have one sibling: an adorable and sassy sister named Tatianna. I am a suicide survivor and advocate of mental health. My hobbies include, but are not limited to running, writing poetry and comedy, event planning, and the occasional Irish dancing. Like an onion I have many layers to my personality that lets me be both professional and a party animal whenever the occasion calls for it. I can’t separate my life from my passion because they are one in the same. I have had the opportunity to be involved in the CAL and Ambassador program, be a volunteer and Fine Arts Chair on UVUSA, and have recently taken a position in the modeling club presidency. Personal mantras include “You CAN do hard things” “Work smarter, not harder” I want to make UVU a better place because it has made me a better person.

Plans if elected into office

  1. Facilitate individual college surveys and focus groups to aid in getting student feedback.
  2. Create a defined, organized, and functioning structure for department representatives.
  3. Help make students aware of academic resources available to them on campus through various outreach methods (one-on-one basis, videos, social media, university websites, etc.)
  4. Publish statistical surveys, reports, forums, and focus group results on the Student Government website.
  5. Strengthen relationships and collaborative efforts with college administrators concerning department projects, lectures, and student/policy concerns.


  1. I currently serve on Student Council in UVUSA as the Fine Arts Chair.
  2. As a freshman, I was actively involved and volunteered with UVUSA.
  3. I have served as a Wolverine Ambassador for Prospective Student Services.
  4. I have a one-year certification in the Center for the Advancement of Leadership Program.
  5. Two years ago, I served as the Senior Class Vice President of my high school.

Vice President of Student Activities-2018 Candidates

Rudy Alba

portrait of Rudy Alba

About Rudy

  • Junior, Majoring in Math Education with a Minor in Digital Media
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/rudyealba
  • Instagram: @uvu2019
  • Snapchat: @orimar1992
  • Twitter: @uvu2019
  • email: ramiro.alba@uvu.edu

My name is Ramiro Alba, but I have always gone by Rudy. I am working on my Math Education major with a minor in Digital Media. I am from Moab, UT, but lived in other places like Logan, UT; Ogden, UT; Las Vegas, NV; Farmington, NM; and even in Kentucky, Ohio, and Florida for a summer. I have been attending UVU for almost three years and automatically fell in love the first time I stepped foot on campus. I thought I wanted to be a film director or an accountant, but UVU helped me realize that I wanted to be a math teacher. I have run into problems where my siblings are having trouble in math because of the way they are taught. I want to make a change to that and hope to have future high school students love math. I also plan to get a masters and work in a collegiate environment. Being a student who was not involved with any student organization in high school, I vowed to myself that when I started college I would become more involved in any way I can. I started off with two volunteer opportunities when I started at UVU. I was a committee member with the Special Events Chair, but offered my assistance with the other chairs. I also became a recruitment ambassador for the Prospective Student Services. I went around to local high schools and talked about how great UVU is and the amazing opportunities we have. The following two years I got an awesome opportunity to become a Residential Engagement Coordinator. I got to live at a UVU contracted complex and plan events twice a month for the residents. We were also the link between them and the school by bringing different resources UVU has to offer. When I am not working on REC or helping out at a UVUSA events, I am working at the movie theater as a Department Leader, watching free movies at the theater, or at home playing video games, watching Hulu or Netflix, and reading if none of the above seem interesting. My love for UVU and my passion for student involvement wants to make sure that the student body have similar experiences.

Plans if elected into office

  1. Make sure that whoever gets involved with UVUSA, whether they are a committee member, senator, or a chair in the activities branch, that they want to stay with us for the year.
  2. I want to make The Den Task Force regain its strength by more constant meetings with the possibility of new organizations of joining and better communication.
  3. Increase attendance than previous years.
  4. Continue with more innovative and creative ideas for advertising from paper to digital.
  5. Find ways to get feedback on all events that UVUSA hosts and really listen and try to incorporate those ideas for the years to come!


  1. My experiences with UVUSA has given me some insight on how activities are planned and carried through.
  2. Being a Residential Engagement Coordinator gave me the skills and mindset of being a leader.
  3. Also being a supervisor at the movie theater has given me the hands on experience of looking over a team of 10+.
  4. REC and working at UVU has given me the understand of the tools that UVUSA uses such as the Google tools (Docs, Sheets, Gmail, Drive, etc.), Outlook, Orgsync, and even using my own personal planner.
  5. With the proper use of the tools needed, they have improved my time management tremendously since I graduated college in 2010.
  6. I also have a big passion towards student involvement. I want students (traditional and non-traditional) to build memories here at UVU. I want make an imprint on their lives that, I hope, will be passed down to their children, cousins, nephews, nieces, or any other family member.

Shayla Shaw

portrait of Shayla Shaw

About Shayla

  • Junior, Majoring in Family Studies with a Minor in Autism Studies
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/shayla.shaw
  • Instagram: shayshaw
  • Snapchat: shayshaw
  • Twitter: @shaylaalaa
  • Email: shayla.may.shaw@gmail.com

With a passion for her country and this institution, and a drive to serve the student body here at UVU, Shayla Shaw has chosen to run for VP of Student Activities to bring the very best experience back to the students! Shayla Shaw is fueled by a strong desire to bring the aspect of higher education into the same lense as student life and activities. One of the best applications of the college experience comes when a college degree is earned on the foundation of student involvement and fun? Excitement? Adventure? How about all of the above people.

Shayla Shaw has a strong background in event planning, organizational teamwork, and developed leadership skills through her previous involvement in other departments here on campus. She is currently earning her high leadership distinction through UVU’s premier leadership program, known also as the LEAD program. She has spent the last year with her involvement on campus as the Traditions Chair, breaking previous records in traditions activities. Additionally, she has been involved in managing a team of recruitment ambassadors, increasing UVU’s enrollment percentage by 6% over the last year. Neato. Wow.

Shayla is no stranger to the intense pressures similar to the formation of a beautiful, rare diamond. Being the diamond in the rough that she is (insert dramatic Aladdin Quote), in just 2 years at UVU, Shayla was brought on as a committee member where she was soarin and flyin with Troy Bolton. Her experience led her to her involvement with Wolverine Wednesday’s, fighting for Chick-Fil-A and those yummy J-Dawgs you all like. It was her intense drive to fight for your right to eat that brought her to assisting the VP of activities where she was prepared and trained for this position. She is ready people. She is ready. Know this, Shayla promises to never stray away from the foundational pillars that make UVU distinct: Student Success. Engaged. Inclusive. Serious. This isn’t the little leagues anymore people. It’s time to fight for what’s ours! Fun! Fight with Shayla for the VP of Activities. You won’t regret it.

Plans if elected into office

  1. Student Success- Henry Ford said, “When everyone is moving forward together, success takes care of itself.” I want to empower my branch to reach their full potential in all that they do, ie. academics, activities, personal goals. Their success will have a ripple effect on their constituents.
  2. Engaged - I plan to give students many opportunities through monthly initiatives to get involved and join the Green Team. They will work closely with the chairs and eventually plan an event of their own.
  3. Inclusivity - Collaborate with other organizations on campus to help facilitate a positive environment for everyone to feel they have a part in events. Thus forming a greater rapport with students and UVUSA.
  4. Serious - Designating two events per semester that focus on community issues such as, mental health, sexual assault awareness, etc.
  5. Promote School Pride - Create lifelong memories and experiences to enhance the students college experience with hopes that people will walk away from events being proud to be a Wolverine.
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