General Information

With the many ways to get involved at UVU, there is definitely something for everyone! One of the ways to get involved is to run for a Student Body Officer Position within the Utah Valley University Student Association. There are FOUR positions available: Student Body President, Vice President of Engagement, Vice President of Academics, Vice President of Student Activities. Together with the Parliamentarian (appointed by the Student Body President), these student officers serve as the Executive Student Council overseeing the UVUSA Student Council.

These positions represent the student voice across campus as they assess, express, and address student issues to campus administration. They develop and promote campus programming, strive to educate students about resources available to them, and advocate for student needs.

Candidates are elected by the general student body which is any student registered for 1+ credits. Concurrent enrollment students are not eligible to vote. Voting for 2024 is TBA.

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Learn more about the elections process, officer positions, responsibilities and requirements here.

UVUSA Elections Packet

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Important Dates

  • General Info. Sessions:
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  • Applications Due: TBA
  • Orientation and Rules Meeting: TBA
  • Candidacy Declaration Press Conference: TBA
  • Voting: TBA
  • Announcement of Elected Officers: TBA


Elections will be done through Ranked Choice Voting. This method allows voters to rank the candidates running for office in order of their preference. If a candidate receives the majority of first choices (51%), then they win the election. If no candidate gets a simple majority, then the candidate with the least amount of first choice votes will be removed from the race; voters who ranked a candidate as their first choice will then be represented by their second choice and so on until a majority vote is reached. This process eliminates the need for a primary election.

Student Voice


Any current UVU student is permitted to file a grievance regarding the misconduct of a candidate. Grievances will be reviewed by the Elections Committee and any necessary penalties will be issued. Please note that there is not a prescribed rubric in addressing consequences of grievances and any penalties issued are at the discretion of the Elections Committee.

Grievance Form

Sanction Appeals Form

2023-2024 Candidate Information

Get to know your UVUSA Executive Council Candidates! 2023-2024 Student Body Officer Candidate information includes a personal bio and plans for office if they are elected. All content is self disclosed and provided by each individual candidate. Any additional questions regarding their qualifications and plans for office can be answered by each candidate via email. Happy voting!


Cade Bloomer

Cade Bloomer


Hey UVU, I'm Cade Bloomer, and am running to be your next Student Body President! I am currently a junior studying political science. I currently serve as a UVU Ambassador and work at the Herbert Institute here at Utah Valley University. I am originally from Bountiful, Utah, and I enjoy running, reading books, and spending time with friends and family in my free time. I come from a family of six, with my family currently living in Africa on the Ivory Coast. I have been at Utah Valley University since the start of fall 2020 and was stressing the whole time, trying to figure out how I would afford college. Thankfully due to scholarships and work, I've been able to figure out how to afford higher education. Utah Valley University has been a big part of my life, teaching me my love of politics and allowing me to intern for the state legislature and congress. When I'm not in class, you can see me being involved in the community as a UVU Ambassador or working at the Herbert Institute. I attend our basketball games and was there when we took the win against BYU. I am excited to run for student body president because I can use my experience and skills to impact the student body positively. I am dedicated to listening to the concerns of students and working to find solutions that will benefit the entire university community. I am committed to transparency and open communication. I look forward to working with every student to make UVU great and enhance the student experience.


  1. Interactive Parking: As a commuter student, I understand students' stress and frustration when trying to find a parking spot on campus. To address this issue, I propose creating a live interactive parking system that will provide real-time updates on the availability of parking spots. This system will use sensors or cameras to detect parking spot availability, students can quickly and easily locate an open spot through the UVU mobile app or website. This will eliminate the need for students to arrive at school extremely early just to find a parking spot and reduce stress and frustration.
  2. Extra Exam Study Time: As a full-time student, I understand the challenges and stress students face when preparing for final exams, especially those who also have jobs outside of school. That's why I am proposing to add two additional days off of classes before exams. This would mean that the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday prior to exams will all be exam prep days. I would also establish a policy where all classwork is due by Tuesday the week prior to exams. This would give students a full five days to focus solely on studying for exams without the added stress of extra school work. I would work with students to advocate for their rights to adequate study time, and I would actively engage with the school administration and teachers to find a solution that considers the outside commitments of students, such as their jobs. By providing students additional time to study for exams and considering their outside commitments, we can improve their academic performance, reduce stress and anxiety, and support their success. This solution will significantly benefit the student body and help create a more positive and supportive learning environment.
  3. Enhancing Student Experience: I am committed to enhancing the student experience at our university. I plan to encourage more students to attend school events such as sports games, parties, and other social gatherings. To achieve this, I plan to implement a comprehensive outreach campaign. This will involve working with student organizations to create exciting and fun events that appeal to a wide range of students. I will also utilize social media platforms and other digital tools to spread the word about these events and increase student involvement. I will engage with the student body to gather feedback on what they would like to see regarding events and activities. This will help tailor events and initiatives to the interests and needs of the student body. Another way to enhance the student experience is by collaborating with the university administration to allocate more resources toward student events. This will allow us to create more significant, impactful events that students will want to attend and increase school spirit. I am committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive, and fun environment for all students. Through outreach, engagement, and collaboration, I am confident I can increase student participation and make our university more enjoyable.


  1. During my time at UVU, I have had the opportunity to immerse myself within the school in many areas. I currently work as a UVU ambassador, and I also work at the Herbert Institute, where I have developed valuable skills. As a UVU ambassador, I have the opportunity to give prospective students tours, share the importance of higher education, and assist first-generation students in their college journey. This experience has taught me the importance of clear communication and the power of mentorship, two skills that will be valuable in serving as your student body president. At the Herbert Insitute, I write research papers and host political events, which has taught me how to think critically and objectively about current events and get students involved locally in politics.

  2. Government Experience: As a former intern of the Utah State Legislature and a congressional intern, my government experience has taught me valuable skills that are directly applicable to the role of student body president. While working in the legislature, I learned the importance of effective communication and collaboration. I honed my ability to work with diverse groups to help find common ground and come to a resolution that benefits everyone. I also learned how to advocate for the needs and concerns of those I represent and effectively communicate with decision-makers to ensure their voices are heard. This experience will be invaluable in my role as student body president. As the student body's representative, it will be my responsibility to ensure that the needs and concerns of the students are heard and addressed. My government experience has equipped me with the skills and abilities necessary to be a successful student body president and make a positive impact on the students of our school.

  3. As a candidate for student body president, I would like to highlight my unique background as a qualification for the position. Growing up in South America, the Middle East, and South Africa, I have had the opportunity to witness and experience firsthand the struggles that students face on a global scale. I have seen poverty, the lasting effects of apartheid, and a multitude of world issues that have shaped my perspective and understanding of diversity and inclusion. This upbringing has equipped me with the empathy and understanding necessary to represent all students, regardless of race, sexual orientation, or country of origin. I believe that every student should have equal opportunities and support, and I am committed to working towards creating a more inclusive and equitable community on campus. My travels and experiences have taught me the importance of representation and advocacy for marginalized groups. I am ready to bring my unique perspective and experiences to the table as student body president, and to work tirelessly on behalf of all students to create a welcoming and inclusive environment at our university.

Ava Gonzalez

Ava Gonzalez


  • Junior, Majoring in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice 
  • Instagram: @_avagonzo_
  • Email: avagonzalez189@gmail.com 

Hey UVU! My name is Ava Gonzalez. I'm your Current Inclusion Chair for UVUSA. Some things about me is that I am an avid madlibs ninja and a 3x thumb war champion (not trying to flex). As well, I am the women who is willing to fight for UVU students. As a Blue Star Family Member, I have had experiences living all around the country which makes my love for Utah County deeper. Wolverines, allow me to help move this campus forward and create a safe space where all students can thrive and flourish.

Plans if elected into office:

  1. Make Student Resources Transparent: UVU has resources that our neighboring Universities do not. The issue that I have found, is that students have to dig around to find them. Campus resources should be transparent, you shouldn't have to do the hokey pokey to find them. I will use the Presidential role to work on a way to elevate and promote our resources.
  2. Accessibility: To me accessibility means inclusivity and equitability that creates the opportunity for all students to maximize their UVU experience. Once elected, inclusivity and equitability in every domain will be my number one priority. Using my skills as UVUSA Inclusion Chair will help build this foundation and roll out new ideas and goals for UVU's accessibility.
  3. Everyone Deserves an Affordable Education: Increasing the amount of FAFSA outreach education for students will help students stay in classrooms and receive the resources they need. I will work with the Financial Aid offices and officers to create a better point of contact and increase education on the resources available for students.

  4. "No problem too small" - Leslie Knope  No matter how small the problem may seem to someone else if it's important to you it's important to me. The betterment of campus life starts with even the smallest adjustments. If you have direct changes you would like to see in this next year feel free to reach out to me either via socials or email!


  1. Current UVUSA Inclusion Chair : This past year I have had the absolute pleasure of serving the student body as Inclusion chair. My position has allowed me to get to know what the students needs are at the core. My firm belief is there is no problem too small. Over this year I have been able to work on various campaigns and initiatives that better the student experience . One being a sexual education collaboration with student wellness programs and another ongoing initiative is for a student lead celebration of life/ memorial for the wolverines who have passed. This experience has helped me gain knowledge and perspective on what I can do to better campus life as your student body president.

  2. ENACT: Eliminating the Normalization of Abuse as Cultural-Together. In the summer of 2020, I founded my organization ENACT which provides free therapeutic and legal support to young women in marginalized communities, simply put, we offer resources to any young woman who is facing adversity. My organization has helped me broaden what diversity looks like, and that everyone has experienced trials and deserves a healing space. It is my goal as Student body President to implement my program on campus to provide resources for students to feel seen, heard, and supported. https://wgcnwa.org/enact/

  3. I am involved with various organizations across Utah County that are dedicated to improving Utahns' life. Having been involved in various pageant organizations, I have been able to promote my personal passions as well as get to know the Valley. Through those opportunities, I have been able to share my love of UVU across the state and in front of many. I know I am someone who is unconditionally dedicated to elevating others. No project or idea is ever just “lip service”. Through grit, tenacity, and compassion, I get things done. Always leaving things better than I found them. As a University, we have come so far in such little time and together we can continue this trajectory of positive change.

Zac Whitlock 

Zac Whitlock


  • Sophomore, Majoring in Personal Finance Planning with a minor in Business Management
  • Instagram: @zac.whitlock
  • Email: zwhitlock15@gmail.com 


What's up UVU!! My name is Zac Whitlock, and currently, your Woodbury School of Business Senator, and I am running to be your Student Body President! I grew up in Highland Utah, just up the road from campus. I was blessed with an amazing family! I have 3 older brothers, who toughened me up as a kid and who always pushed me to be better. And I have the best younger sister who inspires me to be the best version of myself. I love sports, music, plays, movies, politics, traveling, and the outdoors. You may have seen me in the halls talking to people or passing out flyers, I may have caught you off guard when you were jamming to music. I love to talk to people, especially people who have different perspectives than I do. I have been able to spend time with, serve, and learn from people from all over the world who have inspired me in so many ways. I have always had ambitious goals, and at times I didn’t think I would be able to achieve them. However, through my involvement in many different organizations on campus including the ambassador program, the student council at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Institute of Religion, and as the Senator for the business school, and with the help of amazing professors I have been able to accomplish more than I could have ever imagined. As your Student Body President, I want to do everything in my power to provide you with an experience that will allow you to shine and become who you have always dreamed of being.


  1. Collaboration: If elected President, I will focus on letting all clubs, groups, and organizations on campus shine. I will do this by having an open-door policy for all groups and organizations who want to work with the UVUSA. If our student organizations are not unified we cannot expect our students to be unified. There is a group or club for everyone, I want to make sure that students who want to get involved will be able to easily do so.

  2. Engagement: Statistics have shown that students who are engaged in school activities are more likely to graduate. With graduation in mind, my goal is to increase student engagement by increasing accessibility to finding out about these events. Ensuring that events and programs are things that students want to go to. When students are involved we are able to let our voices be heard, and we will be more proud to be Wolverines. Every voice matters!

  3. Representation: Build a diverse, outgoing, student council. UVU is diverse and we are one of the safest Universities in the country. One of the ways that I hope to continue this, is by building a council that will give you a voice. As a council, we would focus on addressing issues and/or opportunities that would make a difference in the lives of students. I want to create a safe place where we can discuss controversial topics, and express our true opinions without fear of judgment. 

  4. Resources: Shine a light on resources to help you thrive in college. UVU has so many resources available to protect, help, heal, teach, and serve you. A problem that we have is that these resources are not as well known or utilized as much as they can be. I want to increase involvement in our Student Health Services, Money Success Center, Writing Center, OMBUDS, and many, many more. You have so much at your fingertips and I want to help you take advantage of them.

  5. Recognition: I want to help UVU shine in our local and national community. We have grown so much in the last decade. We as UVU Wolverines are a force to be reckoned with. I want to increase the public's exposure to this university and help others see what you are capable of. As this happens, more opportunities will present themselves and you will have doors open for you that would not have been otherwise.


  1. I am an Ambassador for UVU! During my freshman year, I had the opportunity to be a part of the UVU Ambassador program. As part of that program, I learned the ins and outs of campus. I was able to give tours and can explain all of the different resources and groups UVU has to offer. I was part of UVU's Highschool Student Outreach which meant I was able to visit them and talk about what UVU has to offer. This experience not only taught me more about this amazing University, but also gave me the chance to find out what is important to students who come to college. I was able to interact with people from different backgrounds with different hopes and aspirations. While I am no longer an active member of UVU's Ambassador Program (because of my student council responsibilities), I continue to promote this university every chance I can get. I am Wolverine-proud, educating people at parties, games, at the store, etc. about how awesome UVU is!

  2. This past year I have been the Woodbury School of Business Senator on UVUSA! I have built a diverse team of department reps who help represent the student voice in the Business School. A happy moment for me was when we had lunch with the dean, and I was the only student in the room from Utah. I have worked with the Business School Leadership Team to inform students more effectively of what is going on in the school, I want EVERYONE to be involved!

  3. Through different experiences, like building an orphanage in Thailand, serving in a food pantry in Tennessee, doing a study abroad at Oxford, organizing a service project for refugees, and talking with all sorts of people, I have developed a love and respect for ALL people. Especially those who don’t feel adequately seen and who might be different than me. I have experience organizing and serving.

  4. I LOVE UVU - Ever since I witnessed my mom go back to college when I was in high school, work really hard, and eventually be nominated for valedictorian, and get her Masters degree, I have loved this place. It is a university that provides opportunities for success regardless of a person’s background. It has opened so many doors for me, personally, and helped me recognize my potential. I owe so much to this school, it is my mission to help others understand how awesome it is!

  5. I am a student. I am one of you. One of my favorite pastimes is just walking through the halls and talking to people. I love learning about the different ideas and perspectives of my peers because that’s how we can make changes.


Sam LeVitre

Sam LeVitre


  • Freshman, Majoring in Acting with a minor in Gender Studies 
  • Instagram: @sam.levitre, Snapchat: @sam_levitre
  • Email: levitresam@gmail.com 

Hey Wolverines!! My name is Sam and I’m a freshman here at UVU! I’m a first generation student, I’m the Assistant to the social arts chair on UVUSA, and I love a good hike so hit me up if you’ve got some recommendations! 


  1. To have more representation such as first generation students, non traditional students, people of color, queer people, people with disabilities, etc… in council and in the branding of UVU as a whole. 
  2. Growing up with a father in law enforcement I understand important of security and the value of being safe. That being said I aim to cultivate a sense of unity and safety across campus.
  3. To work directly with the many Accessibility centers on campus such as The center for Social Impact, the Multicultural Student Center and the LGBTQ+ Student Center for events and for general education of students at uvu.
  4. To continue with the inclusion task force and to bring more people to expand it and create a more diverse community.
  5. One key part of this role is to use publicly and marketing strategies and campaigns for students to have their voices heard on campus and through out their college experience. So I would keep the ball rolling on elevating student voices. I would also use more Queer people and people of color and accessibility in marketing and advertising at UVU.


  1. I am very Involved on campus and I have the opportunity to be the Assistant to the Social Arts Chair on UVUSA.
  2. I am a member of the Executive Events Branch, The main purpose of the branch is to work directly with donors and other organizations to create events for them.
  3. I am queer, I identify as a nonbinary gay person, and a non Traditional Student. Through this identity it allows me to see life through a different point of view than most see. I am constantly looking for ways to make a difference and enact change in my everyday life.
  4. I organize events for my job, I work as an event coordinator and help organize and plan events. It’s imperative that the person in this position is organized and is focused and engaged with the organization and I feel that I would do a great job at that!

First Yongyun

First Yongyun


  • Senior, Majoring in Psychology & Digital Marketing, Minoring in Business Management 
  • Instagram: @first_yongyun, Facebook: First Yongyun
  • Email: first.yongyun@gmail.com 

Hello Wolverines!! My name is First Yongyun and I am running to be your VP of Engagement! I am from Thailand, a beautiful country in Southeast Asia. I moved to the U.S. almost 4 years ago, right after I finished my high school in Thailand. I study psychology and digital marketing with a minor in business management. I am actually getting my psychology degree this Spring 2023, but I will keep studying for my digital marketing degree for one more year. I love to travel! My mom sent me to Scandinavia when I was 14 years old by myself, and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life! I love sports! I play tennis, badminton, and pickle ball! One of the first things I learned when I first came to UVU is to get involved and go the extra mile! I had an opportunity to attend the wolverine summit 2 years ago. One of the speakers said a sentence that stuck in my head until now. “Your UVU experience will take you to anywhere you want in life” and that’s so true!! I learned that college is not only about studying and academics, but it is also about getting involved, putting yourself out there, meeting people, and make a meaningful connection that will last for years. I am super involved at UVU! I am a member of UVU international student council. It is a mentoring organization that helps international receive a positive experience while studying in a foreign country. I am a part of UVU foundation ambassador. This experience allows me to gain a relationship with some of the donors to UVU and I learn so much about the ins and outs of how UVU functions as a university. I am an Asian section leader of UVU cultural envoy leadership program. It is a program that validates students' cultures and supports their pathway to completion. I am working at UVU English Language Learning (ELL) program as a student and office assistant. I am also a project manager and a marketer for UVU excellent and innovative initiative (e2i). Last but not least, I am a social media marketer for UVU Innovation Academy. Besides all my official responsibilities, I am also everywhere on campus. You will see me at all sports games, fun events and clubs’ activities or just walking around campus. I am everywhere! One of the vice presidents of UVU once told me, “As you are a student leader, be the light in other students’ lives. Try to look around when you walk in the hallway and try to find somebody that you can be a little small light in their lives that day” This is why I am everywhere because I love supporting my friends and my fellow wolverines! That’s me! I am First and you’re my First priority!


  1. Student First: Speaking of Student First simply means that student’s needs, improvements, success, development, should be part of my priorities. I have been working so hard since I got here at UVU to be the best version of myself, to really understand the engagement system in order to better help my fellow students to see or have an idea of how their future might look like. It is true that we cannot see our future, but through education, we can have an idea of how it might look like and try to make it even better. I have been helping students from everywhere by being a part of the International Student Council, Foundation Ambassador, section leader of Cultural Envoy leadership program, and working at the English language learning program and Innovation academy. I will use my experiences, skills, connection, and even my reputation to put students first for their own success. I will use everything I have so that students’ voices can be heard everywhere.

  2. Inclusions: As UVU students, we all bring something different and distinctive to the table. The students at UVU need to start valuing those characteristics as sources of strength. Just like at a holiday potluck, I will encourage UVU students to contribute their bests, so we can enjoy a wide array of offerings. Which brings equal opportunities to learn and grow by involving yourselves despite your cultures, genders, races, background, who and how you refer yourself to. UVU is about coming as you are, and to be prepared to make huge differences in so many lives, and to give back to your communities.

  3. Communication Across The Campus: From my own experience, especially as an international student, getting involved or engaged on campus has never been easy unless you are informed. I plan on maximizing the awareness of events, activities that connect students to many sources, and people with connections, scholarship opportunities. I will make sure that every student is informed through social media, phone calls, text messages, and by encouraging the students at UVU to spread the word about these events and sources. 

  4. Lead By Example: “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” —Ronald Reagan. I am a friendly person who just loves helping people achieve their goals and use their potential to the fullest by just being a good example to them and motivating them at each step. Having a title does not mean that I am above any UVU students in some sort of hierarchy. It is important to emphasize that students are there to help students. As Pete H. states: “Real leadership is leaders recognizing that they serve the people that they lead.” It is not about titles or positions. I will BE HERE and THERE to listen, care, and serve. As not only a member of the UVU student community but also a leader and frie


  1. My experience at UVU has sometimes been varied. As a student, I have really liked that UVU is a place full of opportunities. I get to meet and learn from so many amazing people from all over the place. I have a chance to get involved with many organizations. I have a chance to figure out who I am, what I like, what I want, and what my goal is. I have learned so much from all the amazing leaders here at UVU. I am so proud to be a Wolverine!!
  2. After this school year I will have had 3 years of experience serving on the UVU International Student Council (ISC). I have interacted with and mentored more than a hundred international students. I help support students by providing advice regarding how to get involved and be engaged and successful at UVU. I also help them find helpful resources, such as job opportunities or scholarships. As an ISC member, I also attend weekly meetings to plan and organize activities for international students to make them feel connected to their own and other communities. I have also had experience volunteering at UVU Multicultural Student Services. I have been working especially with the African Diaspora Initiative and the UVU Black Student Union. I have been attending their weekly meetings and activities regularly. Being a section leader in the UVU Cultural Envoy program has help me recognize my own culture, be aware and respect to other people's cultures and perspective. I also have an opportunity to meet many future of wolverine through the performance that we do at all the high school across Utah.
  3. Being a part of UVU Foundation Ambassador has help me gain personal connections with UVU board members and the donors to UVU and be the bridge between them and other students. I have had an opportunity to represent the school I love and create opportunities at UVU by speaking to donors, administrator and alumni that would otherwise be unavailable.
  4. I am also a part of UVU e2i and Innovation Academy. I have an opportunity to help planning many events that are really useful and benefits UVU students. I have a chance to help students run their projects that connect coursework to real-world problem-solving.
  5. Lastly, I have been involving many organizations and department among UVU. With my skills and very diverse experiences, I strongly believe that I am qualify for this position and I know that I will help and lead UVU to be a place for you!


Mackenzie Jones Womack was elected as your 2023-2024 Vice President of Academic Senate. 

The Vice President of Academic Senate position is vacant with no current candidates. If interested in this position, please consider being a write-in (unofficial) candidate as it's past the deadline to be an official candidate. The definition of a write-in (unofficial) candidate is:

A currently enrolled UVU student that meets all the eligibility requirements but has not submitted the Elections Packet paperwork or submits the paperwork after the designated deadline. Write-In (unofficial) candidates will not be able to participate in election events planned and implemented by the UVUSA Elections Committee, nor be allowed to hang and display campaign materials according to the instructions surrounding Super Saturday, and will not have designated campaign space on campus during the week of elections and voting. The names of Write-In (Unofficial) Candidates will not be included on the official ballot but space will be provided for students to write-in the name of the candidate of their choosing. All write-in (unofficial) candidates are subject to the rules outlined in the Elections Packet.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to the Elections Committee Chair, Mickelle Newkirk (mickellen@uvu.edu). 


Caleb Cutler  

Caleb Cutler


  • Junior, Majoring in Healthcare Administration with a minor in Business Management 
  • Instagram: @cjcutler1
  • Email: caleb.cutler01@gmail.com 

What's up Wolverines! My name is Caleb Cutler, I am currently a junior at UVU Majoring in Healthcare administration with a minor in business management. I am a local Utahn born and raised in nearby Pleasant Grove. I love all music, dancing, sports, and meeting new people, just to name a few things. I have been a proud wolverine for much of my life as 4 of my family members have had the chance to attend UVU and helped inspire me to attend school here. When I first started school on campus this past year, I kept my head down and focused on just going to class. However, I soon realized that there is so much more to UVU than just the in-class experience, I applied to be on the council this past year as the entertainment chair and it has been life-changing. Being involved on campus and attending events has allowed me to meet so many amazing people and have so much fun. My school pride has increased as I have seen the amazing impact that UVU has had on me. The College Experience is meant to be enjoyed, and so I am committed to making some more amazing memories this next year! I love the quote by Ferris Bueller, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it." The college experience also moves fast, so let's make lifelong friends, have life-changing experiences, and have some fun while we do it!


  1. Increasing campus connection is a very important goal for me! There are many amazing organizations, clubs, and teams around campus. Getting more involved with these groups through collaborations on events will allow for greater campus unity and increased student involvement.

  2. The green team is the volunteer team for UVUSA's activities branch. These volunteers are essential to having successful events on campus. The Green team is fairly new to UVUSA and is continuing to grow, but many students on campus go through their college experience at UVU without knowing or being involved in the Green team. I have important plans for increased recruitment and involvement for UVUSA's Green team. Using the newly reactivated green team Instagram, we will be able to increase awareness for opportunities to join and learn more about the green team. With the incoming students at the beginning of the semesters, it is important to get them exposed to opportunities for involvement on campus as soons as possible and there are many more ways students can learn more about green team. We currently have a great team, but through increased recruitment efforts at the beginning of the school year, we can create bigger and better events for the students. The goal is to create a better sense of belonging and a more rewarding experience for those who choose to become involved on campus.

  3. My real goal, through everything that is done with activities is to create the best possible experience for UVU students outside of the classroom. To give students opportunities to have fun and make new friends in wholesome ways through campus activities. College can be a time in student's lifes where they can meet lifelong friends, so creating an environment for students to connect with others and share fun experiences will be a top goal.

  4. Use events to increase school pride and support. UVU has many great events and traditions that should be maintained and added to, my goal would be to look for new events or bring back prior traditions to help increase school spirit on campus. A top priority on campus, is for students to be proud wolverines. Events and activities run by UVU are a great way to increase school pride and student engagement on campus, so giving students events that they can be proud of will be key to everything I do.
  5. UVU is an amazing school, and is committed to diversity and inclusion! I am commited to continuing to run events in ways that are inclusive to all students, and will continue to include and represent specific events for those non traditional students. An important goal for this next year is to make every event accessable to those with disabilities and other health concerns as well. Creating events with all of the student population, will be a first priority in all planning and event execution!


  1. I am a proud wolverine! I have been involved with UVU since high school with Concurrent Enrollment and other college preparation programs. I have seen the good UVU can do as it has given me opportunities I would not have had without being involved here on campus. Wolverine Pride runs in my family, as I have had my older 3 siblings all attend UVU.

  2. I currently serve as the Entertainment chair on UVUSA and have been very involved in the many amazing events that have taken place this year. I have taken the lead in planning and executing some of the biggest events on campus, including Green Out Dance, Insomnia, Prize Karaoke, and Mardi Gras. Working in this position, I have learned much about the events we host on campus, what has been successful, and what improvements need to be made for the future!

  3. I have a passion for people and genuinely care about the students of UVU. As a student myself, I think the college experience outside of the classroom is just as important as that of the students in the classroom. Being involved on campus this year, attending events, and making new friends has greatly affected my college experience and has given me the drive to help other students to have the best experience possible.

  4. In my current position at UVUSA, I have had the amazing opportunity to get to know many students around campus. Talking with students, making new friends, and collecting feedback on events have helped me to know how I can be a better representative of the student population in the future activities and events we will have on campus!
  5. Through many experiences in the last year, I have gained skills and first-hand experience in event planning and people management. From throwing house parties with my friends to large scale dances at UVU, I have learned a lot and gained many skills that are essential to successful event planning, marketing, and management. Along with the successful events I have been involved with, I have also had many failures and lessons learned this year. I am committed to continuing to learn from my mistakes and to keep improving my skills in planning and leadership.

Taylee Hunter

Taylee Hunter


  • Sophomore, Majoring in Pre-Med Biology
  • Instagram: @tayleehunter, Facebook: Taylee Hunter
  • Email: huntertaylee@gmail.com 

Hey everybody, my name is Taylee Hunter! I am currently a Sophomore at Utah Valley University. I am a pre-med student majoring in Biology. My end goal is to become a pediatrician. I am a passionate individual that enjoys dancing, reading, pageants, service, promoting my non-profit organization “Abilities beyond Disabilities.” assisting my dad with special needs individuals and teaching dance. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends and family, making new friends, and going on adventures. I have grown up attending events at UVU since I was a little girl. It was always a dream of mine to be a part of such an incredible school and environment. I would be honored to be a part of the student body to not only promote diversity, education, and community but to build a foundation for a family that lasts a lifetime. My goal is to make every single student feel welcome and that they have a friend. I know how hard it is to put yourself out there and attend school activities when you don’t feel like you have anyone to go with. I want to be that person. I want to have something for everyone to be a part of that they are passionate about. I am excited for the opportunity to serve you at UVU and make your experience fun and full of memories you will never forget.


  1. I want everyone to feel proud to be a Wolverine. My number one goal is to bring people together and make their experience at UVU enjoyable and unforgettable. I want to give the student body a voice, a choice in what their ideal college experience looks like. UVU is vastly populated by such an incredibly diverse community with different needs. I want to enrich the lives of students and their personal cultures. Plan events with multiply growth opportunities. UVU should not only be known for their education programs and degrees but also a place to call their home away from home. To be engaged as a whole family. I want to plan events that bring inclusion and promote attendance to school activities and functions. As your student body Vice President, I would make it my mission to make sure everyone had an event to attend that represents who they are and what they enjoy. With everyone in mind singles, married, couples, sports lovers, art lovers, game lovers, and those that are from out of state that just want to make new friends. I want everyone to be proud to be Wolverine and show their school spirit by participating in events centered around you.

  2. Open door policy. I want to be the friendly face that you feel comfortable about coming to with any great ideas for student activities. I want to encourage involvement. I want to have an open-door policy that provides serval avenues for communication. I want to listen to your needs and desires for student activities and make it a priority to implement them. I want to give back to the students by keeping their thoughts and needs in mind. I want to have the student body, each and every one of you, send in requests for what your UVU perfect experience would include. I want everyone to feel welcome and for the entire school to attend events.

  3. Student engagement is my number one priority. I want to connect students with clubs, groups, and organizations that will increase their experience here at UVU. Clubs are a perfect way for students to make new friends, participate in their student experience, and bring people together that have the same interests. I want everyone to be involved and have school pride. I want to help everyone find a club that they are passionate about. From making new friends, to building your professional network, joining clubs on campus is a perfect way to be a part of the Wolverine family. I want to dedicate more time and resources to make sure everyone has a club to join that holds their interest in mind.

  4. I have the leadership, communication, and a strong desire the be a part of this school on the level the represents students. Not only to engage with every student but to give them a voice as well as create opportunities for them to join groups and participate in their college experience. I will help UVU students thrive no matter what stage of life you are in. Whether you are married , single, love sports, love the outdoors, or love art. I want to create something for everyone to belong to and be a part of UVU. I am goal oriented, organized, fun, and love to plan events. As Vice President I would implement change that is voiced by the students. I would make everyone feel heard and connected. I will represent you!


  1. I have had many leadership roles in my lifetime. Ranging from President of the history club, teaching, directing, and choreographing for dance companies across Utah, to participating in Drill, cheer, and song leading at American Fork High school. Being a member of so many clubs I have had the opportunity to serve my student body. I have been a line of communication from the students to the principals. During Covid I advocated for all activities to continue within reasonable limitations. This brought normalcy to not only the dance team but also to sports teams, the drama department, the music department, as well as general clubs. Working with students has given me a true passion and desire to be the Vice President of student activities. I love working for the students, coordinating events, encouraging participation, and being the voice of Wolverine Pride. I know as your next VP I would be dedicated and determined to help every single one of you feel welcome.I genuinely know if I am elected I will make a difference for every student that attends Utah Valley University. Through my leadership experience I will be the face, the voice, and the connection at UVU!!

  2. This last year I have spent most of my time serving the community and promoting my nonprofit organization Abilities beyond Disabilities. I have been a spokesperson and advocator to special needs individuals young and old for seven years. I have spent over 20 hours per week raising funds, educating elementary schools on inclusion, and promoting seeing people beyond their disability and see their ability. To be the voice for those that cannot stand up for themselves. I encourage everyone to be friends and include people that are not the same as us in your friend circle. I I have had the pleasure to be currently the Miss Central Utah Volunteer. I have had the opportunity to serve the community, so I know how to improve. I would like to improve students lifes at UVU just like I have improved many lives of people with special needs. A job I would take very seriously and devote time and energy in to improving the student life at UVU.

  3. Through my pageant service experience, I have the knowledge and education to make positive changes. Pageants have a reputation of beauty and glitter although I do love to get dressed up it is so much more than that. Spreading a little sparkle- positive happiness- everywhere you go brings happiness to everyone around you. That is what I want to do for all students at UVU. Pageants have given me the opportunity to build my community up, participate and be the voice through public speaking, listening, and make changes within the community. I have had the opportunity to not only serve but to also raise awareness and provide opportunities to promote my nonprofit organization. I know I have what it takes to represent you. I will represent UVU with the same dedication and diligence as I have for the state of Utah.

  4. Dance roles I have been teaching, leading, and choreographing dances since I was 14 years old. Through this experience I have not only had the opportunity to lead, educate, creator, and encourage young minds I had the opportunity to plan events and coordinate parties.
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