Introducing the WOLVERINE FUND

Our Mission

The Wolverine Fund is a student-run venture capital group that provides a hands-on, engaged learning experience in investing. Our students will complete due diligence for partner VC firms, source deals for our network of investors around the nation, and participate in national venture capital due diligence competitions. We also aim to support the development of the entrepreneurship community at Utah Valley University through a variety of initiatives.

Student Program

The Wolverine Associates are current UVU students selected to participate in the exciting, but rigorous industry of venture capital. These students will actively participate in the due diligence, research, valuation, and investment process of the UVU Wolverine Fund.

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Our Partners

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Get Involved as a student or as an investor

Donate to the Wolverine Fund

The Wolverine Fund operates completely on donated funds from supporters – a crucial and integral aspect of the fund. Your donation will not only further student success but also provide students and others the ability to realize and fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams and aspirations. Essentially, donors make possible an ecosystem of financing and learning impossible in normal higher-education classrooms.


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