Our Model

Learn Apply Do Model


During this stage, a professional from the field will instruct students in the proper methods and applicable skillsets needed to succeed in the area of study.


Under the observation of professionals you will apply the skills you are learning in a real-world context. Application of the learned content is critical to a student’s ability to internalize the content.


Application + Repetition = Experience. We believe that education should give you the experience that you need to get a job. Because of this, we see the classroom as a place where you gain industry-relevant job experience. 


Student Program Track

Student Program flowchart

Student Program

Who are the Wolverine Associates?

The Wolverine Associates are full-time UVU students selected to participate in the top-level, hands-on industry that is venture capital. These students will actively participate in the due diligence, research, and investment process of the UVU Wolverine Fund for up to two years as juniors or seniors. Selected students come from a wide array of student backgrounds with unique expertise in areas such as technology, entrepreneurship, accounting, finance, and marketing.


Photo of Astrid Tuminez

“When I first visited Utah Valley University (UVU), I was impressed by the diversity, ambition, and heart of our students.​... I love to hear, for example, about our student groups who win competitions against students from larger and more distinguished universities. ​A specific group being our student venture fund, The UVU Wolverine Fund, that is making a name for themselves in the venture capital community by taking 2nd place in the National VCIC competition their first year competing. These students’ drive, inventiveness, and work ethic will help transform organizations and industries in the future.

UVU is committed to educating the skilled professionals that will support and build Utah’s ​venture capital and entrepreneurial ecosystem.​... the UVU Wolverine Fund provides students with the exposure, networking, and opportunities to invest directly into companies. These experiences give them an edge to excel in venture capital and entrepreneurship. Your support of this fund is support for the future economy!”

Astrid S. Tuminez, President, Utah Valley University

How do I Become a Wolverine Fund Associate?


Each student provides a unique role to ensure good investments are made, through their personal expertise, past experience, and ability to learn. We encourage students from all backgrounds, studies, and diversities to apply once the following qualifications are met:

  1. Passion and/or experience in entrepreneurship, venture capital, innovation, technology, or investments.
  2. Successfully completed or currently enrolled in ENGL 1010 and the Intro to Venture Cap Skills course (FIN 3410). The Intro to Venture Cap Skills course is offered Fall and Spring semesters on Thursdays from 5:30-8:00PM.
  3. Sophomore, junior, or senior status
  4. Cumulative GPA of 3.00


Venture capital requires immense responsibility, accountability, and hard work. Students must be team players, self-motivated, and dependable. Our commitment to each student by offering an immersive real-world experience also requires each student to act with maturity and professionality, like unto a real-world investment firm. Other expectations include:

  • 10 hours per week minimum commitment
  • Attendance at weekly staff meetings and other mandatory events


Applications are due at the close of the Intro to Venture Capital Skills course for admission the following semester. The application process may require a resume, cover letter, letters of recommendation, essay questions, and a phone interview. Further details on how to apply are given in the Intro to Venture Cap Skills class.

For more information about the program contact Adam Welker at adam.welker@uvu.edu