The Wolverine Fund depends on venture partners to provide expertise, credibility, and leadership in order to protect the fund and ensure its success. Partners are invaluable, enabling the Wolverine Fund to further the mission of UVU, as well as providing students the opportunity to learn, engage, and succeed in venture capital activities.


The Wolverine Fund operates completely on donated funds from supporters – a crucial and integral aspect of the fund. Your donation will not only further student success but also provide students and others the ability to realize and fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams and aspirations. Essentially, donors make possible an ecosystem of financing and learning impossible in normal higher-education classrooms.


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Wolverine Fund mentors take part in an exciting environment to raise up and enrich the next generation of leaders. Our students rely on mentors for support, experience, and counsel while working as associates of the fund. Mentors have the powerful ability to transform students, inspiring them to achieve or exceed their goals and aspirations. Invaluable to our graduating students, mentors also provide useful career insight and networking connections. We look for mentors who can give a commitment of time and passion for student success.