How can I change my major?

Our academic advisors can change your major to within the Woodbury School of Business.  You will want to schedule an appointment to meet with them to change your major, discuss requirements/matriculation, and get a degree plan

What is a minor and what can a minor do for me?

  • A minor is a small grouping of courses in a particular field that is important to developing a broad based knowledge of an academic area in a relatively short period of time as compared to that of doing a second major.
  • Minors allow you to gain skills in a second area that compliments your main interests in your major. Sometimes, having the right minor can serve as a sort of tiebreaker between you and an otherwise equally qualified competitor for the same job.
  • To add a minor, you will need to go to the department over your chosen minor. (i.e. MKTG minor = Business Advisors, DGM minor = DGM Advisors, etc)

How do I make an appointment with my advisor?

What is Matriculation? How do I get matriculated?

Matriculation is the student's application to get into their desired major. UVU Business majors will need to complete matriculation requirements, which are a group of courses, before they are allowed to move on to their major courses. 

Matriculation is not automatic. As listed above, students need to complete: WSB Orientation AND complete Matriculation courses

Students are limited to 9 hours of upper-division credit (3000 or higher) until matriculation is completed. After grades are posted for designated courses, students can schedule an appointment with a Woodbury School of Business advisor to complete the matriculation process.

Also at this time, you can work with an advisor to create a graduation plan.



What does it mean when I recieve an "I" or "M" grade?

Students who recieve an "I" grade means that the student was unable to complete all of the course work because of extenuating circumstances. The student is responsible for working with instructor to complete course requirements.

The following grades are not computed in the GPA:

W - Official Withdraw  
I - Incomplete Must contact Instructor
M - Missing Grade Must contact Instructor 
AU - Audit  
CR - Credit Granted  
NC - No Credit Granted  
CEU - Non-credit -- Continuing Education Unit  
T - In Progress (Temporary Status)  



Repeating Classes

  • No additional credit is allowed for repeating a course in which the initial grade was passing unless the course number for the course ends in the letter suffix “R” or “Z” (a course designed to be repeatable for credit). For other repeated courses, the most recent grade will be used in the calculation of the GPA. Upon successful completion of the repeated course, the repeat is indicated on the student’s transcript (E=Exclude, I=Include). All work will remain on the records, ensuring a true and accurate academic history. (Note: Although not used in computing the UVU overall GPA for UVU purposes, many graduate programs, such as law or dental school, include ALL grades in calculating an overall GPA for admissions criteria.)
  • Courses are not accepted from other institutions for the purpose of posting a repeat of a course already taken at UVU.
  • Board of Regents policy requires that students shall be charged at the full cost of the instruction tuition for repeating a course more than once, unless the institution determines that the repetition is a result of illness, accident or other cause beyond the student’s control or unless the course is prescribed by the student’s program of study. This affects all courses beginning January of 2003.

Registration Questions (holds, pre-req, waitlists)


  • NEW STUDENTS: All new students will recieve two hold, Advisor and Orientation. 
    • Advisor Hold - All students need to contact their advisor. In order for an advisor to clear the hold, they need to have either an ENGL score from Accuplacer, ACT or SAT. 
    • Orientation Hold - All students with less that 15 credits need to go to and complete the Online Orientation (step #2). You will log in with your UVID number and Password. 
      • PLEASE NOTE: Once you complete the Online Orientation, please check your myUVU email. You will recieve an email from the Orientation Office for JumpStart. ALL STUDENTS with less that 15 credits will need to attend the face-to-face JumpStart. 
  • TRANSFER STUDENTS: Students who transfer into UVU with 15 credits or more will need to complete ONLY the Online Orientation at . (Step #2)
  • CURRENT STUDENTS: If you are unable to register and were informed you have a hold, it could either be a Structure Enrollment Hold, Academic Standards Hold or Balance Due Hold. Please see your advisor to discuss how to have hold released.


  • Prereq is short for prerequisite coursework, and refers to any course that you are required to successfully complete before you can take another course. Prereqs are used to assure that students have the appropriate background training before they enroll in a course. (i.e. MATH 1010 is needed before student can take MATH 1050; ACC 2010 is needed before student can take ACC 2020)


  • Once a course section has reached its enrollment capacity, the status of the class will change from "Register" to "Wait-list". There is only a certain amount of students that can be added the wait-list. When the wait-list reaches its capacity, then the course section will be marked "C" meaning it's "CLOSED".
    • How a wait-list works: When an enrolled student drops the course, the next person on the wait-list will receive an email in their myUVU email indicating they can add the course. IT IS NOT AUTOMATIC! Once the student gets this email, they will have 24-hours to add this course. Once the 24-hour window expires, then it will move on to the next student on the wait-list.

My advisor mentioned by Math has expired, what does that mean?

A student must have had a prior math class (or test score) within the last two years. A student must also have a grade of C or higher in the prior Math class to be able to take the next Math class.  If it has been longer than two years since you have completed MAT 1010 or higher, you will need to complete ALEKS in order to register for the next math course.  Learn More

You will need to speak with a math advisor to get more information, visit 

How do I drop or withdraw from a course?

  • MyUVU will allow students to drop all but their last classes online before the add/drop deadline by going to MyUVU > Student Tab > Registration and Planning > Add/Drop Classes. All courses can be dropped by completing a Leave of Absence which students will be prompted to do when they try to drop all currently enrolled classes.
  • If Business Students need to drop a course after the add/drop deadline, they will need to stop by WB 257 to get an Exception to Withdraw Form. Instructions on how to complete the form will be given.

I am transferring into UVU, what do I need to do?

In order to see how a class will transfer to UVU from another college, a student can check the Transfer Articulation database. The Transfer Articulation database can be accessed by going to MyUVU > Student Tab > My Academics > Transfer Information > Transfer Articulation. For students who have not been admitted to UVU can go to Transfer Utah to view how their courses can be transferred.

Please be aware that the Transfer Articulation database only shows classes that have been previously transferred. If a course has never been transferred to UVU, it will not show up on the Transfer Articulation database. The Transfer Articulation database can give students a good idea of how classes will be transferred, however, it is not a guarantee.

In order to see how classes will transfer from UVU to another school, students should contact the school that will be receiving the courses.

I am planning on transferring from UVU to another institution, what do I need to do?

In order to see how classes will transfer from UVU to another school, students should contact the school that will be receiving the courses. However, you can go to Transfer Utah to view how courses may be transferred for schools within Utah.

How do I get credit for my Internship?

1. You will need to find an internship.

2. Make an appointment with Jessica McArthur, Internship Manager

3. Jessica McArthur will approve your internship, how many credits you can get and you will work with her throughout the semester to make sure you are reaching your objectives to recieve credit.

Student Support


All graduate students must apply in advance for graduation to receive a degree from the Utah Valley University. Before applying to graduate, students should meet with their academic advisor and review the degree requirements set by the Woodbury School of Business.      Learn More

Fall Graduation (December) First Friday in October
Spring Graduation (May) First Friday in February
Summer Graduation (August) First Friday in June

What scholarships are available to me?

How can I get more involved in Business Clubs and Organizations?

  • As a student in UVU Woodbury School of Business, you can connect with others, grow your skills, and learn from peers and working professionals by joining one of our many clubs and orgs.   Learn More

If you have other questions not listed here, please email