Graduating Women, Transforming Lives.

Every woman deserves the confidence, opportunity, and knowledge that comes with a college degree.


The Women's Success Center provides support, leadership, coaching, and advocacy for students. We work with women to remove barriers and navigate the landscape of higher education. To assist women in their educational pursuits, we provide the following services:


The Women's Success Center offers scholarships for students at UVU.


Women of UVU Student Chapter

The Women of UVU Student Chapter offers leadership and service opportunities for women looking to make a difference.


Wee Care Center

Wee Care Childcare is a accessible, affordable on-campus child development facility dedicated to serving UVU's parent-students. Our fully trained staff serves children from six-week-old to age twelve.


Success Coaching

The Women's Success Center takes a holistic approach in order to identify a student's needs and connect them with a campus network of support.


Volunteer Opportunities

The Women's Success Center and the Women of UVU Student Chapter organizes volunteer opportunities throughout the year.



Only one in four UVU women who start school successfully complete it with a degree in hand. This is a critical issue because women with a degree experience a dramatically better quality of life.

1. College Graduates Get Significantly Higher-Paying Jobs.

Employers value education, experience, and skill-sets. College graduates are 24% more likely to be employed and to have jobs that provide greater security and flexibility. In a conservative estimate, college graduates earn $32,000 more annually than high school graduates. Over a lifetime, that culminates to a $625,000 difference.

2. College Graduates Live Longer, Healthier, and Happier Lives.

College graduates are 44% more likely to experience "very good" or "excellent" health. Graduates exercise more, maintain a healthier weight, and seek regular health care. Graduates are also more likely to refrain from regular smoking, as well as substance and alcohol abuse. In addition to physical health, college graduates experience better mental health. An overwhelming 94% of college graduates report being either “happy” or “very happy”. Graduates also have a better sense of personal identity, as well as healthier relationships and marriages. Because they have a greater network of social support, graduated women are less likely to remain in abusive relationships. With the combination of greater mental and physical health, college graduates who attend school before they turn 25 live an average of 7 years longer than high school graduates.

3. College Graduates Have a Better Sense of Self, and Higher Self-Esteem.

Self-exploration is a major part of the college experience. Not only do college students begin to learn who they are, they also begin to like who they are. By studying difficult subjects, students form their own opinions and experience broader perspectives. This personal understanding leads to the development of higher moral and ethical standards. Students also develop a greater sense of self-efficiency and confidence as they make major decisions for themselves. Managing smaller day-to-day responsibilities helps students develop a greater sense of capability.

4. Graduates are More Open-Minded and Inclusive.

For most, college is the first time a student lives, works, and studies alongside people who carry drastically different world views. While students may hold differing opinions, they learn to be more open-minded and accepting of diversity. This understanding and acceptance of differences makes college graduates more tolerant and inclusive. This open-mindedness helps graduates process new and complex information. Graduates are able to blend and integrate foreign concepts and ideas to come to new, creative conclusions. These skills make college graduates better critical thinkers, communicators, and creative thinkers.

5. College Graduates Improve the Lives of the People Around Them.

An educated woman improves not only her own life, but also the world around her. College graduates enjoy happier and healthier marriages, families, and children. Graduates are 21% more likely to get married, and 61% less likely to get divorced. Graduates spend more time reading to their children, and do more to prepare them for school. They also keep their children engaged in extracurricular, community, and religious activities. Outside of the home, college graduates are more active in their community. They're more likely to volunteer, donate to charitable causes, and take up leadership positions. Graduates vote more regularly, pay more taxes, and have a deeper connection with their neighbors.

We believe in the power and impact educated women can bring to the world. That's why we work to support, encourage, and assist students on their journey.