Women's Success Coaching

Success coaching is a one-to-one appointment where our coaches use a holistic advising approach to help you throughout your college experience. We do not replace your academic advisor but want to work with you to ensure academic and personal success.

Through success coaching, you can expect to be offered personalized support and mentorship-from applying to UVU to applying for your graduation from UVU-we are here for you! Success coaching is available to all UVU students of all genders and backgrounds.

What Is Holistic Advising

Holistic advisors see the whole student and are aware that there is more on a student’s mind than just homework. When providing insight and resources, our success coaches tailor support to assist students in the moment with all that may be stressful and or exciting. For example, notices the differences in the types of support offered to each student in the figure.

Our goals are to be proactive of student challenges while ensuring continued success. We do this by connecting students directly to campus and community resources.

We’re available to meet as often or as little as you’d like-weekly, bi-weekly, monthly-totally up to you! Please note that some scholarship recipients have predetermined time commitment to meet with success coaches.

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Need Accommodations?

Students needing accommodation due to a disability, including temporary and pregnancy accommodation, should contact Accessibility Services at or 801-863-8747 located in LC 312.

To request ASL interpreters or transcribers, please contact Katie Palmer at .

All requests should be made at least 14 days in advance.

What do we talk about during a success coaching appointment?

Everything and anything! We will work with you to tailor your needs depending on your current situation. Below are a few possible topics we can discuss, but this is not a comprehensive list.

Please note that if you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, your coach will ask you to reschedule.

Navigating UVU

Down the UVU hall of flags, full of students
  • Returning Wolverine Experience
  • First-Generation Student Experience
  • Non-traditional Student Experience
  • Career Changes
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Success In & Out of the Classroom

A woman writing at a desk in a classroom
  • Asking for help/feedback from professors
  • Skill or competency building (Organization, time management, or prioritization, etc.
  • Mentorship
  • Learning Strategies and Styles
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A girl playing basketball alone in a gym at UVU
  • Physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health
  • Seeking Balance: student, family, and community obligations
  • Boundary settings, no is a complete sentence!
  • Self-care: What does this look like?

Post-Grad: Off to Bigger and Better Things!

A group of UVU students in graduation caps and gowns
  • Career exploration and preparation
  • Will have a certificate/degree soon, how what?
  • Interview prep: articulate value and concerns to future employers

Parenthood & Single Caregivers

A mother and father and two small children playing a board game
  • Pre-Natal and Child Care
  • Housing, food, or financial insecurity
  • Medical Care / Insurance

Major/Minor Exploration

A teacher and student work with robot hands to create something
  • Brainstorm interests, values, and possible work environments
  • What can I do with my major?

Getting Involved with UVU

A group of UVU women posing together
  • Women of UVU
  • Women's Leadership Academy
  • Research Institute
  • Handshake

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Close up of a hand filling out forms
  • How to apply and ensure eligibility
  • Check in about scholarship status
  • Application Support

Meet With Our WSC Success Coaches

Not sure who to meet with? Email us at [email protected]

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  • My current hobby has been learning to homestead. I love raising chickens and rabbits and learning to be self-sufficient.  
  • I enjoy baking and love how food can bring people together.  
  • The first pet I raised was a 3-legged bunny who lived for almost 10 years.

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  • I love to play volleyball.
  • I am Hawaiian, Puerto Rican, and Filipino.
  • I am a First-Generation college graduate.

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  • Dissertation title - From Single Mom to Supermom: A Transformative Journey to Heroine.
  • Favorite food is ice cream!
  • Passionate about comedy, fitness, and Post Malone.

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  • Has a goal to visit all the National Parks in the United States
  • Obsessed with British mysteries set in quaint villages
  • Could eat Thai food for every meal and not be sad about it

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  • The longest she has gone without having a cat is two years.
  • She has never been out of the U.S., but hopes to travel someday.
  • She loves Karaoke.

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