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The Women's Success Center was created in 2011 to address low enrollment and graduation of women at Utah Valley University. Every year we see significant improvement as we work towards our mandate to recruit, retain and graduate female students. Our programs are designed to help students stay on course and graduate. These programs are designed specifically for women, but are available to every student on campus -- we welcome everyone who comes through our doors. We firmly believe that diversity is integral to building strong communities and attaining excellence, and we support the University's diversity and inclusion mission.

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Mission Statement

The Women's Success Center guides students to and through higher education by providing an inclusion environment with personalized support to accelerate their timeline to graduation.


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Advisory Board

Portrait of Shelli Butterfield

Shelly Butterfield

Portrait of Candice Gardner

Candice Gardner

Portrait of Victoria Christensen

Victoria Christensen

Portrait of Andrea Clarke

Andrea Clarke

Portrait of Liz Tanner

Liz Tanner

Portrait of Tara Ivie

Tara Ivie

Portrait of Jenea Rothwell

Jenea Rothwell

Portrait of Heather Kahlert

Heather Kahlert

Portrait of Tessa White

Tessa White

Portrait of Lana Jardine

Lana Jardine

Portrait of Cynthia Gambill

Cynthia Gambill

Portrait of Kortney Osborne

Kortney Osborne

Portrait of Kara Schneck

Kara Schneck

Portrait of Lisa Blair

Lisa Blair

Portrait of Rachel Oh

Rachel Oh

Portrait of Trina Limpert

Trina Limpert

Portrait of Kristen Lamb

Kristen Lamb


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