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Each WSC scholarship has its own eligibility requirements, some examples are enrollment, grade point average, and involvement with WSC. We also have need-based scholarships available and this is determined with the completion of a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application.

Internal UVU Scholarships 

Below are just a few general requirements of all our scholarships.

  • Submit a completed General Application by the current deadline
  • GPA varies per scholarship, students with a 2.5 or greater are eligible
  • Complete a FAFSA application

Additionally, all WSC scholarship recipients will be required to participate in Success Coaching. Through success coaching, students can expect to be offered personalized support and mentorship during their collegiate experience.

Success Coaching

Scholarship Deadlines

Nov 2021

UVU General Application Opens

March 1, 2022

UVU General Application Closes

June 30, 2022

Fed Gov FAFSA Deadline for the 2021-2022 academic year

June 30, 2023

For the 2022-2023 aid year

WSC Scholarship FAQs

I missed the scholarship deadline, what can I do?

There are still other scholarships available! Refer back to the General Application to view external opportunities that are still accepting applications. Additionally, as funding becomes available the UVU Student Emergency Fund exists for students who are in need of financial support.

Who can I ask about my scholarship requirements?

For WSC scholarships, feel free to email or schedule an appointment with Briettny Curtner. Her role includes oversight of WSC scholarships and Success Coaching.

For questions about non-WSC scholarships, make an appointment with a Financial Aid and Scholarship Counselor.

What does it mean to be involved with WSC?

Involvement with the Women's Success Center includes participation in WSC programs, workshops, social media, events, or the Wee Care Center.

How long should my answers be in the General Application?

There is a 500-word limit and totally up to you on how to format your answers. You can respond to each question individually or submit a paragraph responding to all four questions.

What is success coaching?

Success coaching is a one-to-one appointment with our coaches who use a holistic advising approach to provide personalized support to each student. Click here to explore possible topics to discuss with a Success Coach.

I was awarded a scholarship. What happens if I become ineligible during the academic year?

Please contact us and we will work with you because each scholarship is different. Your scholarship requirements are listed in your award letter which can be found in myUVU. Ineligibility varies depending on the specific scholarship, such as GPA or full time enrollment requirements.

Depending on the circumstances, we can submit an appeal to Financial Aid. This provides you with an opportunity to provide context as well as relevant documentation.

Unfortunately, none of our scholarships can be deferred to another semester. If you have a planned absence or take a leave of absence, any remaining funds of your scholarship will not disburse.


Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available to assist students in staying up to date on their account information in addition to understanding any tuition-related holds. When available, their website will update with the deadlines for application requirements, appeals, and loan requests for each semester.

UVU Financial Aid Information

Questions about Financial Aid, FAFSA, or have been selected for verification?

Make a financial advising appointment with our TRIO EOC Advisor, Frenely Liechty.

Additional Financial Aid & Scholarships information


Apply for Emergency Scholarship Fund

UVU Financial Aid 

FAFSA Checklist

Financial Aid Advising

FINANCIAL AID ADVISING To help students complete FAFSA and scholarship applications or verification, the Women's Success Center has a TRIO EOC financial advisor embedded in the center. Our advisor, Frenely, is fluent in English and Spanish. Her role consists of helping students through the FAFSA and Scholarship General Application, advising on all financial aid options available, and following up with verification processes and paperwork needed to qualify for aid.

Make an appointment with our Financial Aid Advisor.

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Financial Aid Links

  • Financial aid site
  • UVU scholarships: UT resident, non-resident, for freshman, continuing, transfer, or graduate students
  • Appeal form

External Scholarships and Recommended sites

External scholarships and recommended websites for finding scholarships outside of UVU.

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