• Essays: Your essay matters! State your case in two to three paragraphs.* Include your field of study, education goals, and career pursuits.
  • Under Part 1 Your Circumstances: Check all the circumstances that apply to you. Submit an essay if required.
  • Under Part 2 Scholarship Selection: To apply for the Women’s Success Center Scholarship, check the Women’s Success Center box and submit an essay.
  • Need Based: If you are applying for a need based scholarship, you must also complete the FAFSA or FAFSA4caster application at UVU’s school code is 004027.

*UVU Writing Lab may be able to give you more pointers for your essay.

Need a scholarship? We may have the one for you!


The Women’s Success Center is the steward of scholarships established by generous donors whose passion is to help women achieve their educational goals. Requirements of each scholarship vary. Each scholarship focuses on different interests such as: students approaching graduation, traditional students, need-based students, single parents, or students with a child enrolled in the Wee Care Center.

Most scholarships require a 3.0 GPA and full-time student status. However, some single-parent scholarships require a 2.5 GPA and ¾ time enrollment.

Several types of scholarships are found within the application form. Some may require an essay.


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STEM Opportunities for Women

In Utah, women are significantly underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. As the need for STEM professionals continues to rise, so does the need for women working in STEM positions. The Women’s Success Center aims to fill that need by helping more women graduate with STEM degrees.



Explore STEM Scholarships

UVU offers a wide range of private scholarships for students, with some dedicated specifically for STEM majors.



Want to learn more about STEM opportunities at UVU?  Check out the UVU Technology Management page.



Choose a STEM Degree:

  • STEM professionals’ salaries are 26% higher than their non-STEM colleagues
  • STEM professionals are needed in all types of organizations and industries
  • STEM professionals are less likely to be unemployed


Source: Cheryl Hanewicz, and Susan Thackeray. "Utah Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)." Utah Women & Education Initiative 3 (2013): Utah Women & Education Initiative, 6 June 2013. Web. 9 May 2017.